somadude's Guitar Hero II (Xbox 360) review

Guitar hero 2 for the next generation.

The idea behind GH 2 for the 360 was to bring this famous franchise to the next gen system, is it any good? Oh yeah. The formula is simple, take a fake plastic guitar with 5 colored buttons and a strum bar and LET THERE BE ROCK! 
I myself own and have played both versions of this game and I have to say this is the best version you can get, hands down. The 360 version includes, 10 new songs, upgraded graphics and a sweet new explorer guitar. My only complaint with this sequel is some poor song choices, songs like cherry pie and the awful cover of killing in the name can put bad taste in your mouth( Get it? cherry pie?.... nevermind) But the overall package is worthwhile. 
Graphics  8/10 
Gameplay 9/10 
Sound 9/10 
Value 10/10

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