Shameageddon 2014: The Chagrinening

Time to bring this back, because it did such a wonderful job last year of helping me keep my gaming priorities straight. Sarcasm. That'll be the theme for 2014.

So now we start 2014 proper, I've reorganized the list to include every major item in my backlog and - for the sake of my sanity - I'm only including games I own. There's still a lot, but then I'm expecting to fill most of January and February with this business. Beaten games get moved to the bottom, with their completion date.

(Apparently this list is the top Google result for "Shameageddon" and "Chagrinening". Two very real words which I can only assume are used a lot on the internet. I'm dumbfounded.)

List items

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Posted by Yummylee

I also wouldn't mind one day getting around to Remember Me. I believe it was available on PS+ for UK fairly recently too... Though despite it being such a great service, I still haven't subscribed on the account of how little space I have left on my PS3, and because I'm always a little reluctant to delete stuff I already have on there on the off chance that I decide to head back.

Still, Remember Me certainly isn't anything I'm just itching to try out, but it at least has my curiosity just piqued enough where I would one day like to give it a whirl.