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So there we have it. Instead of trying to make the loot game more exciting Bungie has decided to play whack-a-mole with whatever ways people find of getting loot faster. I can only speak for myself, but the shards from Queens Bounties was the one thing that revitalized my interest in the game.

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Yep, this is what most people haven't realized about the grind in this game yet. It's not about getting the awesome piece of loot, it's just about getting any legendary in the slot so you can upgrade it to improve your light value (which eventually requires a bunch more legendaries in the grinder for materials). It takes 22-24 legendaries to fully upgrade your four pieces, which should leaves you at level 28 in legendaries or 29 with an exotic (and evidently 30 if you have raid legendaries).

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@tennmuerti: I got my Bad Juju fairly well upgraded now and while it certainly isn't some sort of super weapon it is indeed really great at ploughing through non-elite mobs. If I'm doing missions/strikes 2 or more levels below me I can just run around and spray and never really worry as I have no downtime where I'm vulnerable.

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What are the Queen's orders for in the quest inventory items? I got 1 for each of the bounties, and then when I did the story challenge i had 2 left, does this mean the story challenge is repeatable depending on the marks you have you can do it as many times? Because if so it seem a bit ridiculous as I got a purple chest from the first run.

EDIT: ok i just did that mission again and sure enough another purple item, insane! helm and chest legendary freebies for everyone!

Fuck the rep, just get your 2 free purplz, or more if you want to try to break down duplicates for crafting mats

I find it pretty funny that people have been talking about how Bungie should nerf the treasure cave etc and then they put an event like this deliberately into the game. If you use the bounty double-dipping you can easily get 4-8 very quick legendaries every day, and up to 10 if you put some work into it.

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@a_e_martin: From what I've read you need to finish one of the bounties then it'll pop up by the other dailies. It's just a random story mission though, at level 24 with what appears to be Epic + 2 other random attributes.

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So I just tried the story mission solo. If they're gonna pump the damage up that high they really need a different defeat system for solo players. Had the same problem earlier this week with some heroic mission too. They literally make your gear completely pointless since there are enemies that pretty much one-shot you, even when over-levelled. Would make much more sense to use a normal respawn system and set a limit on respawns through item degradation on death.

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Yes, more clutter, exactly what the Steam store needed... Also, removing the dates from the "upcoming" lists makes so much sense.....

Oh well, not like I was using the store much anymore anyways.

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@tennmuerti: I dunno, I think Bad Juju could be pretty damn good once it's upgraded. Although it does depend on you being able to kill a single enemy with a full mag. It has a pretty significant stability upgrade and with the damage buff and instant reload it should be pretty good for mowing down hordes of enemies.

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@honkalot: The best way to farm planet resources is to look for "caves". Look for any sort of doorway or opening that's hidden and it's probably one of many possible chest spawns. You can find chests in other not as obvious places too. As for Relic Iron specifically I've had plenty of luck just farming the first area you spawn in on Mars. There's about 7-8 caves there and several other spawns of both chests and iron. I'd say I've got close to 20 different spots in that area that I know either spawns a chest or iron.

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I think the "main" point of the video is flawed. People desire new experiences as they grow older, independantly of videogames. We travel to new countries, eat new food, meet new people, try new jobs etc etc. Also, just because videogames aren't evolving as rapidly when it comes to the technical side it doesn't mean it's not still evolving immensely on the gameplay and presentation side. It is only if you stick to the narrow path of big publisher games that it seems like things are getting stale.

Having that said, what I take as the real point of the video (the "gaming is too big to be a singular thing") is incredibly poignant and a concept more people need to embrace. Videogames has reached a state similar to literature, music and video where the different kinds of expression are too varied when it comes to presentation and target audience that there is no universal consent of what is good and bad and it all comes down to taste