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@disembodio: well, after checking around it seems everyone else loved it. I don't really want to spoil it, but the fact that there was already a point in the game that I felt would've made for a really good ending and it didn't end there sorta snowballed as the game just kept on going. And in my opinion the ending they actually went with was just way too cliche for me to get invested in, but I can see why others would like it.

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@cyberfunk: I honestly don't get why people are expecting GB to suddenly be some site full of diverse viewpoints. It has always been quite narrow, that's pretty much what the basis for the site is. The whole idea behind the site was that by getting to know the people behind the reviews you would get a better understanding of how the review relates to your own tastes. If the site was filled with people with wildly different opinions the process of getting to know these people (through the way they cover games) would just be a bunch of arguing and fighting. While that's fun once in a while it would become increasingly tedious to listen to if it became the majority of the content.

The great part of GB has always been that it's a group of people that enjoy similar games and share that enjoyment with each other. It keeps the mood light while also being informative. If you pay attention you will notice that they've very deliberately always put the people most interested in a game to cover it. The site would completely crumble if every QL was two people arguing about wether a game is good or bad. Their angle has never been to show as many opinions as possible about games, it's quite opposite, trying to be as singular in their perspective as possible.

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Just finished it and I have to say the ending really ruined it for me. The game itself is pretty good. As has already been said, it has some good sequences and keeps things mixed up. It also manages to pull off what it was going for much better than Child of Light, although having all the history stuff tucked in there as text doesn't really do much. But those last 30 minutes... There's a very clear point where this game shouldhave ended, which would've made for a much braver and coherent product, but instead we get what I can only assume was some executive imperative that really taints the entire thing.

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For me it makes the console. Before I bought my PS4 it was by far my favorite controller compared to anything else, and I have not played a single game on my Wii U without it. The few times I tried playing with the gamepad it only made me think that if it wasn't for the Pro controller I would've probably regretted my console purchase. So ye, not only is it a great controller, but compared to the alternative it's pretty much a must-have in my book.

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Shutdown, because fan.

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@korolev: The expectation we have for famous people to behave "better" is because they have deliberately attracted attention to themselves. If you want people to pay attention to you then you need to be "worth" paying attention to. If you want to act like a jerk then act like a jerk, noone is stopping you. But people will react if you both act like a jerk and make a point of making others aware of it.

People will say that most of the time Phil didn't want the attention, but that's a fallacy. If all he wanted was to post his opinion on the internet he could've posted it wherever he wanted under whatever name he wanted. He's chosen to repeatedly post his opinions on his very public twitter account that has a bunch of followers because that is where his opinion will get attention.

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I don't really agree with the premise that internet fame is something that happens to you. Sure, there are cases of people stumbling into it, but most of the time people are actively making it happen. It might not be some singular "switch" like the contract example he's using, but that doesn't mean they aren't seeking it out.

Most people that get internet famous get their 15 minutes, just like people got through TV before internet. Several of the examples used in the video are people that many of us has seen once or twice but never heard or seen since. You don't remain internet famous unless you're trying. We all choose how much we put ourselves out there. We might not get the same opportunities to make ourselves heard, but when the microphone is shoved in your face it's your choice if you want to shout or whisper. And there are many many people that decided to whisper.

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@grelik: That whole fight was just way too "Mortal Kombaty" for me, and the literal cuntpunt just took it over the edge. It's not tense or intriguing, just ridiculous (as pretty much everything else that happened in the episode).

Stannis showing up out of nowhere for some strange reason, skeletons and sprite magic, Dany locking away her dragons, and then topping it off with Tyrion sneaking his way all the way from the dungeons to the Hand's tower (and back) without being spotted by anyone and then killing Tyrion on the shitter (which apparently is the only shitter that exists in the universe). It's all just ridiculous.

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I'm still wondering when the google ads bubble will burst, but I guess at this point it never will.

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I'm gonna say it, the show/story has officially jumped the shark. I don't even know where to start. I'm actually having a hard time thinking of a segment that wasn't dumb, and the entire integrity of the story has been completely shred to parts.