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Haruka was born and raised on Eiden island, and later enrolls in Eiden school. She has never left the island and has no experience of the outside world and of boys. Her parents lives on the mainland and they have no interest in alchemy. Haruka learned alchemy from her grandmother since she was young and she is now incredibly skilled.


Kazushi first saw Haruka tending to a patch of white flowers. Haruka is responsible for looking after the patch of white flowers and it was later revealed to have mysterious powers as a catalyst in alchemy. The flowers were later revealed to derive their power from the influence of the Noblemen's Stone that was located somewhere on the island.

Haruka and her doll

Haruka was greatly saddened when she found out that she assigned to a home room that was different from all her friends and the guys. She then created a self-aware doll of herself to sit in for her in class while she visits her friends in their class.

Some time later, the doll upped and left her and Haruka went to search for her. The doll revealed that Haruka wanted to dispose her. The doll found her way to the guys and requested them to hide her at the boy's dormitory. Haruka later found the doll and dragged her back.

On Haruka's path, Kazushi eavesdropped on her argument with her grandmother. Her grandmother reveals that Kazushi has a special power that she needed for her own cause. Kazushi then had a dream several times of Haruka's grandmother when she was younger where she was founding the school with her husband, Seibe. Kazushi discovers that they were searching for the Noblemen's Stone on the island. He lost his life in a cave-in and the Principal devoted her life to use the Noblemen's Stone to resurrect him. Kazushi confides in Haruka regarding his dream.

Kazushi then asked about the details of Haruka's argument with her grandmother. She revealed that her grandmother had sent her to keep an eye on Kazushi. Haruka felt guilty for harboring such a terrible objective. Kazushi forgave her and claimed to be willing to give everything he had for her sake. Haruka was touched by his feelings for her and she placed a magical protection on him.

Haruka and Kazushi flying

Haruka believes that alchemy is meant to be used for happiness and she shares her love for alchemy with Kazushi. She attempted to use alchemy to make him fly, but it failed and Kazushi fell into the sea. He managed to survive the long fall and he was fished out by Natsume. Haruka was shocked by her failure and was greatly saddened for risking Kazushi's life. Natsume scolded Haruka and warns her not to attempt such risk again.

When Kazushi was admitted to the nurse's office, the Principal and Natsume explained that Haruka wanted to make Kazushi fly based on her own selfish desire to rebel against her grandmother.

Kazushi consoled Haruka and praised her alchemy talent. He tells Haruka to not allow her grandmother to affect her psyche and she successfully made a table fly. They flew together around the island on the table.

Some time later, the Principal led Kazushi using an image of Haruka to an underground room where she is conducting a ritual to resurrect her husband. She was planning to sacrifice Kazushi to do so. Haruka showed up to stop the ritual but she lost her life when the room caved-in. Haruka's last words were to convince her grandmother to move on and spare Kazushi. Haruka's body was later recovered and preserved with alchemy.

Haruka's ending

Kazushi then fell into depression and spends the following weeks attempting to resurrect Haruka. The Principal gave him her research notes and watches him work. Eventually, Kazushi managed to communicate with the Seibe's spirit within the Noblemen's Stone. Seibe explains he uses the power of the Noblemen's Stone to influence events in the real world, such as saving Kazushi from his fall from the bridge on the first day and his fall when Haruka's experiment failed.

Kazushi then used the Noblemen's Stone to resurrect Haruka.

Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia

Haruka's war

On Rin's path, Haruka's discontent regarding her being in a different class from the rest of the group culminated in an open declaration of war. Her class played a baseball game against Kazushi's class. Haruka employed Yagami and Panchu who were powerful players and she won the first game easily with a score of 40 - 0.

Haruka then lost their second baseball game by a single point with a score of 2 - 1.

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