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Shooters became bad the day they decided to keep the team format but not maps. If you want arena-style maps, make the game FFA. If you want a team mode to be the predominant way people play, design maps around lines of conflict.

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The fact that people are ok with the term "boneless wings" just makes me sad. Sure, you might think they're better, but come on... It's just fried chicken, fried chicken strips. And no, they're not chicken nuggets.

But then again, this comes from the same country that calls burgers sandwiches and pizzas pies.

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For a modern version of the list I feel like games like Diablo 3 and God of War 3 should be on the list. They are both very straight forward, newbie-friendly and lays the ground-rules for RPG and action-adventure gameplay. They also don't have any camera control, which is easily one of the hardest things for new gamers to get used to.

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Already posted this in the locked alpha thread, but ye, if anyone has a spare PS4 EU code I'd love to recieve it.

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I dunno.. There's nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't grab me either. There's just something about kid-friendly shooters that puts me off I guess. Same thing with the PvZ shooter. Not that I want every shooter to be some hardcore gritty action, but I just like explosions, lasers and gun-shots more.

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If this is what constituted plagiarism in videogames the majority of games out there would be considered using plagiarized art.

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Well, technically wasn't me buying it, but when I was a kid once on vacation we were at this mom-and-pop toy store and they had these games that were basically just floppies in a plastic-bag with a sticker on them. So I nagged my parents into buying one of them for me. The game wasn't bad (was some sort of viking adventure thing), but the floppy also had a virus on it messing up my computer.

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Might just be a coincidence, but I got a flash update yesterday and I've distinctly noticed that my fan has been reving up more when having flash applications running (especially if I have several videos/streams up). Although the last few days has also been way warmer than usual.

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I dunno.. I guess I wouldn't mind it, but I actually quite enjoy the dehumanization of your opponent. It just makes it feel like a good dynamic single-player game. While there certainly has been moments where I would've liked to make a comment or two to the person I'm playing, that urge passes quickly as you move on to the next game, while having to deal with shit-talkers a good amount of the time would really negatively affect the game.