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The tribute and tribulation of New Super Mario Bros Wii. 0

  A rotund, European blue-collar worker with both an obscenely low center of gravity and yet a shockingly high vertical leap teams with his lanky brother. Both are twins so therefore must dress identically in fashion but different in colour. Both have a strong resemblance to Ron Jeremy. They exist in a land paved and constructed almost entirely of bricks and sewage piping is used as transportation. These European plumbers must leap on top of unassuming turtles and teeth-boasting plants while see...

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Hey! Cut it out! Ok, let's go, waitwaitwait, ah crap! STOP!!! 5

New Super Mario Bros. Wii marks the return of 2D Mario games to consoles - I believe the first since Super Mario World.  Although it is in some ways a return to the classic formula that made Mario the king of gaming, Nintendo does their staple move of taking what made those games great, and expanding it, making it a unique yet still immensely enjoyable experience.  Obviously, the biggest change to New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the inclusion of cooperative play for up to 4 players.  I personally l...

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Now all your bros. can play. 0

Despite the name, New Super Mario Bros. Wii bares more similarity to previous titles than any other recent Mario game. Not only is it an overflowing nostalgia injection, but an awesome 2D platformer that anybody can get in to.The word "New" in the name only separates this game's name and release date from other 2D Mario titles but not the gameplay. The player controls the game with the Wii remote held sideways, however the game offers for nunchuk use if you prefer the analog stick. The tested Ma...

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Surprisingly Refreshing 0

When New Super Mario Bros. first came out for the DS, I remember being thoroughly disappointed. It was largely a forgettable experience. It was too easy and too thin. The disappointment carried over to the announcement NSMB Wii at E3. After an underwhelming showing on stage (and with the announcement of the next real Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy 2), I dismissed the game entirely. So months later, with three or so intimate days with the game thus far, my experience could most simply be describe...

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I Haven’t Felt This Ripped-off Since Luigi’s Mansion 14

Gamers expecting New Super Mario Bros. Wii to rise to the greatness of its previous 2D console installments will be left scratching their heads with a great big empty void filling the pit of their stomachs, questioning why it’s already over… this, right before the feeling of being pissed-off sets in because you just spent $50 on a 5 hour cakewalk. New Super Mario Bros. Wii has some huge, almost impossibly larger than life, shoes to fill.  It is the first time that the Mario Bros. have made a "2D...

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The best Mario 2D platformer in 19 years. 2

I admit, I was skeptical about this game. I didn't like the original New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. It was too easy, it was bland and unappealing and felt like a sequel to the original Super Mario Bros. which had been eclipsed by the Super Nintendo games.  However, the more I saw the game the more interesting it looked and I ended up buying it and to put it bluntly, it's amazing. It's your standard Mario 2D platformer. It doesn't strive to do new things or shake up your idea of a Mar...

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Gavin vs new super mario bros wii 0

It's time for the new super mario bros wiiii review... For the wii. I don't need to go over the story because at this point, everybody knows what the story should be for a mario game. This is a 2D platformer like super mario world and new super mario bros. This game also features multiplayer... AND ITS CHAOS. This game has 9 worlds with 18 bosses in all. My only complaint is the multiplayer can become too chaotic. Other than that, it's a great game, and you should definitely buy it now....

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A "playing with kids" review 0

I felt I had to put that in the title, as it colours my review heavily; I spent the majority of this game in at least 2 player, with 4 players happening regularly, with a mix of players - my wife, 26, and a decent gamer; her 12 year old gamer cousin; his 10 year old mildly enthused sister; my 6 year old son; and, finally, at parts my 4 year old daughter. Both of my kids play a lot of Wii games, and know how to use the system well. I bother to point that out, because a lot of parents will buy thi...

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review 0

There's a charming simplicity to seeing Mario run across the screen in a two dimensional platformer. New Super Mario Bros Wii keeps this simplicity that has made the Mario series so popular while adding just enough to justify calling it NEW Super Mario Bros WiiEver since Mario chose to become Super Mario back in the eighties, the flat two dimensional Mario games have been pretty simple platformers where the challenge usually lies in reactions rather than any kind of problem solving. In each game...

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Reimaging without doing anything, a truely forgetable experience. 0

 Yeah I just attempted to do "for the wii" and put into "make me sickey". It didn't really look as great as it sounds in my head but I'm going to roll with it anyways. Flat out. This game sucks in every way imaginable. It attempts to do "new" things without doing (what little is new) well. Re Imagining is not new.For me, next to Hellgate London this game ranks as one of the WORST games I've ever played. Good: This is my first review where I will put nothing. There is no good.Bad: This game is al...

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A review that's not from a fanboy. 0

In all honesty, I'm no big Mario fan. I didn't grow up with Mario Bros., and I sure as hell didn't play Mari Bros. for tens of hours as a kid. My first Mario game was Mario Brothers 2, for the SNES, and I played that about 20 years after it came out. After that, I played 5 more Mario games, bringing it to a grand total of 6. Actually, about 4. Two of the six, I barelly played.  Point is, I'm no fanboy. Meaning, I'm not going to write this remembering the days staing up 'till 3AM and beating Worl...

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A better game when playing multiplayer. 0

 Well to start off to describe this game, it is your basic formula for an old school Mario game. The catch here though is that for the first time you can play with up to 4 players. The game itself is pretty fun but can get boring when only playing by yourself, but when you play with other people the difficulty goes up and you just have more fun than you are when you are playing alone. For the 4 players you get Mario, Luigi, and a yellow and blue Toad. I wish for players 3 and 4 they could have b...

