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Even if I have to pay more for a hard copy of a retail game - I would. I absolutely despise it for video games, unless they're small like in the XBLA. Maybe I'm just old-school, but I love my discs.

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You mean if the smoke grenades you spawn with have the "concussion" ability? From what I've seen so far, yes. That means 10 people on the map (in a full match) will have it every round, or even after every spawn.

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I'm apprehensive of those new "concussion" smoke grenades as well. It can be stuck to any surface, tagged, or randomly thrown. I really don't see why EPIC put this in, the smoke was valuable before (you just had to know how to use it). That's what frags are for...

Well, I have to wait and see how it'll turn out. Oh, and in the videos it shows everyone starting with one smoke grenade -- so picture 10 people on a map having it.

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SpikeSpiegel said:
"Technically, playing the campaign is working on your Seriously 2.0. ;-)"
OMG! How could I forget that it's across everything now!? Too much school work is interfering with my Gears 2 addiction. I must drop out, I say!

Anyway, I still have to play the campaign for a bit -- that's just how I've played every other game. Then I can enjoy the glory of online (or, find out how much of a nuisance those stickied-smoke-concussion grenades are).
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MsCortana said:
"I like that when the disk is in, all the information, dlc etc....is right there. "
Same, that's a great feature. Easy way to get new Gamerpics, DLC, or updated information straight from the Dashboard. Wow, it's weird how excited I am for an update ... lol.
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SpikeSpiegel said:
"Renwood said:
"Online; I'm looking forward to the campaign, but I've been playing Gears of War 1 in multiplayer since 2006. I'm too ready to jump into new maps and test out the new netcode."
That is how I feel. Now, if there were two of me..."
Lol, same. I'm just dying to finally play my favourite game with no/minimal lag, in a smooth and consistent experience. It's extremely tempting, but I still have to play the campaign first (at least one or two chapters). Get a feel of all the tweaks, then I can get working on that Seriously 2.0.  ;)
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Rendezvous, for sure. Not only was it a good choice of poem, but that voice -- so amazing. Plus, all the action near the end really pumped up the adrenaline...
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Do you really want to see a women get headshotted? Whoops ... that just sounded wrong.

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It's a shame you're done with Linksys - I have the WRT54GS and it works perfectly (wired) with my Xbox 360. Maybe you need to update the firmware? Or, have you tried DD-WRT?

But I do recommend pretty much any D-Link as the alternative, which they make pretty good quality routers and have a decent price.

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CyborgXbox.  Yeah ... don't laugh...