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This concept is for games where you actively hold your breath by using a button press (or something similar). This concept does not include games where you passively, automatically hold your breath, by simply have a breath meter for swimming underwater or in other zero-air environments.



Aiming is something the player can do either with or without holding their breath. However, more precision aiming, such as with a sniper rifle, may require the player to hold their breath in order to steady their gun and shoot their target. It can also be used in other forms of precision aiming, such as archery or darts. Holding your breath too long in these cases will most likely result in less accuracy as the character tries to regain their breath.


Other games may include holding your breath for purposes not described above. The most evident of these games is Deadly Premonition, in which players are able to sneak past zombies by crouching and holding their breath.

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