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@humanity: The thing is, it wouldn't really make sense as a shortcut, since (as you point out) Cleric Beast is an optional boss. If you happened to skip the Cleric Beast then came back around that way it would be non-functional as a shortcut until you actually beat the boss (also, it would make very little sense to enter that fight from that side). It could however have been the original path to the cathedral ward, but then they decided to add the Oeden path later. It's impossible to know without actually having been part of the development ofc, but I can see how instead of deleting the obsolete part they might've just gone "ok, let's put a chest with the first available game at the end of it".

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The door was never meant to be a shortcut. The fact that it's operable but locked is to illustrate how the cathedral ward got quarantined because of the hunt. It's also why the room before is filled with the urns of insence (just like the chapel you actually do manage to enter) to keep the beasts away.

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all in the hope eventually taking back the Iron Throne.

If that ever happens. It's all implied that one day she will matter, but so far, 4+ seasons in, she has had no significant impact on any other storyline in any way. I talked about this in the thread for last season as well, but basically at this point the build-up is just not gonna be worth it, and people are just losing patience. They could've easily just cut out all the Daenerys scenes from the first four seasons and left the rest of the show as is without any complications.

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@liquidprince: If you're wondering why people dislike that story-line it's most likely because it's completely inconsequential to the rest of the show/book. It's basically just a side-story, nothing that's ever happened there has ever had any real sort of influence on anything else. Sure, more and more of the different lines have developed into that as well, but it was like that from the start, back when everything was intertwined.

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@cloudforest: The reason Robert was a terrible king was because he was driving the kingdom into ruin, which leads into Varys' main motivation. Varys is a "come from nothing" man that has weaseled himself into a situation of power, and what he wants is to keep that power. The reason he wanted Targaryen rule in the early seasons was because they were a strong family that "noone" would ever fuck with, and he had good "cred" with them. The reason he ended up helping Robert/Ned was because under a Lannister rule his role would get even more diminished (which was proven correct as Cersei has pretty much been driving him out and taking over his role for the last few seasons, clenching her grip around the throne). Ultimately he realizes that the only way he'll become a valued advisor again would be to join Daenerys, which is the only potential ruler that would give him any consideration.

Basically his wish for the kingdoms well-bing is a half-truth. He wants a strong Westeros, because a strong Westeros means he's got his coushy job and position. Without his Master of Whispers title he's a complete nobody.

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I wouldn't call it surrendering, but I don't really find it fun or interesting. I'll gladly take part in co-op by helping others out, but when I'm doing a playthrough myself I'm not really interested in face-stomping the bosses. Even though the bosses are probably my least favorite part of these games, all I would do by summoning is to rob myself of minutes/hours of entertaining gameplay.

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@zeik: I guess it sorta comes down to perspective, wether you see it as three different variations that each have a few extra moves, or a three different variations that lack a few moves. I wasn't really thinking about how much it is to learn for new players though, more the fact that when characters suddenly can/can't do certain moves it can create a lot of confusion and make people jump to conclusions. And it doesn't help that if you play the story first variations aren't introduced in any way.

Using myself as an example, I played through the story and found Kotal Kahn to be completely useless, but when I went and tried him out abit I really liked another variation. However many people wouldn't go that far and just never touch him again. And the same thing could easily happen if you have bad experiences with whatever random variations you pick the first time you try characters.

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I dunno.. I'd probably still buy games if they cost $200, I'd just buy way less. I'd never pay $15 to watch someone play a game though.

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Not exactly pro advice, but if you're a newb and just need some help getting through the story there are plenty of characters that have a very simple pop-up into uppercut combo that will do 20+% damage.

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I'd suggest taking a peek at the start of a normal playthrough on YT or something similar, just to check if there's something you're doing aggressively wrong. It might also be a good idea to start over and test another starting weapon.