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So Scribblenauts Unmasked releases tomorrow and this is the first post? Last Scribblenauts had a quick look and interviews way before release. Is this not an anticipated game?

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* If you want to get to a mission objective fast that is on the other side of a map then call a taxi and once you choose the mission destination there is an option to pay more to instantly warp the taxi there.

* If you find your character in the middle of nowhere then switch players and player them for awhile. When you switch back the other player will be near the city. may take a few minutes but better than you spending the time getting him back while you could be doing something productive with another character.

* Take a drink every time someone in the game cusses. Congratulations on being drunk 1 minute into the game.

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Had one strange experience choosing Trevor and it spawned me to where he was in the middle of the park wearing only underwear screaming at a scared bum that ran off, "I don't care if you did not wash it!!!". That left me with a thousand questions I did not want an answer to. Love some of the dialog and partial conversations you run into.

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I drove the bulldozer (the one with wheels bigger than a truck, not the mini dozer) all the way from the quarry all the way to my purchased garage in hopes of saving it. An hour later I made it just to get in a fender bender. OK I crushed the entire car with 2% of the wheel and a cop saw this. Hoping to lose the cop I climbed a ladder and hid on a roof. That tactic did not work and a few minutes later I had 3 helicopters and police coming down on rope to kill me. I did not give them the pleasure and dove to my death.

PS: The traffic jam I caused driving that thing all the way to the city was awesome.

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I would much rather have an enemy list, but 2000 is not enough.

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So I noticed all games that have "Day One" on the box are listed for release on November 27th while games that do not have this on the title and have a pre-generation release also are listed as the PS3/360 game release date. This would put the release one day before Thanksgiving so people would be bringing their consoles to families to churn the hype. Just wish they would give us the date already.

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If you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Phil got out of the kitchen. Loved Fez but if a developer has such thin skin then I doubt I could invest in their future products if this is a bluff and there are any. It would be like watching half a season of a TV show and loving it just to get in cancelled. I typically pick a game that I feel will do well and see future editions. I was hoping Fez was going to deliver but if I see shaky ground then no thanks.

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My milk is old so I update it with fresh milk. The version number is the expiration date.

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So we all know now the NSA is monitoring for key words on the internet, phone, e-mail,.... Treats and illegal dealings should be investigated and only those people should be monitored. The government though has taken the approach of monitoring everyone guilty or not though. So was thinking that is you put just words comma separated that the NSA would pick up on at the end of every internet communication and this idea went viral then the NSA system would be so bombarded by false positives then they would have to rethink how they just blanket the entire public to scan communication. Now I am too chicken to try it and I am guessing until it reaches thousands of people doing this the first few people may get a knock on the door. So for now putting this out here for discussion but if someone wants to try it out let us know how it goes.

This site is the BOMB!

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What you are saying is 100% of time when another race kills a black man it has to be racists. I do not agree with that. SHIT happens sometimes without needing to read more into it. Could it have been racists, yes. Could it have not been racists, yes. What proof other than it is two different races makes it racists?