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I was a yearly subscriber for 2 years, but it ran out last September and I miss it dearly. I hope to re-up soon.

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Giant Bomb offers a lot of in-depth discussion on games like through Quick Looks and discussion on the podcasts. While they don't review every game more often than not they discuss all major release in the ways I mentioned earlier.

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Not at all surprised.

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Civilization V. I have wasted countless hours playing that game. It never gets old or boring.

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They touched on this in the Quick Look, seems that if you are solider class you have an even harder times because there is no extra ammo available.

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Very good article, Alex. I am glad you are bringing attention to review scores and the way Polygon handled their review of SimCity. I thought it was strange, and changing the review score just seems like an, "eh...never mind". I think it is an odd way to handle a review.

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Oh, Gary... please just tell us more.... we are your friends!

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I'll probably get both.

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I've never had a problem with the DualShock controllers. The analog sticks seem fine to me, but I did kinda reach video game maturity at the beginning of the PS2-era so maybe that is my reason why. The Xbox controller is great, and always will be, but I think the DualShock is just fine too.

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Terrific article, Alex!