snakeking's Obscure: The Aftermath (Wii) review

hate but love but hate.

Let me first start with letting you know that my reviews isn't going to be incredible, and I'm not somebody who plans on making a living for it. I have insomina, so I'm just trying to kill some time and I figure I could help and possibly enchance my writting skills. Lets begins:

I have a mix feeling to this game but I think most of the hate I encounter towards it must be from the system I chose to play it on and a five year old video game. I'm going to point out the bad stuff about this game, starting with camera angles. I've Nevered played the ps2 or psp version but I'm pretty sure using the joystick to manuever the camera angles would of made things alot of easier, but with the wii remote I had to point the crosshair right or left to see what was around me, I could navigate where I was going but it was frustrating. Everytime I encounter enemies ,which I've tried dodging away from left me with a blind spot which puts me in a disadvatange. I could not see the enemy, so the delay of the turn of the crosshair and awkward movement, which you feel in most fps games from the wii, enables the enemy to damage me everytime I try to focus and damage it.

The next portion of the game I hated was the lighting, it was almost completely dark, had trouble seeing like in those silent hill games, which really irritated me. I'm not sure if the system or game should be blame, but most games that I've played have an option setting where you could adjust the brightness, but instead it relied on my television set, which could only be adjusted so far. I was able to see, where I was going but it put a strain on my eyes looking for items, ammunition and solving certain puzzles of the game.

Another problem with the game is the firearm ammunition and health were scarce. I found myself using melee, close range weapons such as a golf club, baseball bat and a hockey stick throughout the adventure, so I found myself dieing alot . They had a stun gun but thats all it does, stun for certain amount a second or until you drain your batteries comepletely. The most time I ever used my firearm was on bosses or huge minions that I could not get close enough to attack with a bat without being knockdown or cut down to shred, leaving me a bare mininum of health, which I found myself at all times through the game. I've wonder what would of happen if I ran out of ammo during those boss fights or didn't have any at the time, would the game just fawk me over, just like the syndicate(game) ??? Which could either make me retrace my steps and do it all over again or maybe just give up on the game and possibly with life lol. Through my years of gaming, I believe they do this intentionally to get an erection, but this one could be just a an issue that was overlooked.

Stupid dialoge, another issue of the game, at times I found myself laughing and annoyed at the sametime. If your a true gamer or really need some time to kill like me you'll be able to bare it and play through. Just when you thought teenagers couldn't get any stupider, and they do.

The lock picking with the wii remote was the most frustrating portion of the game and my main reason to not play this on the wii , I'm pretty sure those who played it on the wii would agree, I'm pretty sure most people completely stop playing after they encounter it, but yet I hanged on, i must of spent maybe close to 15 min. on one door. I'm pretty sure using the joystick off a psp or ps2 would of been alot easier and less frustrating, and its amazing how they made me do a lock picking task when fighting the final boss, If I could not get it open within a certain amount of time I would of gotten hurt or died.

AI , I hate them when my survival is also depended on their health status as well. Main reason I hate resident evil 5 and this as well. How could you enjoy a game when you have to babysit, even if you could switch to that character it still makes it frustrating and complex to keep both character alive especially when health is rare.

Puzzle's, most puzzles were easy, but close to the end of the game I found no clue or hint to help me solve some puzzles. Right at the end I just went on youtube and saw a walkthrough to finish a game, I know I was there and I just want to end this nightmare of a game.

I'm already feeling sleepy right now, so I'll end this quick as possible. I know I didn;t say much of the posative stuff about the game but I believe it is a good game if you were to play it on the ps2 or psp and ignore the newer game out there and be psych like this was a downgraded version of silent 1 game and that the year is 2002 -2005. I felt like this needed to be said for those of who looking for a game to kill time.


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