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I like Steam because their customer service is amazing. I cannot say the same for Origin. I have been on CS chat log with some guy named Pooja for 20 minutes now and all I have done is confirm my order number. Seriously, Origin sucks.

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I used to be a chef. I cook pretty much every day, still.

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@Paul_Tillich: I just finished my undergrad in Catholic theology. Write it up!

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I love the people ripping on the team for not fact checking - without even knowing what they are talking about and essentially getting it wrong. PC is digital-control only. Brad wasn't talking about the aiming. The analog swings are more like the Daggerfall combat system. Which is kinda weird considering the weekend live stream show. Actually the Daggerfall system is probably the best way to do that type of control on a mouse+keyboard setup. A little lazy that they didn't get it into Dead Island.

No, I'm pretty sure he said you could neither aim nor use analog combat. I'm not going to say it as definitively as the others did though cause I wasn't paying the closest attention to that QL.

If you're not sure, then you're doing the same thing Brad was allegedly doing.

Also, he didn't say anything about aiming at limbs. He was just referring to the analog versus digital. Go back and watch the QL.

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I'm perhaps not as far in as some of you, but I haven't experienced any of these issues on my PS3 version. This game is awesome.

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This same thing was happening in Madden 11, but they eventually patched it. I'm getting freezes after franchise games, which really sucks.

Yep, exactly what happens to me. It's terrible.

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I've got this iteration of Madden on the PS3 this year, and I am having some terrible lock-up/freezing issues. Is anyone else experiencing this? I have to constantly save because the game will freeze probably once or twice every couple of hours. It's horrible! The disk doesn't appear to be physically scratched, and I can't imagine it's a disk-read issue because my PS3 doesn't do this with any other game.

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@TheLeamenator: Dude I have this exact same problem. I hope someone answers you so I can also figure out how to fix mine.

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Holy shit, I totally remember Candytrain. Great article!

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Awesome story, Patrick. Great write-up.

But, edit for grammar and mechanics next time.