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Going deeper underground 1

 It’s rare for games from Europe’s Eastern Bloc to receive as much attention as games from the West and the Far East. The most successful titles from this region have been the Serious Sam and S.T.A.L.K.E.R series, but there’s always been something oddly appealing about this particular “genre” - if you can even call it that. Their storylines are typically fairly unique while the developer’s ambitions spread far and beyond the technical limitations that befall them. These games may have the...

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Press x repeatedly 0

Metro 2033 has a fantastic atmosphere.  This is an oft-mentioned virtue of the title.  Your character (Artyom) navigates a subterranean world of connected Metro stations that have been converted into settlements housing friendlies, hostiles, or corpses, following a nuclear apocalypse.  Many of the settlements really take on a life of their own, as you can slow and listen to conversations on a multitude of subjects.  Certain dwellers discuss the way they remember Moscow, or their encounter with t...

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Metro 2033: The Most Misunderstood FPS of the year. 10

I had purchased the 360 version of Metro 2033 on release date. I went home popped it in and began playing. I instantly fell in love, why? Well let me explain my experience with this game and my prior perception.   Let's start with my perception, I loved the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games for the PC, but I wasn't looking forward to this game. All the trailers I had viewed for the game were bland, they made the game look like a grey, less RPG'y Fallout clone. Until I saw the "Fight for Survival" t...

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Here comes STALKER's cousin... 0

  Metro 2033 is like STALKER's cousin, the hot one yes... yet far from perfect. It is an atmospheric adventure through the dark tomes of the Russian public as they descend into a world of madness caused by the nuclear holocaust on the surface above. This atmospheric thrill ride is extremely intriguing while it lasts, but  there are a few glaring technical problems, story elements and odd engine errors that hamper the experience. This game isn't crippled at all by the bugs, but the gam...

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Worth it, If You Can Get Past Some Issues 3 METRO 2033 REVIEW PC & XBOX 360 Metro 2033 is a new game by 4A Games based on the book of the same name, written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.  I’ll have to admit up front that I have not read the book but, from my time with the game alone, will now be looking to add it to my pile for a read. Doing some research I found that the novel tells a similar story of those living in the metro system of Russia, post nuc...

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Not a game for the masses 3

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a shooter; this is a stealthy survival horror game more than anything else. If you’re looking for a run and gun shooter, you better look somewhere else, ‘cause if you play Metro 2033 as such, chances are you’ll run out of ammo way too quickly, die way too many times and eventually end up hating the game. But if on the other hand, you prefer a more careful and patient approach, as well as an incredibly immersive experience played in a first person perspe...

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Overall, Metro 2033 is an excellent ride. Be sure to buy a ticket 1

 I am never riding the Metro again. After playing the creepy and extremely atmospheric game Metro 2033, I don’t think I can ever step foot into a Metro station again without getting flashbacks to this excellent survival horror first-person shooter. Set in the aftermath of a nuclear war, the remaining Russian population has retreated underground to the Moscow Metro system where the majority of the game takes place. The individual Metro stations have been turned into refugee camps of sorts, ...

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Metro 2033 2

I'm a long time fan of the post-apocalyptic genre and I've always gravitated towards games like Half-Life 2, Fallout, and the Stalker series. Metro 2033 is a new take on the genre in that it takes a story written by Dmitry Glukhovsky and turns it into something players can experience from a first person perspective. 4A games has done a great job of creating the world described so vividly in the book and applies the basic post-apocalyptic elements, but it seems to fall short in some areas.  Upon ...

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A Nuclear Apocaplypse of Potential 2

 For the kind of person who plays video games to experience scenarios which would be impossible to replicate otherwise, Metro 2033 seems like the ideal game. The dark, mutant-infested tunnels and dimly-lit communities of impoverished Russians offer a look at life in Moscow after something -- the game doesn't make it especially clear, but one can assume a nuclear holocaust -- causes humans to retreat from the irradiated topside into the subway tunnels and metro stations below. As life in t...

