Giant Bomb: Now With Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support

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#201 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -
@Vonocourt said:
" How come some of my Bronze trophies(Looking at Resistance 2's list) say they are worth 0 points? "
me too. Why is that?
#202 Edited by KillaMaStA (859 posts) -

No to start bitching right away, but I im going to anyway
Why the hell did I only get like 500 points from my Paltnium in Uncharted? It should be 1100 because the points should add up to 1000 plus 100 for the plat itself!
I love that this finally happened tho  :D
All secret trophies show up as 0? Fuck that shit man....

#203 Posted by artofwar420 (6299 posts) -

I noticed that some trophies that I haven't acquired yet are showing up as if I did. Just a note.

#204 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -

Nice!  I know many people have been waiting for it.  I won't have much to look at right now since I only have three games( Killzone 2, Metal Gear Solid 4:Guns of the Patriots and Resistance 2) and haven't gotten deep into any of them.  But, it's nice to know that it is up and running for all of those PS3/Trophy junkies out there on Giant Bomb.
Thanks again for the great feature.  To steal a catchphrase from a major grocery store company, Giant Bomb is getting better all the time!
*Kudos to the people who know which grocery store giant that catchphrase is from.

#205 Posted by AllanIceman (1323 posts) -
@CitizenKane: Winn-Dixie?
#206 Posted by hawkbass (6 posts) -

It seems as though all the secret trophies on my account aren't worth any points.  Hmmm that's dissapointing.

#207 Posted by Boom_goes_the_dynamite (746 posts) -

I like this A LOT.

#208 Posted by Pepsicolaboy (321 posts) -

Thanks guys!
Not too sure about a platinum trophy only being worth gotta work for those bitches.....
Still - Thanks GB. Yet again!

#209 Posted by Pepsicolaboy (321 posts) -

hmmm... now everyone will KNOW how terrible I am at trash panic! NOOOOO!!!

#210 Posted by artofwar420 (6299 posts) -
@Pepsicolaboy: Nothing to feel embarrassed about, that game is one of the hardest games I've ever played in a looong time.
#211 Posted by eroticfishcake (7787 posts) -

Thanks guys, I've finally got a reason to use that damn trophy system. Not like I have a lot anyway.

#212 Posted by CitizenKane (10508 posts) -
@AllanIceman: kudos!  ^__^
#213 Posted by ReTarDedFisHy (1069 posts) -

Aw no, this is just going to make ReTarDedFisHy's trophy addiction a whole lot worse. 
...thank you, Giant Bomb.
#214 Posted by trophyhunter (5800 posts) -

hidden ones worth zero fucking sucks all the trophies in 
Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires are hidden so that's zero point game? and I have the platinum in that one

#215 Posted by Doomshine (150 posts) -
@THE_END said:
" Jeff,  I have unlocked everything in the Sega Genesis Collection but it does not show up on the playstation network trophy site regardless if I am logged in or logged out......  It does show up on my PS3 though.....  Strange. "
Yeah, my Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection doesn't show up either.
#216 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

awesome stuff!

#217 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
@Lies said:
" Surely this paves the way for the glorious site achievements :D "
I can't wait to sync my Giant Bomb account to my Giant Bomb account!
#218 Posted by Foggen (884 posts) -

Thanks for adding trophies, I've been waiting for this.  Hooray for Infamous S-Rank! 
I've got a bug to report, though... The trophy indexing is not quite right.  The example I noticed is that GB shows me as having the Noby Noby Boy trophy "The Prince" and missing some other one (they're all secret) but PSN correctly shows me as only missing "The Prince".

#219 Posted by Lepuke (327 posts) -

I don't have many trophies since most of the PS3 games I own don't support them, but still cool to see you guys implement em here.
I suppose I could use this as inspiration to earn more.

#220 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
@Doomshine: Sonic's Genesis Collection isn't showing up for anyone. Neither is FIFA 10 and whichever game was brought up yesterday. There's probably a privacy issue that prevents those games' trophies from showing up publicly. I remember the Xbox 360 version of Bionic Commando had the same problem when GB's achievement-tracking feature launched.
#221 Posted by Drebin_893 (2926 posts) -

Thanks, Giant Bomb!

#222 Posted by dbz1995 (4790 posts) -

Trine music should be accompanied with this addition to GB.

