Looking for some low spec pc games

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I'm traveling round Asia and just bought a sub-notebook. (1gb ram, 120gb hdd, no cd drive) Can you recommend any low spec strategy or adventure games which I can download and play? Cheers.

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No disc drive? o_O
i take it if nothing can be installed its not ment for gaming, you'll more then likely find that hardly any games will run on it.....

There are OLD games like age of empires - Anno 1602 those kind of games, but you need a disc drive to install um, as for downloadable games....hmm
You could always just play Demos of games instead, there not full games but at least you'll be able to play and theres Tons of demos for games

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u can download pretty much any game and play without a disc, as long as u get alll the files and Bios'
Fallout 2, Deerhunter 03 are some of the games iv downloaded, and iv copied games like Age of empires2 and empire earth onto my pc's hdd.
ps u have wayy better specs than i do.

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Anything from Firaxis should run ok, how about Pirates! or Civ IV? If Civ IV specs are too high then III is worth playing as well. Plenty of adventure games to choose from that you can download from Steam or elsewhere like The Longest Journey, Indigo Prophecy and Beyond Good & Evil. If you want something more recent there's always the Sam & Max and Strong Bad episodes.

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Would your laptop run Civilization IV?  You can get it off of Steam.

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I don't mind wayy old PC games. Infact that's more what i'm looking for...

does anyone know any good game download sites where I can have a browse about?

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install steam, and look what they have there,
they've got some amazing stuff

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There is anougher way to do so

if you have an external HDD or mp3 player like a Ipod prehaps
Select all thats on the disc and copy it directly to the Ipod - plug your ipod into your laptop then install the game - then use gamecopyworld to get a no-cd crack

and no one here tell me using no-cd cracks is illegal for what i explained above if you do i'll slap you back to your mothers womb :P

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Well my favorite old PC games that would definitely run on your system are games like SimTower, or SimCity 2000. Those kind of games will never cease from entertaining me. Also Myth was a pretty awesome game back in the day!

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Dungeon keeper :)

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twenty0ne said:

Bah - You win :/
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If only the Home of the Underdogs site was still working...

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could always get an amiga / atari / nes emulator....

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Download GTA 2 at the rockstar games website. It's free.

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joey said:
"Download GTA 2 at the rockstar games website. It's free."
a good idea. cheers.
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If you could post what time of On-board graphics that would give me a better idea, but you could get some of the older Command and Conquer Games like Red Alert 1 and under, I have the original running on one of those ASUS EEE PC's which does an decent job with some minor tweaks. I know Diablo II runs like a charm on there which is a good old game to get as well

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Jecrell said:
"Check http://www.gog.com/ when it's open. I'm in the beta and these older games run fantastic.

Also, try Space Rangers 2."
That game was way fun....it's sorta like a simple version of Spore's space segment.
How about neverwinter nights? I'm sure you can buy that online for cheap..plus if you have internet access there's a fair number of servers still active for online play.
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Steam has some good games like Civ 4 and it isn't very graphically intensive.

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Aliens Vs Predator 2, real good fps.

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Deus ex

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Could your laptop run Portal?

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Oh I forgot about Half- Life 1

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If you are still looking for games, try Streets of Rage Remake by Bomber games, it is free and legal to download.  It is not an adventure game but it is faithful to the series while having some enhanced graphics and sound effects.
Also the two Zelda games for N64 run very well on Project64, but you have to had bought and still have the cartridges to legally use the roms.

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Mount and Blade. Addicting.

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The Civilisation series is good plus you can download it from steam.

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You can download the original Command & Conquer for free off the official website or from File Shack, its a 2 disk game, one download is GDI the other is the NOD campaign

You can also download the original C&C Red Alert from the official site, again this is a 2 disk download one being the Soviet and the other being the Allied campaigns.

You can download the original Railroad Tycoon from their website, just click the 'Railroad Tycoon' button towards the bottom.

The three above games are all FREE and LEGIT.

Other than that I suggest looking at Steams Catalogue of games, there not just new games, some real gem's already mentioned.

And also take a look at Direct2Drive.

If your into 'The Sims' you can download the 'Life Stories' version from the EA Online Store. its optimized for laptops.

Obviously you wont be able to play anything to fancy as I doubt you'll have anything that can be called a graphics card in that laptop, but the sites above should have something to fit your taste.

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there are a ton
Diablo 2
Fallout 2
any sim city game
the civ games

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Aye, the old Oddworld games are pretty cheap on Steam.

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Look for Dungeon Keeper thats a really awesome old school strategy type game.
or starcraft.

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Warcraft III isn't too demanding and it's a superb game.

Oh yeah, and Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

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Grim Fandango, Monkey Island are great Adventure games. And if you like Shooters, Maybe try Counter Strike 1.6.

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