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@Hourai said:
" I'm pretty sure this was announced like a year ago.  "
Why would they erase the tweet though?
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It's Thief 4.  You access it here 
  However you can't access it on the main page because I believe they deleted. 

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 Can't wait for E3. 80 Euros is close to $100 US. Also gets a release date
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Well the price makes sense based on that you only have to buy one. Also bundling it with a new slim console for $300 would persuade me to get a new 360.  Just saying the Move bundle is for $99, you only get one controller. You have to pay more for multiple controllers. Same for Wii. So paying $150 for the complete Natal experience is not bad because to get the complete experience for Move and Wii could run you close to $300

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I could see them adding Elena (Africa stage). I would also like to see Q. 

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Was watching the ECT2 stream on Saturday and they said that Dr. Wily and Nero is in the game.

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He (Inthul) just straight bodied some of the best players in the US at East Coast Throwdown 2. He started with Chris Hu on Saturday and on Sunday he took out Sanford Kelly and Arturo Sanchez. Even though he lost to Flash (ended up losing J Wong in grand finals) in loser finals, he had the entire stream and attendees on his side.

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I know EA is doing games for Natal but this feature screams fake to me. Why would they still call it Natal if Microsoft said that won't be the name of it when it comes out. Second, I think EA is linked up with Gatorade. Also you don't see Natal anywhere on the screen.

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I had gotten a request to join their session but it would not connect.

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I have no patience for stealth games.