RATED: The Essential Sonic Game List

There's just something about Sonic the Hedgehog that has persevered against all odds. Despite the games themselves being in the dumps for the longest time, the franchise has spawned no fewer than four cartoon adaptations ( one of which still airs for an hour every Saturday Morning, despite being in reruns since 2006), two comic book adaptations (with multiple spinoffs), plus numerous other tie-ins, from spaghettios to music CDs. If nothing else, it's evidence that the Sonic franchise has grown to such a point that it can survive even if individual parts of it are failures. Honestly, it can seem a bit difficult to make sense of it all.

Ever wonder what games are worth playing, and which ones should be avoided? Well, you've come to the right list, my friend. If there isn't a game listed on here, chances are I haven't played it and/or it's probably not worth playing.

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Posted by John_Bender

With you on sonic & knuckles, God I love that game, wish it got more respect,

Posted by yoshimitz707

You forgot to mention how amazing the music in Sonic R is!

Posted by Sparklykiss

I actually liked Sonic Shuffle most of the time as a kid. I really liked having a VMU to see my cards privately. I thought that was the bee's knees. 
And I agree with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. I found that to be a great game.

Posted by WatanabeKazuma

Great list, which reminds me that I need to check out Sonic Chronicles at some point, if only to satiate my own morbid curiosity.

@John_Bender said:

With you on sonic & knuckles, God I love that game, wish it got more respect,

Exactly! Listening to the Bombcast down the years has given me the impression that I was living in my own little bubble when I considered S&K (3?) the best in the franchise. I played so much of that as a kid, the day I discovered the Super Emeralds was a revelation!

Posted by Rebel_Scum

Nice write up. Although it would be nice if you added what console. I always preferred the MS2 version of the original Sonic to the Megadrive original, and I feel the MS2 ain't getting much love here...sniff.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles deserves top spot though. That game was truly epic.