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I'm quite baffled by the fact that even with the long loading times etc I've actually hit a few times where the game just stops and a "loading" prompt pops up. Think it started happening once I got the faster mount, which seems like a pretty silly oversight (making the vehicles too fast for the game to load in quickly enough).

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@somejerk said:
Get mad - Grunt and squeal in your chair but don't lose your mind

Oh man, there are few things that makes me lose my temper, but modern console FPS multiplayer sure seems designed around trying to get under your skin. The control mode is somewhat bearable, but everything else just makes the game into "there's someone behind you the videogame". Not that I'm not having any fun with it, but when one of those games comes around...

Anyways, as far as tips goes, not only will you not get rewards at lower levels, but as you get higher you get better skills and weapons as well (not just stats). As far as one-shotting goes, yes it's a game focused around power weapons. Use your super(preemptively), secondary, heavy weapons, grenade and special melee as much as possible. Also learning the maps so you know what sorta build to use and when to switch weapons helps a lot (which reminds me, this game could totally use saved pre-sets). As an example, I've mostly been sticking to this bladedancer/shotgun build and every time a certain map pops up I'm crushing, but everywhere else it doesn't work that well.

And, as already mentioned, understanding the radar is pretty much key.

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Closing in on 20 and almost finished the campaign, played a fair amount of PvP and done some strikes, I'd say a good solid 3, with a slight possbility of growing into a 4.

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@theveteran13: not in-game, but they have some of that stuff on their website. It's sorta silly, they're keeping a KD ratio for your PvE "games".

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Here's the thing, Jeff has the stereotypical reviewer gaming personality. He's not looking for the next deep game he can dig deep into and spend hours and hours in, what he wants is something new and exciting he can play for a week or two before he moves on to the next new and exciting game. Sure, he has a few games he keeps coming back to, but what he really enjoys is new games. And Destiny is not that. Destiny is a few old games thrown together in an old-fashioned way.

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Only done the first mission on Venus so far, but is it just me or does fighting Vex feel a lot like playing Space Invaders ? There's just something about how they look and their AI that's giving me flashbacks.

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The big problem with a Destiny/Halo comparison is time. When Halo came out it was fine compared to the competition, Destiny on the other hand falls short even when compared to bad titles these days. It's the same reason people loved the lore etc in Diablo 1/2 but everyone complained about 3. The games didn't change, our expectations did.

Also, as I mentioned in another topic, it tries to straddle this line of being stoic and iconic while using some pretty ridicolous concepts and the more I've played it the more I feel it fails at carving a straight path. It keeps on sending conflicting messages of wether it's trying to impress you or being ironic.

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I was watching something Destiny related (can't remember what) when the style and setting just suddenly clicked for me for some reason. So after having mulled about buying it for far too long I decided to jump in, and now I really enjoy the theme and story (unlike when I played the beta). It does however clash terribly with the gameplay. One of the great things about Borderlands is that the whackyness really meshes with the idea coop multiplayer FPS madness, while Destiny have this very calm, stoic thing going on which would've fit much better into a singleplayer RPG.

They are striding a very thin line though, especially with enemy names like Goblins, Harpies and Wizards, and I don't think the "preciousness" they've been expressing in the PR run-up has helped much either, but with the right perspective the "generic blandness" of the game comes off as something pretty neat. It's made me wonder if this has been the thing I've been not getting about the Halo games all along.

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I gotta say, the game just comes off as being inoffensively not great. Sure, you can nitpick etc, but there's nothing really wrong about the game, but there's also nothing mind-blowing about it. Probably gonna end up getting it just because everyone else decided to completely abandon September to let Destiny reign supreme.

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@kanerobot: It seems to me like they're making a game for the "casual" consumer. Not, the casual game type, but the "I buy one or two games a year" type. It doesn't appeal to the more experienced gamers (which are the ones leaving the comments you're seeing), but to someone that only buys Halo, CoD, GTA and "insert sports game" Destiny comes off as something completely new and exciting while still being similar enough to fall into their comfort zone.