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When I first saw the Persona 4 ER, I already had played Persona 3 and a bit of 4.

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@RE_Player92 said:
" I've been watching a lot of Batman TAS this week (one of the greatest shows in my opinion) and I just finished watching the episode Perchance to Dream. So long story short Bruce is living in his fantasy world, his parents aren't dead etc, but he can't read. It's revealed at the end of the episode that he knew he was dreaming because reading is a function of the right side of the brain and dreaming is a function of the left, therefore he was dreaming the whole time. Is this true in real life? I've tried looking it up on several websites but their are many conflicting answers with people saying they have read in their dreams.  "
Man when I saw this topic, this episode came to my mind instantly... And I saw it about 12 years ago but I never forgot it because once in a while I ask myself the same thing.
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When I saw this just minutes ago my heat skipped a beat. But then my inner logic kicked in...

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Mafia II - Loved the first one but this was a huge letdown
 Alpha Protocol - Didn't played much of it but what I played was enough to dissapoint me.
Mass Effect 2 (kinda) - Wish it had more rpg elements, which is the very reason why I'm so afraid of what they are doing to Dragon Age 2.

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Here in Portugal the show starts today so I can't wait.

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@Axxol said:
" Does anyone else zone-out while listening to the Bombcast?  I have a habit of zoning out during the Bombcast and I have to back track to catch things I've missed.  "
Same thing here.
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@JoeyRavn said:
" @Bakumatsu said:
" Oh and don't forget Monkey Island 3
That's Monkey Island 2. "
Of course. I finished them a really long time ago. My bad.
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@GunslingerPanda said:

" i WAS really PISSED off BY the ENDING of FALLOUT three.

You tell me. But worse than that is the Broken Steel one.  
I finished it just a couple hours ago and I'm still pretty bummed out with it. Geez...Fuck...
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@Fubar said:
" I own the game for PS3 and PC and have played neither for more than 30 minutes at a time ... just not my kinda game. Controles are awful and the graphics arent all that impressive.   Seems like the storie is good, but i cant get myself to play it :( "
If is not your kind of game, why do you own two versions of it? Hell why do you own even one?