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Well, we have nothing more to talk about regarding your opportunity to spend extra money in Destiny

That's pretty much all you need to read from it. The fact that this philosophy has spread as much as it has among developers is just disheartening. Not that every game needs to be an "authentic artistic expression", but the idea that consumers are aching to spend more money and developers are just benevolent beings allowing us to give it to them is so insanely twisted.

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@theht said:

It's an important issue and one that's in the interest of a lot of people, which I think makes it fit with the rest of the topics they feature. Just look at the other videos they've got posted: Torture, Government Surveillance, Bail, The Death Penalty, The NCAA, FIFA (in three parts). They're not exactly niche topics. While they'll certainly focus on aspects of a story that doesn't necessarily get the most spotlight, that isn't their overwhelming standard.

Ye, I dunno. I guess it's hard to draw the line, and it might be like @thatpinguino said that I feel differently because I'm more "in the middle of it". It was just obvious that it would create the response that it has, but maybe they didn't quite realize how it would stir the pot.

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@bradbrains: That's not what I'm saying at all though. I'm saying they focused on an issue that has already gathered a good amount of attention, and already been featured in a good amount of news coverage. It's seems out of their M.O. Instead of their usual "exposé" style it came off more as an attempt to be provocative. Sure, they've had a good time poking fun at plenty of other stuff in the past, but it's usually been silly side-stories, not the main feature.

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Watching it I was mostly just disappointed that they chose to sensationalize it. Internet harrasment is something that can affect anyone and everyone, and focusing on sexual harrasment against females is just trying to provoke as much of a response as possible. I might just be misremembering/imaging things, but I seem to remember that their usually approach is more in the lines of "you know this awful thing that noone is talking about, let's point out how fucked up that is". It just felt like a missed opportunity to point out all the completely accepted horrible behaviour on the internet, and instead they just poked the big gaping wound.

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I feel like you're conflating two issues here. To answer the question in the title directly, some people just have more money. I'm not in any way some super rich person, but buying 15-20 full price games every year isn't really that big of a dent in my budget especially considering how much time I spend on the hobby.

As for the second (more implied) question, how can people pre-order and then complain when they don't get what they expected ? Well, they're human. It's a completely normal response to get upset if you don't get what you expected. Should they know better ? Probably, but it's sorta the entire business of game publishers, to "trick" people into buying their products. I think it's important to realize that it isn't necessarily about the money though. It doesn't matter if you pay $5 or $500, if it doesn't live up to the expectations it doesn't live up to expectations. Hell, many people get upset over games not living up to expectations even when they are completely free to try out.

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Stamina is MUCH more important, and health can be close to pointless (based on build). The games are pretty much opposites when it comes to that, Bloodborne is about managing health, Souls games are about managing stamina. Also, if you decide to go with blocking, learn to let go of the button as much as possible to regain stamina quicker (and upgrade your shields for better stability which means less stamina loss).

Oh, and equip load is a thing you need to pay attention to.

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Bloodborne, Witcher and (lttp) Path of Exile.

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Theoretically I would, but all the talk about motion sickness is making me think I'll never be able to actually use one since I have a very weak stomach.

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GB had a big influence in making me return to console gaming in general.

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@player1: I've already explained why I think it was ill-conceived, I never said the question was ill-natured. All I'm saying is that it wasn't question he was leading up to, and as soon as he realized that he corrected himself.