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Good points. Although, I'd say that instead of Twitch/Youtube personalities, people should focus on the site's staff's stuff. It's great to see a video that's linked to a page with a fleshed out article. Conversely, it fucking sucks to see a Quick Look whose related article is just a snarky deck and nothing else.

Anyway, I have a task. It's not a 'seed of inspiration', but it's still an important task - The Talos Principle needs overview, gameplay, and story sections. That game is very highly regarded and there's certainly a lot that could be written about it; it's a shame that the page is just an empty shell at the moment.

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@turboman said:

Fallout Character - I can't think of any direct relation to anybody on staff, but 11 characters is a nice thing

Fun fact: "Dan Ryckert" is exactly 11 characters long...

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@crembaw said:

It's two years old.

The Godzilla game is in desperate need of an HD-remake...and that came out last week.

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It's worth a lot more than that.

Also, I would say The Talos Principle is better than the original Portal.

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@noizy said:

on Steam in "Early 2016". For a second there I thought I had read "on Steam in "Early Access". [lowering the big red flag]

I only realised that wasn't the case after reading your comment >_>

Also, this is fine for me, it will give me time to play the older Tomb Raider games.

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Neither. I don't feel any need to have consoles. I have my 3DS for portable gaming and my PC for everything else.

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@yummylee: You don't have to update the OP. Just let people throw out suggestions and other people can look into them, if they want. It's never really worth updating the OP...

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Someone more well versed on fighting games should look through this list and weed out the games that aren't fighting games (brawlers, etc...) It will make it easier to see which games are left for them to play on Ranking of Fighters.