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I always wondered how people got them, was it ever revealed?

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@beachthunder: I find that pretty much every time I open a page for a non-game (locaction, object, ect.) the page is pretty much completely empty.

@mento: The company pages are a total mess it seems like. Also yes game show pages are some of the worst for this, but once in a while I come across others like Willow that are also very different but yet share a single page.

@amyggen: Great! Welcome to the world of the Giant Bomb wiki. We can always use more people willing to put some work in.

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@beachthunder: Oops, I guess I should have searched more before making the page, sorry!

Also, that was in a wiki page?

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I think that if the system is going to be getting retail exclusive games it very much should have its own platform page.

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I agree! I was just thinking about it earlier and you have been doing this regularly for a really long time now.

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These days I play most games while listening to podcasts, unless I really want to take in the story. But my go to game (or games?) is pinball. I pretty much go to Pinball Arcade or Pinball FX 2.

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When I got this bundle I ended up downloading Mysterious Cities of Gold and Meltdown. I have only played Mysterious Cities of Gold so far, but I thought Meltdown looked pretty good.

I wasn't sure about Legacy, I thought it looked pretty iffy, but now after reading about it I probably won't bother installing it for a long long time.