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Paranautical Activity is a first-person shooter developed by CodeAvarice for PC, Mac & Linux. The game uses a roguelike structure in which death is permanent, but players can acquire upgrades and power-ups that will tip the scales in their favor (or not) over the course of each life.

A beta version is up for sale on Steam and Desura, but no release date for the final build of the game has been set.


Much like in The Binding of Isaac, the game's levels are a descending series of floors, each with a number of distinct rooms laid out on a grid. Levels are procedurally generated from a selection of preset room layouts. Upon entering a room, its doors close and the player must kill all the enemies inside to open them.

Each floor contains a boss who must be killed to exit the level, an optional mini-boss who leaves a valuable item when killed, and a Gift Shop that sells three different items on each floor. These rooms all have distinctive colored doors leading to them, and are marked on the map when found.

As the player descends to lower floors, new enemies and room types begin to appear, along with environmental hazards like arrow launchers and lava.

Character Progression

Items the player finds can affect the character's HP, fire rate, damage, movement, and various other properties. These items are dropped by bosses and can also be purchased at a Gift Shop.


The game currently offers 5 classes:

ClassPrimary WeaponSuperweaponStats & Starting HP
David BowieCrossbowNone

Very high damage, high speed and fire rate, 4 HP

Dy-No-Mite!Grenade LauncherKatanaVery high damage and fire rate, average speed, 6 HP
GileadGatling gunLaser RifleHigh speed and fire rate, average damage, 7 HP
GortonSickleBlow Fish launcherVery high speed, average damage and fire rate, 3 HP
The TankShotgunNoneVery high damage, very low speed and fire rate, 9 HP

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