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An orbital strike is an attack upon a planet's surface from space-based weaponry.  This attack can take many forms: it may be the result of special-purpose satellites, or bombardment from mounted weapons on orbiting spaceships.  In some cases a strike may take the form of a massive piece of material that is purposely de-orbited to create massive devastation, essentially  becoming an artificial meteor impact.   While destroying an entire planet from space may lack finesse, sometime nuking the place from orbit is "the only way to be sure."
Orbital strikes in video games range from precisely targeted tactical strikes, akin to a mortar or artillery barrage, all the way up to planet-wide bombardments that can leave a world in ruins.  The first type is more common as a weapon or tactic that can be used by a player - it is rare for a player to be given the ability to glass a planet's entire surface, and this form of strike is usually reserved as a scripted plot-point.
When controlled by a player, orbital strikes are typically triggered either via selecting a location on a map or overhead view, or by painting (or "lasing") a location with a handheld target designator. 

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