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The first Mario Console SideScroller since Super Mario World... 0

New Super Mario Bros. on the DS, was an instant hit selling 900,000 copies in the first 4 days. Nintendo, wanting to capatalize on that success released New Super Mario Bros. Wii, The first Mario Console SideScroller since Super Mario World. Was it good? Hell yes. Do you really want to know the plot? Okay, Princess Peach get kidnapped, again... and guess what? It's up to a midget Italian Plumber to save her! Again...  Alright If you've never played played a Mario sidescroller, or any sidescrolle...

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Classic Mario gameplay, in a cheap package. 0

 Something is different; it just doesn’t feel right, someone has changed. I’m not sure if it’s me or Mario but something is definitely amiss. I am not supposed to be reacting this way but the only thing that springs to mind when I think of New Super Mario Bros. Wii is its failures. I should be ecstatic, a new side scrolling Mario, a spiritual successor to Super Mario Bros. 3, this is a dream come true, and yet I am not dreaming.    Once again the waggle strikes, Nintendo has taken my chi...

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A game that's as challenging as you want it to be 0

I've always been a Mario fan. When I got an NES and Super Mario Bros, I played the hell out of that game, finding all the secrets and glitches. It was one of those things I could play and enjoy again, no matter how many times I played it. The same thing happened when I got my hands on Mario 3, and Mario World. I played and enjoyed the 3d Mario games too, but to me, Mario has always belonged in 2d.  So here we are, finally receiving a new home console 2d Mario game, the first since Super Mario W...

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4 player fun 0

      The DS classic has now moved to the Wii console. Is it as good as the original or should we stay with the handheld version.       Positive: Entertaining1-4 players (coop)Beautiful 2D visualsNew contentEasy controlsCreates LaughsClassic StorylineFun for everyone      Negative: A little frustrating at timesNo minigames       Overall this is a great and entertaining experience for the whole family.   ...

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This game is totally AWESOME i'm in world 7...

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New Super Mario Bros. Wii 0

 There’s no bigger franchise in video games than the Mario series. He’s been in so many different styles of games that it is difficult to keep track. Whether he’s fighting in Super Smash Bros., playing tennis or golf, or saving the princess in an RPG, no one is more recognizable than Mario and the gang. Platforming, though, has always been Mario’s bread and butter, especially in class 2-D on the NES and Super NES. But since the mid-1990s, we’ve only had our Italian hero tearing it up in th...

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Suprised by the Entertainment Level 0

  I was  pleasantly surprised by the game play of the New Super Mario Bros. In a family of gamers my wife and 11 year old wanted the game. I succumbed to the family pressure and got it.  I have had a lot of fun with the family and friends, but this game could easily cause an argument pretty quick if you push someone into a Koopa! ...

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What is Old Feels Still New Again... 0

  When New Super Mario Bros. Wii was announced back at E3 earlier this year, I was stoked for another new 2D Mario game, but it seemed I'm back again for the ride like it was the good old Nintendo days. Even though New Super Mario Bros. on the DS was an amazing success, it wasn't really the definitive 2D Mario game people have hoped to be as good as Super Mario Bros. 3 or even Super Mario World. This Wii iteration though is filled with nostalgia from yesteryear throwing nearly everything the 2D...

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Is This Italian Plumber's Wii Adventure Really New? 1

  Here we go! I'm-a-number one! I'm-a-Nintendo and I think I-a-can always win. I don't think I'm speaking for Mario here, but when it comes to Nintendo and the Mario franchise, I think this stance is fairly accurate. Nintendo would like to think that any adventure with Mario is a must-buy, and often times, it's true. But is this the case with New Super Mario Bros. Wii? Fans of 2D platformers are an increasingly fickle bunch, even though we endure bouts of starvation, so it's important to know if...

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Super Mario = Super Cool! 0

It's so super that New Super Mario Bros. gets a sequel and Nintendo does it again! The graphics are amazing, the voice acting is also perfect, and the final battle is A+! This time, they added the Toads, the return of the Koopalings and a new Super Guide! So, I think that this is perfect!...

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Just can't get enough of Mario. 0

 Such a simplistic formula and so much fun delivered, it's hard to explain the magic of Super Mario Bros since most of us have memories of childhood etched on each game of the series. It's not hard to get excited every time a main Mario game is announced -- taking out the spin-offs with Mario playing tennis, golf or throwing a party, not that these games are bad. New Super Mario Bros Wii at first glance seems a carbon copy of the rejuvenated game released for the DS, which by the way was awesome...

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Finally a classic for the new Gen 0

 Finally for the first time in about 19 years we get a console 2D Mario platformer. That's a long time to wait for it eh? The best we got was New Super Mario Bros. for the DS which was one hell of a game. This game is basically a throwback to the older Mario games and it's a pretty good one. I'm going to continue with this review assuming you've played one of the older Mario games… because if you haven't then where the heck have you been all this time? And how dare you call yourself a game...

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He's back and harder than ever! 0

The killer app for the Nintendo Wii in 2009. If you regularly check the NPD figures when they arrive, you have seen this game on the charts for 5 months straight. People are buying this game like hotcakes. And why not? It's Mario, the video game icon who, unlike Miley Cyrus, hasn't whored himself out and has stayed true to his image.  I bought my 4th Wii just to play this game. I just had to. New Super Mario Brothers Wii is a return to the classic side-scrolling platform game that we've been pla...

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Mario is still fresh. 0

New Super Mario Bros. Wii, holy shit what a title.   For the sake of this review I will be referring to this game as Mario Bros Wii.   The game follows in the same line as the DS game called New Super Mario Bros. DS.   If you are new to these Mario spin offs let me give you a quick rundown about them.   They are Mario games set in the same vain as the old Mario games for the NES and SNES.   It is a 2D platformer, you jump onto of enemies heads and you fight Koopa Kids in every mid castle and lar...

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