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In the first Disgaea game ( Hour of Darkness, Afternoon of Darkness and Disgaea DS) they consist of only 3 members: Red, Blue and Yellow. Being a fighter of justice is a lone existence and they don't have any friends. They challenge Laharl to become the next overlord of the Netherworld so they will have many friends and eventually will consist of all the colours of the rainbow.
The Prism Rangers are a parody of the Super Sentai or Power Rangers. They are depicted as weak and pathetic.


Every time they appear they give some kind of speech followed by their cool group-pose.
Disgaea:AoD: Prism Rangers pose
On the first encounter their speech goes as follows:
Prism Red: "We've been waiting for you, demons!!"
Prism Blue: "When the darkness of evil draws near, we appear out of nowhere!!"
Prism Yellow: "The-3-lights-of-justice-save-the-world with-courage-and-hope!!"
Prism Red: "Together...!!"
Prism Blue: "...we are...!!"
Prism Yellow: "...the Prism Rangers!!"


  • They can transform
  • Red is the leader
  • Some voice actors also voiced in the Super Sentai / Power Rangers series
  • A recurring gag is pointing out that the Prism Rangers do not have enough members to cover all colours of the rainbow

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