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There are tons of lurkers on any Internet forum. It's not something special to Giant Bomb.
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The landmarks in this case are all on your map, I am almost certain. You need to read the clues in order to decipher which landmark you must visit. Or if you drive around long enough, Cole will just say the answer aloud. Another hint would be to just place a marker on any of the landmarks in your map. Once the correct one is selected and you exit out of the map view, a new objective will be added to your notebook. Thats how you know you've picked the right one.

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Troll 2
On that note, have you heard of "Best Worst Movie"? It's a doc about Troll 2. I remember watching Troll 2 on HBO when I was a kid. It was on Saturday mornings at like 7AM when nobody other than a stupid kid would be up. I can't wait to watch the doc, as I have fond memories of this movie. No more popcorn!
Yeah, it's actually a pretty great documentary. I got it on Netflix a few months back. Focuses a lot on the cult following the movie has cultivated.
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Troll 2

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Really loving the game so far, investigating and interrogations are a ton of fun. My only problem with the game is a small problem since there isn't a whole lot of it and it isn't the focus. The shooting feels really, really poor. I really would have loved it if they put some more animation in the cover transition. The weapons so far(Shotgun and Pistol) really don't feel like they pack any sort of punch. I am not playing the game for the shooting, and yes it doesn't focus on it, but whenever those sections DO come up I really don't enjoy them.
This is a legitimate criticism. I find the shooting completely serviceable, but it is definitely not the focus, as you pointed out. Not broken, but not groundbreaking either. And because the shootouts are sandwiched in between all the other stellar game play mechanics, they stand out even more. And perhaps it suffers for this.

Overall, this game is phenomenal. It would be easy to pass it off as a glorified adventure game, but this is an experience that is far more than the sum of its parts. And I find that there is a high degree of re-playability for cases that you may have not gotten all 5 stars on, so that's a bonus. I see lots of potential for quality DLC.
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I didn't find any of the action sequences particularly challenging anyway...

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I had one freeze up on my PS3 copy, but it was when I attempted to access the PS Store through the game. Been running fine other than that.

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Mine didn't get delayed. It's getting here in about 5 hours!

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I thought of the Red Dead Redemption world map. Probably because I was just playing it yesterday. 

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I wish I could find the bit by Louis CK about the overuse of the word "hilarious". Sadly, I cannot...