#223 Posted by potatomash3r (126 posts) -

About time!

#224 Posted by Jeff (3654 posts) -
#225 Posted by Jeff (3654 posts) -
@hawkbass: Sony's data doesn't tell us anything about secret trophies, so that's stuff that we have to do manually. We'll get that stuff in there, but it'll take time and research to make it happen. 
I may have to start up some sort of secret trophy squad or something so that you guys can help me out with this.
#226 Posted by King9999 (615 posts) -

Uh, where do I add my name?

#227 Edited by PureRok (4236 posts) -
@watertails said:


Getting an error whenever I try to sync my PS3 trophies. :( "
I get this error too, but it's because I don't have any games on my PSN account. I don't own a PS3 (but I have a PSN account for my PSP). It'd be nice if I could get rid of this.
#228 Posted by AleeN634 (250 posts) -

Thanks Giantbomb, a few kinks in the system but still awesome to see charts and graphs related to trophies.

#229 Posted by lightsoda (541 posts) -

WHAT?! Zomfg I've been waiting for this.

#230 Posted by White_Silhouette (476 posts) -

Awesome work Giant Bomb
I just wish more of the games I had for my ps3 had trophy support. :S

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#232 Posted by Pkshields (811 posts) -

This is awesome in every way possible. Thank You Giant Bomb! Now: time actually get more trophies.

#233 Posted by Bailers (4 posts) -

Thank you guys so much, you're the best.

#234 Posted by PhilSebben (120 posts) -

this is awesome guys, really stuff like this really makes Giantbomb such a great video game website. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

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#236 Posted by Ket87 (441 posts) -

Yo GiantBomb I'm really excited for you and Imma let you finish inna minute but why wouldn't you use the Xbox Live achievement values for cross platform games to keep it in the same ballpark?

#237 Posted by valleyshrew (34 posts) -

This is badly done and not comparable to achievements. The way you've done it is punishing trophy collectors. I can be 1 bronze trophy off of a multiplatform 100%, on ps3 I will have 890, on 360 I will have 990 for exact same achievement, that's if you'd given trophies the real values which you havent so it will be even lower most of the time.
I have 100% in Wanted: Weapons of fate, and 585 points, while on 360 I'd have 1000 points for same thing. Such a vastly different number is not acceptable when you're comparing between the systems. Wanted has 2 golds, 9 silver, and 39 bronze. Platinum should not be counted. The estimated real values worked out are bronze=15,silver=30,gold=90. That would mean in Wanted I would have 1035 which is much closer than 585. For lotr:conquest I have 1070 points, 2 golds, 13 silver, 32 bronze. With the real values that would be 1050. Again, closer to achievement values, with games both above and below it in your system. Please please please change it.

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#239 Posted by ocdog45 (675 posts) -

is there anyway to have the most recent games you played on the top of the list instead of the bottom?

#240 Posted by samsaturday (91 posts) -


#241 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
@Urmean said:
That's the way Sony presents them. It looks like they don't separate regions, so they're all lumped in together. And since it came out in Japan first, the trophies are all in Japanese.
#242 Posted by LordAndrew (14430 posts) -
@Ket87 said:
" Yo GiantBomb I'm really excited for you and Imma let you finish inna minute but why wouldn't you use the Xbox Live achievement values for cross platform games to keep it in the same ballpark? "
That's a lot of extra work. Achievements are supposed to be a mostly passive thing so it doesn't eat up a ton of their time.
#243 Posted by Urmean (599 posts) -
@LordAndrew said:
That's the way Sony presents them. It looks like they don't separate regions, so they're all lumped in together. And since it came out in Japan first, the trophies are all in Japanese. "
This is highly ridiculous.
#244 Posted by Dragonseer (109 posts) -

Great job, love finding out which trophies are rare etc.  One odd issue though is that some of my Dead Space trophies are showing as 0 points, otherwise everything works well

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#248 Posted by FotoVerite (19 posts) -

Been in line for the last 24 hours. Server falling down or just massive collections being imported? 

#249 Edited by Lepuke (327 posts) -

Are a few games still missing from the list?
I don't see Bionic Commando's PS3 trophies anywhere...
EDIT: I should have read more, I see there is a missing games thread now...

#250 Posted by Sincillian (530 posts) -

Awesome. I've been waiting for this feature for ages.

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