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Sony has to follow suit pretty soon. A gamer with $400 burning a hole in his pocket is going to buy a XBONE and a game rather than a PS4 by itself a majority of the time.

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I stopped playing before WotLK came out, and rejoined before Cata was launched. BC was the high-point for me, really. But, I will be totally honest- I miss raiding Molten Core over two nights. 40-manning an instance, though insane by today's standards, was just way too much fun.

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Upgraded to W8 for $15 since I got a new PC and Microsoft had such a good offer on it. Loving it so far, and having no driver issues, etc.

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To this, I'll refer you to my good friend, W.

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Just wanted to point out that I watched the Congressional hearings involving the RIAA and Napster back in the day. Thing is, when Napster was at its peak, music sales were the highest they'd ever been. I think this further proves the point that the people that will buy a game/music/movie will buy it, and those that won't will not. Companies really aren't losing that money.

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What did it for me is that this game is "inclusive". The dynamic events,WvW, PvP, dungeons, etc all encourage players to group up- even just a mob who happen to be in the same place at the same time. The gathering nodes are shared, so they're not a race to see which character gets to gather first, or who hits a mob first to get credit. Its virtually impossible to grief other players. You couple that with good storytelling, amazing artwork, and those little nuances (like the asura children telling "Your mama" jokes, for example), and you have a winner. Its really going to throw a wrench in the whole tired MMO genre, I think. It has for me, and I've tried them all since EQ.

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I was just complaining about having to salvage to get all of mine. This will help me out a lot. Thanks!

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I suspect they had to take the login server(s) down and fix them since there have been reported issues with the EU, and some of those guys play over here on the NA servers. I don't believe they'll be down all that long. I'm nearly certain its not a server load issue.

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@Degringolade said:

"The greatest Nintendo Power reader letters you will ever see":

I thought this was going to be lame letters, but its actually pretty interesting. Good find.

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Hey, you remember when the MGS games were more gameplay than movies? Good times.