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Metro 2033 0

  METRO 2033 Metro 2033 is a 2010 survival horror game based on the 2002 online (then in 2007 printed) novel of the same name by Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsy. The game follows the setting of the novel by putting you in the boots of young “Artyom” in the post-apocalyptic subway tunnels of Moscow simply called the Metro.   How people ended up in the Metro is never explained though through conversation and observation we are to assume nuclear war. Because of the war the whole city is unlivable n...

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Metro 2033 review 3

Let me start this by saying I loved Metro, it was an entertaining and scary ride that had me spending every waking moment glued to my Computer chair.    In metro you play as artym a mild manered meek and quiet russian who lives in his station who is under attack from a new threat to the metro, the dark ones, A man named Hunter asks you to deliver his message to Polis station if he dosent return soon, being a video game he dosen't return and the task is put to you, the ensuing journey follows a...

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A guy named Artyom 0

   *Note, this was written for a 10/10 score system.  Metro 2033 is a game set in Russia… oh crap; I’m in trouble aren’t I? The Russians are not known for their savvy game making. And that was reflected in the way they hyped up the game. A song from Twilight? Really? SAD SONG CHOICE FOR A TRAILER YOU RUSKY!… Let’s just say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this game going in. The people that had gotten to play it before me had not much to say that was positive. Not to mention… I mean there ...

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Playing a game for the wrong reasons... 0

With the huge arrival of Kickstarter and more and more indie projects almost eclipsing their more expensive and blockbuster-ish competition, the smaller games seem to be giving a bigger impact and almost become lauded for being so different trying new things. But, to be a bit cynical, being indie doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to make good games and Metro 2033 is in this weird spot. Atmospheric, creepy and darkly gorgeous, 2033 is a game I kind of notice is more about bringing one's...

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In the future, man’s best friend is a gas mask. 0

Over the past years in videogames we’ve been able to experience a world post nuclear attacks and struggle against new enemies, scavenge around for tools, and try and survive to see another day. Metro 2033 was released in March of 2010, and gave us a different take on that type of experience. I finally had a chance to play the game, and I was pretty impressed.  Taking elements from Fallout, Bioshock, and a little Silent Hill mixed in, Metro delivers a world full of desperation, and as Russian sur...

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Metro 2033 review 4

 I just played Metro 2033 for an hour or so (PC Version), and here are some of my thoughts Graphics: The graphics are excellent. They are easily some of the best graphics currently on the market. Textures are very high resolution and very well done, particle effects like smoke are virtually realistic, lighting effects are great and everything else is excellent. Level Design: The little bit of the architecture I have seen so far has been excellent. The tunnels you are in are very well done...

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Metro 2033 0

  Metro 2033 is a strange beast for a game released in 2010. At its core it's a survival horror game that doesn't seem so at first glance, but the realization creeps in eventually.   At the onset you're some Russian kid named Artyom living out your days in the Moscow metro, dreaming of one day seeing the surface like any good kid stuck underground in a post apocalyptic future. Of course this wish is granted when some dude called a Ranger shows up and gives you a mission to warn the main city in...

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Pros and Cons: Metro 2033 0

Metro 2033 is yet another game in the increasing post apocalyptic genre of video games, which is perfectly alright with me. The game is based on a novel of the same name by Russian science-fiction writer Dmitry Glukhosky where the aftermath of nuclear war has left near-future Moscow a frozen tundra and the last remaining humans have set up colonies among the vast Moscow Metro system.  The player takes control as Artyom, a semi-mute protagonist who never talks except for narrations from his journ...

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Boring and slow 0

I love a good story and atmosphere, but when it is shrouded by poor performance and gameplay,  the experience is a hard one to swallow.  the gunplay is horrible, and there were times when the game would slow to a crawl for no reason, and my PC can more than run this game. The visuals are quite good, but the outdoor scenes for some reason look really bad. A lot of the animations just feel cheap, but i guess thats so supposed to be in a russian game. The game felt very cheap, and way too linear, a...

