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Last Window: Midnight Promise is an adventure game developed for the Nintendo DS by CING and is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Last Window once again deals with the personal life of series protagonist Kyle Hyde, who must now deal with the death of his father. The game was released in Japan in January 2010 and on September 17, 2010 Last Window was released in the UK and Europe under the name Last Window: The Secret of Cape West. There was no US release.


Sleeping on the job

The game opens in 1980 (one year after the events of the previous game.) Hyde is still working for Red Crown, but seems to be having problems getting any work done. When Kyle phones into work late one day, Ed finally snaps and fires him. On the same day, Hyde returns to his apartment to find that the landlady is selling the building, and that he has to evacuate within the month. Shortly after, he receives an anonymous note that tips him off to something called the "red star", which seems to be tied to an incident related to his father. Jobless and soon to be homeless, Hyde begins investigating this strange lead to unravel the truth behind his father's death.


The Cape West Apartment Building

The Basic gameplay of Last Window is identical to Hotel Dusk. The DS is held sideways and the touchscreen used to navigate the world and interact with people and objects. A majority of the game takes place in the Cape West Apartment building, where Kyle will explore the corridors, question tenants, solve puzzles, and knock on lots of doors.

In addition to the established framework of investigation and questioning, Last Window has implemented a few new features as well. The "Ignore" feature allows players to quickly skip dialogue they feel is unimportant. However, skipping in the wrong places can also lead to game overs. A new hint system is also available to help players that are stuck.

The biggest new feature is an in-game book called "Last Window". Penned by author Martin Summer , the book is a re-telling of the events of the game from a different perspective. Each time a chapter is completed in-game, a chapter of Last Window, the book, is unlocked as well. Along with the main novel, there are also mini-chapters that give background information and tidbits about the other characters in the story.

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