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Peggle's success lies in its simple but addictive gameplay 0

Peggle is the sort of game that relishes in word of mouth. Since its original PC release in early 2007, it’s has been bouncing from platform to platform appearing on Apple’s iPod, Valve’s Steam service and most recently on Nintendo DS. Fans of the series will be pleased to know that not much has been lost in the translation to Xbox 360, and if players unfamiliar with the series can look past its cutesy exterior, they’ll find a deep and skillful game that deserves any gamer’s attention. At first ...

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Need something to rekindle your gaming fire? 0

Let me start by saying that lately, I haven’t exactly been in a “let’s play video games!” mood. No sir. I noticed this a while ago, and attempted to rekindle my love of gaming with something casual. Something small and addictive, that I was recommended to by the Internet. That game was Peggle. Damn, it’s good. Not only will it keep you playing for hours (roughly 1-2 a day, before it got boring for the day, in my case), but it looks and feels smooth, and it’s actually quite intricate. Decimal-poi...

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Final Thoughts: Peggle Deluxe 0

I'm no stranger to mindless puzzle games (having put countless hours into Tetris when I was a kid), but I haven't really been into those types of games for a long time. In all honesty, I probably never would have even heard of Peggle, never mind have played it, if not for the fact that a demo version came bundled with my Orange Box purchase... a diabolically ingenious move from developers Valve and PopCap.I don't know whose idea it was, but in the end it became my undoing. The idea is so simple,...

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Let go of my Peggle! 0

As bad as my title is for this review, the game Peggle itself makes up for it as it is one of the best puzzle games I've played to date. The greatness beyond Peggle isn't  the wacky characters of beautiful hi-def graphics, it's the simplicity and positive reinforcement that comes from shooting a ball and watching balls (pegs?) explode and a score  that keeps multiplying. For $10 or 800 space points, it is a great buy as time will pass you by and leave you hungry for more Peggle. What else can yo...

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Addictive 0

Holy Hot Hell, I cant believe howenthralled i became when playing Peggle, a friend of mine tried to get me to play it on the PC a couple of times, but it always looked dumb or to "flash games" like for me to gather any interes. I reluctantly tried it and, i hate to admit this but i absouluty fell in love with its simple but gameplay and totally "Extreme Fever" style of art and direction in everything from the loading screen (cranking awsomeness) to the crazy animal "masters" i also really enjoye...

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Is Becoming a "Peggle Grand Master" Worth the Time? 0

Peggle is a game that can really be played by anyone who is given a mouse, gamepad, or iphone. The reason is because there are not a whole lot of people in this world who hasn't seen one of the Price is Right's most famous games, Plinko. No, the Price is Right did not invent this game concept, but it's certainly the one thing that has made the idea so mainstream and popular.   Peggle follows that same concept, originally started by Pachinko. Every level in Peggle has a different layout of pegs, ...

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The defintive mobile version 0

Peggle was an internet phenomenon when it was released in 2007 for both the PC and Mac platforms. Created by PopCap Games, the game helped propel PopCap Games into the mainstream, earning both critical acclaim and blockbuster sales status. It reached such epic popularity among core gamers that it was available both on Steam as well as a World of Warcraft add-on players could download to get their Peggle fixes in during raid down-times.The basic premise is simple: Peggle is akin to Plinko on the ...

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Hamst3r's Quick Review 0

Peggle DeluxeTo all of you who haven’t played Peggle yet: What’s the hold up? Are you scared of “casual” games? I assure you, while Peggle may be casual in that it’s pick-up-and-play and go-at-your-own-pace, to actually complete Peggle is far from a casual affair. Some have said that there is no strategy in Peggle beyond shooting the ball in any direction and hoping that something good happens, but they are wrong. Once you get past the basic Adventure Mode you can try your hand at the more adva...

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Great time waster 0

Peggle is deceiving simple. At first you think it’s almost too simple that it won’t be able to hold your interest. As hours and hours pass by, only then do you realize the true greatness of this simple puzzler. This game won’t blow you away visually. The graphics are passable but they could be better. But what makes this game great is not the graphics. The charm of this game comes from its game play. What it comes down to is you aiming and shooting a small marble at a bunch of pegs and hoping f...

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Awesome timewaster! 0

Peggle on the iPhone is a great version of the classic with simple, intuitive but precise controls.At a bargain price (currently 3,99€) you get a complete version of everyone's classic PopCap game in your pocket.The only drawback I can think of ist the lack of new content. But the amount of gameplay you can get out of the original package is considerable and definitely worth the price.get it now!...

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The ultimate in mindless entertainment 0

If you are a Giantbomb reader and you are reading this review, then chances are, you aren't what could be termed a "casual gamer". You know the "casual gamers" -- they are the housewives playing Tetris and the frat boys who occasionally play Madden with their buddies. If you do not fall into one of these categories, however, you still may enjoy Peggle. It is the ultimate in casual, mindless entertainment. It is very easy to pick up and play, requires little attention or thought while you are pla...

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Dangerously Addictive 0

 Vinegar is a smell I’ll forever more associate with this game, because I still remember the night I discovered Peggle. I was googling ‘physics based games’ when I came across a blog which reviewed just those very games. Peggle immediately stood out. I downloaded the trial and less an hour later I was typing in credit card details, paying what seemed like far too much for such a simple game. My parents had just arrived home with chips. They asked me if I wanted any. I said yes. Vinegar flooded t...

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Peggle Deluxe 0

 My first Peggle experience came when they released a demo for the game as a part of The Orange Box, with levels themed around the different games in that package. I enjoyed it, but not enough to put up the asking price for the full game. Earlier this year though they had a deal for the game plus its sequel for only ten bucks, and I decided to give it a shot. As far as a casual game that's pretty much leading the charge for its genre, it's pretty good.  If you haven't played it, there's a boa...

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Excellent port of the crack-cocaine that is Peggle 0

My first experience with Peggle was on the PC.  It is still as awesome as it was there.  I would have given the PC version a 5/5, but this version loses a half point for being a simple port with few additions.  If you want to play Peggle, chances are you have already tried the game out before, so you know what you are getting into.  If you haven't played peggle before... try the demo.  The coolest part about the XBLA version are the new online modes.  I have had a blast playing with the Party an...

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Peggle 0

I’ll say it straight up: If you’ve never played some form ofPeggle, you aren’t a gamer. Sure, Halo is a great game series, the Grand Theft Autofranchise broke ground for all open-world games and theGears of War games have upped the grittiness for first-person shooters, butPeggle is in a class of its own. It’s one of those contests that’s simple, yet complex; soothing, yet infuriating; and gorgeous, yet nasty. If you’re nodding your head uncontrollably after reading the last paragraph, you’ll als...

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Peggle In 300 Words 0

  It's not often that I enjoy a "casual" game. Call me snobbish, but I usually like my games to contain plenty of depth. Still, I'll occasionally make an exception. Wii Sports Resort managed to impress me with its gameplay variety, and most recently, Peggle grabbed my attention with its Pinball-like mechanics. What's amazing about Peggle is that it's easy enough to figure out in a minute, yet it contains enough of a challenge for a video game veteran. How Peggle works is simple: A cannon hanging...

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Perfect Transfer 0

For 800 MS Points you can download Peggle right now, and straight up you really should. Just stop reading and start downloading. This game provides hours of entertain and challenge that even some $60 games cannot provide. When you first start up Peggle it looks fairly simple. You control only one thing during the entire game, a small gun located at the top of the screen that can pivot left and right to try and launch your peg and bounce it around to hit all of the orange pegs with varying degree...

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