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Peter is an odd looking phoenix who stops at New Granseal to mend his hurt wing. The inhabitants of the town, not used to the inhabitants of the new continent surround Peter and harass him. He is rescued from this treatment by the Minister and brought before King Granseal. Peter reveals to the group gathered in the castle that he is indeed a phoenix and knows the God Volcanon. This knowledge excites Sir Astral and he volunteers Bowie and the Shining Force to accompany Peter back to his home.

Peter participates in battles with the Shining Force but he is computer controlled. It is only after the team's meeting with Volcanon, where the God shows his unwillingness to aid the world of men, that Peter decides to join the force permanently. From this point on he is controllable by the player.

Peter is a talker which makes him a useful companion to the mainly silent protagonist. From his introduction in the game onward, Peter speaks for the Shining Force and allows for more active conversations.

Character Strengths and Weaknesses

Peter is seen by many to be the most powerful character in Shining Force II. He has the ability to fly, ignoring terrain penalties, and this is paired with a large movement range. His natural stat progression is unparalleled and only becomes even more impressive after promotion.

Aside from his obvious strength in combat, Peter has several other traits which make him a strong party member. Being a phoenix, Peter possesses the animal's unique ability to revive. This makes Peter the only member of the force that never needs to be resurrected by the priest at a local church. Peter also requires no weapons. These two facts can save the player a great deal of money. Also, Peter sports a high resistance to fire damage, negating large portions of magical damage.


Pre-Promotion: Phoenik (PHNK)

Post-Promotion: Phoenix (PHNX)

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