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Still havn't even given Fable 2 a chance yet, came bundled with the xbox. Just didn't seem to grab me, tried twice to get into it - for around 2/3 hours each time

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Lets hear it.

For me it has to be Shadows of the Damned.

*disapointed. ugh -.-

** disappointed - really not my day today :)

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Deadly Premonition has to be the only game i've played this gen that I just couldn't put down, also happy about all the Cave & Treasure ports.

Ninja Gaiden 2 was another fave.

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You know what i've been waiting for ages to try out Frozen Synapse was curious about it but the price seemed far to high, this was a nice surprise.

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I'll pick it up when i've got less things to play, seems okay.. looks no where near as deep or fun as SMB though, seems like a standard indie that requires joy2key/Xpadder.

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Nothing atm

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Prefer the PAL versions of Resident Evil 2/4 especially 2. The NTSC U versions look too generic imo, although I am used to the PAL versions always loved the Resi 2 case. Ico has gotta be my favourite PS2 artwork, i'd hate to own the NTSC version looks terrible.

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Maxed out shaky as hell Silver Ghost + kick & suplex.

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@CptBedlam: Ah so either a PC code port updated with GC models etc or a direct GC or Wii port thats been touched up a little?

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