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Great World, Great Foundation. Just need to bake in the oven more 0

I popped in Metro 2033 after listening to various people talk about it for the past year. It seemed to be a fairly contentious game. Some people loved it, other people seem to hate it. The game is based upon a Russian novel in which the world has been vaporized due to nuclear war. The remaining survivors of Moscow have been living in the metro for the past twenty years, scrounging to survive in a hostile world with mutants and apparently something else.This foundation is set up incredibly well a...

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A very Unique experiance 0

Metro 2033 is the latest release from Ukraine developer 4A. Metro 2033 takes place in war torn Moscow, The city has been ravaged by nuclear war and the survivors have fled underground to the metro tunnels to survive the radiation. The player stars as Artyom, a young man that has grown up in the metro tunnels all his life. You are tasked by your hometown to seek help from a neighbouring city. As Artyom goes on this journey he meets several interesting characters. The game is shown in a First-P...

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Metro 2033 Review 0

 Metro 2033 is a post apocalyptic survival horror first person shooter based on the best-selling Russian novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Taking place in the ruined underground metro system of Moscow metro 2033 puts you in the place of a young man named Artyom. The few survivors of the nuclear devastated land have been forced to live under the threat of horrifying mutants, strange anomalies, and other metro stations that are at war. However a new threat has aroused in the form of strange psychic powe...

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Great atmosphere hold back by disjoint story and troubled design 0

Right after the start up Metro 2033 impresses with a thick atmosphere and interesting setting. After a nuclear war mankind had to go underground and is now living in the tunnel system left over by the now defunct train system. Metro 2033 presents that setting with some great amount of detail, stations are filled with people, including women and children, the scenes are often lit by candlelight and everything feels crammed. The voice over with a heavy Russian dialect do their job as well. On the ...

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Imagine Fallout 3 meets a crap load of load screens. 0

 Game Description: A first-person shooter set in the dark and dreary subterranean, post-apocalyptic Russia. Imagine Fallout 3 meets a crap load of load screens. I probably would have liked this game more if I hadn’t played a much better version of it called, Fallout 3, first. Don’t get me wrong, Metro 2033, was a decent game, but if you played Fallout back in October of 2008, you’ll find yourself wanting to play that game instead. Metro is a first person shooter that takes place in the s...

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Ok...ummm 0

Well a russian post apoc game woohooo what can go wrong  Ok first off let me just say this game sucked overall it had nice graffix and at times was scary as hell and its not to easy to freak me out while playin a game however this game almost falls short on every other catagory such as weapons, and enemy types, also as it was comming out you may have heard of the currancy issue bullets for stuff.(period for everyone who crys saying i dont use any)well for the most part this is not the case you n...

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Metro 2033 Review 0

This game is singly the best game i hav ever played. The atmosphere made it very vivid makes the game feel real, the action aint no call of duty the guns aint perfect and dynamic the recoil on these are beast just like a klashnikov in real life when yu go fully automatic.There is everything in the game excellent memorable characters e.g Bourbon you meet him in the Riga station he is proably in the top 3 most bad ass characters ever in a game and the weapons are superb the modified revolvers in i...

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A Good Game, but forgettable. 0

If you're a fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R games you'll enjoy Metro 2033, while not as openworld as stalker, the game is heavily atmospheric and has some good visuals too. It may look nice and draw you in, but its far from a solid shooter(which doesnt bother me). Its a fun thrill ride through the deserted, dysmal world of a post-apocalyptic style Russia. Metro 2033 is a coridoor shooter at heart lacking in wide open encounters, and falling short of good controls which are unresponsive and feel weighte...

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Great Atmosphere Does Not Equal Great Game 0

 Metro 2033 is based on a Russian novel dealing with life in post-apocalyptic Moscow, brought to you by members of the team that gave us S.T.A.L.K.E.R. And while the game has the same bleak atmosphere of their original major release, it avoids the major technical bugs it had.In Metro 2033, after the apocalypse, Russians live in the underground metro stations as the surface is totally irradiated and impossible to deal with without gas masks. You are set to seek help for your beleaguered station a...

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