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Well, technically wasn't me buying it, but when I was a kid once on vacation we were at this mom-and-pop toy store and they had these games that were basically just floppies in a plastic-bag with a sticker on them. So I nagged my parents into buying one of them for me. The game wasn't bad (was some sort of viking adventure thing), but the floppy also had a virus on it messing up my computer.

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Might just be a coincidence, but I got a flash update yesterday and I've distinctly noticed that my fan has been reving up more when having flash applications running (especially if I have several videos/streams up). Although the last few days has also been way warmer than usual.

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I dunno.. I guess I wouldn't mind it, but I actually quite enjoy the dehumanization of your opponent. It just makes it feel like a good dynamic single-player game. While there certainly has been moments where I would've liked to make a comment or two to the person I'm playing, that urge passes quickly as you move on to the next game, while having to deal with shit-talkers a good amount of the time would really negatively affect the game.

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Resonance of Fate, kind of?

It might be getting sorta old at this point, but ye.. Actually thought about going back to it again this summer.. which would make it an annual thing for me since it launched =o

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It's hard for me to say. I've played a lot of games that I enjoyed for a good while but figuratively ended up leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. If anything I'd probably say the "game" that I thoroughly had a good time with and only stopped playing because it had run it's course was the Diablo 3 expansion. I'm also tempted to say Wildstar, since it's taken up a lot of my interest for the majority of the year so far, but I've not been very satisfied with a lot of the things that happened around and after launch.

There's also Hearthstone I guess, which technically came out this year, but I've been playing that since fall last year.

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The reason the RTS comparison is bad is because they aren't RTSs. They might've spawned from that genre, but in actuality what they are is online action-RPGs. Take Diablo, make it multiplayer, make it team based, and you practically have a MOBA. It's a game, just like any other online multiplayer game. And just like any other multiplayer game it gets super deep as people keep playing them for years.

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@pie said:

eh this just looks like the B-roll they gave to sites a few days back

yup, pretty much.

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I think people have forgotten what the value of a dollar is.

No, they haven't. It's just that when your potential audience is magnified by the internet that 0.00001% turns into a much bigger number.

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Every day is Video Game Day.

Although, to be fair, the second or third tuesday of October is probably the actual Video Game Day.

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Can't say I've had a great time with the game. There's a lot of things I enjoy, but the game seems a bit too into it's "role-playing" for my taste. After abit over 3 hours played I was getting too bored of running around town and decided to go kill some undead, exited the town and the first fight was just terrible.

The problem wasn't that the enemies were too hard or anything, but I just kept getting screwed over by finnicky controls. I don't know what changed since I had already done some fighting earlier, but it felt like I was constantly pixel-hunting or else my characters would do something stupid like moving two steps wasting action points, attacking the wrong target, picking up an item or getting themselves assaulted by attacks of opportunities.

I wanted to give the game it's chance, but the slow start has just killed all my interest.