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Burn that idea with FIRE! god I HATE tom cruise.

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If it's writing to the hard drive while doing an automatic update when the power goes out I would worry about it.

Yeah this is a concern, though I wish MS would issue an official statement on this like Sony did. (If they already have I am unaware)

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@mb said:

Sad but not exactly surprising, he had been fighting heroin addiction for years.

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Will wait for reviews.

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If your having to try that hard then yes something is probably wrong with the button, I have had no such issue and find both power and eject responsive to a simple touch. Yes there is and eject option from the home screen select options then eject disc.

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Sounds cool. More content is always a plus.

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@thehbk said:

So is Giant Bomb too powerful and influential in the world now?

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@saga: thanks for the reply

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So if the power goes out while in instant on mode will it cause damage? I wonder because the PS4 has issues when in standby mode if the power goes out. I'm getting a One soon and want to know if I should avoid instant in due to having a semi unreliable power grid.

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@kierkegaard: select YouTube source from the site player. set to desired quality. Stopped the lag for me.