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I personally don't put games I haven't played on my list.

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@shagge said:

Well, I'm 60% of the MGS fan that Dan is (I mathed it, don't you question me!), and it's my GOTY, so that makes MGSV Dan's Super Game Of The Year judging by the 40% boost.

However, Dan is an inscrutable man with inscrutable views, so I'm going to go ahead and say that the Dan Ryckert Game of the Year 2015 (Sponsored by Chili's) will be Dying Light, on account of being able to drop kick zombies like a wrestly-man.

Actually, the less of a MGS fan you are, the more you like MGS V.

Since its barely a MGS game to begin with.

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MGS V easily.

Dan loves EVERYTHING Kojima does and has never criticized any of his work. Even when MGS V is barely an MGS game and more an open world romp he still adores it.

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Everyone that try to brand them something else, just sound really pretentious.

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I played so much of Just Cause 2, its just oustanding.

More of that isn't an issue for me at all.

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Everything is fine, they are just waiting until after the holidays to add Knack to the IGC.

If the people that complain get satisfied by getting fucking KNACK, then this is all fucked.

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They did it because they could. I feel like Xbox Live started charging money because they could use that money to keep their online infrastructure solid. PSN still lags far behind Xbox Live I feel. In everything from download speeds to general stability. Its a shame, but you don't really have much of a choice if you want to play online.

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Ugh, full card collection without buying anything will take years of playing a lot.

I almost always recommend anyone that wants to play Hearthstone a lot to just buy in a 50 pack bundle, and go from there.

WIthout it, it really sucks facing decks with multiple legendaries.

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Complaining about WHAT ad it is?

Its not like they can pick and chose what ads they should have. They get offers to do ads, and take them. What a weird thing to complain about.

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@l1ghtn1n said:

I enjoy a good VN but $50 especially for a dating/romance one is a bit much for me, especially when I still have a bunch of other games I'm working on. Adding it to the list and will grab it in a sale at some point I'm sure.

Yo Clannad is like 80 hours long