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I'm perfectly fine with their decision ... in fact, I support it. The story-line, I find, is always more intense when it focuses solely on one player -- that's just how I like it. For co-op, they're adding in little missions you can do with friends -- so there' so real reason to complain.

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I'm going to miss my trusty shotgun, but, I'll adapt. The forceful use of cover will require more tactics and greater teamwork - something I welcome to Gears of War online.

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pause422 said:
"It better have zero bullet lag, they promised it a while ago and it still has yet to be seen for myself once I end up getting a hold of the game eventually..I mean its not exactly an achievement to have zero bullet lag in a game, its pretty embarassing when you don't honestly."
When exactly did they promise "zero bullet lag?"
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Definitely the minority, but I hated the Mad World ad. Find this one to be 100x better, and, makes me even more excited to play the game.

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Might as well show off some new Wingman gameplay while we're at it! The Kantus looks awesome.  :)

I know, YouTube quality stinks ... so I recommend viewing it in High Quality on the actual Youtube page.


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Jolly_Lolly said:
"It doesn't look that bad."
Of course it's all up to personal preference ... but I really don't like how they made it. A few shiny gold accents all over would be nice, but fully plated? At least I have more reasons to make fun of people in Gears of War 2 ... jk.  :P
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If you're going to the midnight launch, and it's official ("Midnight Madness"), you should get it -- which is your pre-ordered copy. Not sure if it's a specific retail chain. But, the gold hammerburst is fugly anyways. Personally, I think the normal weapons look 10x better.

Gold Hammerburst
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Hulk said:
"There are plenty of people that appreciate these scans.  It's nice to read the official weapon and game mode descriptions.  It helps kill time while waiting for the game to come out."
Same here. Thanks for the post, Riddler. People act like sharing information/news is some offence...
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This is just a rumour - a huge rumour. Happy about canals, but where's my Fuel Depot? I know so many people that love that map. Should've swapped it with Tyro Station, to be honest. Also, if the gold lancer + hammerburst are unlockable without the limited edition -- I'm downgrading my preorder. No need for all the extra stuff ...

EDIT: This is slightly off-topic, but if any of you haven't seen the "Enemies" ViDoc, go and see it -- it's awesome. Didn't want to make yet another thread on this forum for it. Enjoy.