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These days I play most games while listening to podcasts, unless I really want to take in the story. But my go to game (or games?) is pinball. I pretty much go to Pinball Arcade or Pinball FX 2.

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When I got this bundle I ended up downloading Mysterious Cities of Gold and Meltdown. I have only played Mysterious Cities of Gold so far, but I thought Meltdown looked pretty good.

I wasn't sure about Legacy, I thought it looked pretty iffy, but now after reading about it I probably won't bother installing it for a long long time.

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I would not want it to go back even a little bit. I played the first two games but got bored a bit into them. I really liked the third one but still did not finish it. However the fourth game I have now fully played through 4 times. I absolutely love the game and the wackiness and crazy stuff is a HUGE part of it. I actually find it hard to play other open world games now as I just want to fly around and play it like that game.

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Boy did I want to play Star Wars 1313.

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Also as a shout out I noticed the great job @fiye has done on the Spitting Image page, which is a game I have never heard of.

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@beachthunder: @mento: I always try and add a deck and a small overview for every game when I see them blank or create them. I don't think I write very good decks, but I figure at least a very short description is better than nothing.

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@josplays: It looks to me like maybe your edits are there now?

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@hailinel: Nice work yet again on a bunch of character pages that are an interesting read thanks to me knowing nothing about them before. I am also annoyed every time I run across pages that try to be humorous, which usually makes the page a joke, which will make people not take this wiki seriously.

I also run into pages every now and then that try to inject something about how bad a game mechanic is or the graphics or even just the overall game.

@beachthunder: What?!? I totally missed that MOBA was added as a genre, that is great news. As for the grammatical errors there are plenty. I am sure I have been guilty of it sometimes, but man some of the pages are pretty bad. The thing with its and it's still baffles me, one is abbreviated for it is and the other is not.

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While working on the page for 180 I noticed it also went by another title, Pub Darts. One of the pages should probably be deleted, 180 is now filled out while Pub Darts has almost no information.

The game also went by the title World Darts so it should also have that as an alias. The in-game title screen also has it spelled out as One Hundred And Eighty so that should also be an alias.

Also, unrelated Echoes of the Past: The Castle of Shadows should have the alias of the German spelling Echoes of the Past: Das Schloss der Schatten.

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I never really played Everquest back in the day (went all in with Ragnarok Online as my first MMO) but I did play the beta of the PS2 version.