I found Jeff Gerstmann female version

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Check this out, she looks like him and talks like him 

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I think Jeff was made as a male for a reason

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We have all entered the twilight zone.

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She says MMORGP but then says it stand for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game...
I'm confused.

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I think Jeff would get the MMORPG acronym correct. It's not a role-game-playing like her acronym would suggest :P

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I expected this to be one of those "OMG I FOUND RYAN'S TWIN LOL" threads where the subject in question has little to no resemblence to the staff member in question.
I'm horrified to find that I'm wrong. This will haunt me for the rest of my days.

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Wow, she really does look like the female version of Jeff. Unfortunately, she lost all her gaming credibility within the first 10 seconds for using the term "MMORGP."

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Holy.... SH!T!

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That was just downright uncanny. 

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wow here is the crazy thing for me, She does that little "Squint and headshake" that jeff often does. very similiar mannerisims
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How do you know what MMORPG stands for and yet not notice you are saying MMORGP? This is no female Jeff Gerstmann.

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Jeff has some explaining to do, This has John Stewart from Big Daddy written all over it
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Female Jeff talking about MMORGPs??

Is this a dream? 

Am I really here?

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This is so disturbing, she looks exactly the same and has the same mannerisms, what is going on???, did jeff spread his seed when he was a teen??

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Oke I know it's supposed to be about the man-lady-Gerstmann-thing talking about a videogame.
But how is it a MMOR(GP?)PG/FPS if it's free and looks like an 'instanced' game. Plus some of the weirdest game mechanics ever. You're a soldier, that turns into a werewolf? Whut.

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Got to be a relation of some kind.

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vid ain't workin' for me 
am I the only one?

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She even uses a five star rating system like him!
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holy shit, this is indeed disturbing :D

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@Geno said:


omg is right!!!!!!!!!!!
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It's an MMORGP, and if you don't know the internet lingo, MMORGP is Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game

It's an MMORGP, MMORGP is Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.


It's an MMORGP is Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.


MMORGP is Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.

MMORGP is Massive



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You win the Internet.

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haha thats awesome

#31 Posted by Kibblez (754 posts) -

WOW, thats pretty amazin.

#32 Posted by Joeyoe31 (848 posts) -

Mind blowing.

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I bet that there's an opposite sex version of all of us in this world. Why wouldn't there be? Why shouldn't there be?


I just hope that the lady version of me doesn't have my eyebrows. A hedge trimmer would serve more of a purpose than tweezers.

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I am scared. :/

#35 Posted by Dynamitekyle (666 posts) -

Holy Jesus. This is amazing.
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@Famov said:
" Why shouldn't there be? "

I can think of a few reasons...
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My friends told me they went to a strip club and saw a girl that looked just like me. It totally ruined their experience.

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Hahahhaha..  Nah Jeff has some style compared to her

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This is awesome. 

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I used to think you were one of a kind, Gerstmann. I was wrong.

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Edit: Brand new gb user account IS the creepy Jeff stalker/obsessor/lookalike.

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Jeff on estrogen, pretty much. Fucking trip. 
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Wow, that is so weird, Jeff needs to see this.

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Pretty huge resemblance. I know a young-man version of Jeff. I'll try to post it up later.

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I went into a coma for 2 minutes after seeing this. Wow, forget all current Infinity Ward news, this is BIGGER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

#47 Posted by Claude (16636 posts) -

She's more hardcore than me. I'll give her that. You go girl. Kick ass. Crazy.
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Yeah i really want Jeff to see this thread and leave a comment. That would be funny.
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holy shit, Jeff and this chick should get together and fuck so we can have an unlimited supply of Gertsmanns!

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