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thanks guys. This will be my first Final Fantasy game I ever play (also my first jrpg).

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@KingBroly said:
" @Meowayne said:
" Yes, a slightly lower resolution and some video artefacting make a game completely and utterly unplayable. "
Don't forget a stuttering framerate in Chapter 11, the backtracking chapter.  Look, everyone says if you have a PS3, get the PS3 version. "
I have a PS3 but my store doesn't have a copy there. If I can get FF13 for $20 I think I probable could at least give it a shot.
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I want to take advantage of the Best Buy sale and my local store only has the 360 version in stock. Am I missing anything if I buy the 360 version?

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Rasheed Wallace appearance.

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@Hourai said:
" I'm pretty sure this was announced like a year ago.  "
Why would they erase the tweet though?
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It's Thief 4.  You access it here 
  However you can't access it on the main page because I believe they deleted. 

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 Can't wait for E3. 80 Euros is close to $100 US. Also gets a release date
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Well the price makes sense based on that you only have to buy one. Also bundling it with a new slim console for $300 would persuade me to get a new 360.  Just saying the Move bundle is for $99, you only get one controller. You have to pay more for multiple controllers. Same for Wii. So paying $150 for the complete Natal experience is not bad because to get the complete experience for Move and Wii could run you close to $300

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I could see them adding Elena (Africa stage). I would also like to see Q.