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I've never had a problem with the DualShock controllers. The analog sticks seem fine to me, but I did kinda reach video game maturity at the beginning of the PS2-era so maybe that is my reason why. The Xbox controller is great, and always will be, but I think the DualShock is just fine too.

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Terrific article, Alex!

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As much as we would all love it, they are part of a larger company and you just don't hire someone because you feel bad for them. Rorie does belong here and maybe someday he will, but as noted; the funds and the need for another editor need to be there.

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Welcome, Giant Bomb welcomes you with open arms.

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We, at Giant Bomb are a welcoming family of duders. Welcome aboard, and make yourself feel at home.

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They most be stopped! This is worse than gamebomb.ru.

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Poor Rorie, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hey GiantBomb hire Rorie.... its the right thing to do.

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Only my heart has ever been broken.

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@humanity said:

@ragbag said:

Let's start a kickstarter for this.

I came here to actually post this.

I'd be onboard.