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@beachthunder: I also get super bummed out at the small number of people editing. I think we really could be the go-to wiki site if we had the number of people working on it as some others do.

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While waiting would be the logical choice, that XL with the NES controller on it is calling my name.

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I like the idea of this concept, but I am terrible at choosing good concept names.

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@hailinel: I feel like there are a lot of concept pages that need a least a small paragraph on them. There has been a bunch of times where I am trying to decide if a concept fits a page only to go to it and it is completely empty.

@forcen: I noticed that page go up, which is how I even knew that game existed. I actually went and added it to my Steam wishlist so I would remember it.

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@bigjeffrey: I had no idea they made a Duck Dynasty game, but it also does not surprise me.

@mento: Yes, those Tournament Fighter games do differ quite a bit, even if the overall game is still a fighting game. I kind of want to really dig in to company pages and figure those out, but the thought of it always scares me away. There are so many pages that probably need to be merged together/deleted/whatever that it seems like a huge undertaking.

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Also, and this is just an aside, far, far too few users actually make use of the field to describe what edits were made when submitting a change to the wiki. It makes for terrible record keeping.

Yeah, I know, I'm guilty of that :( I've seen your wiki sub list - you do a great job of documenting everything you do :D

I'll try to write stuff more often - it just seems like a hassle more than anything though :|

I am also guilty of this, but I try to fill it in when I remember. Sometimes after a long period of a lot of updates I get on a roll and forget about it.

Also for the Unauthorized Game Assets page I think Limbo of the Lost would fit in perfectly.

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I have never played this game, but I feel like it would have been something I would have sunk MANY houra into.

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I really enjoyed all three of these games. I found the first Bad Company better from a setting and dialogue standpoint, but Bad Company 2 was mechanically better.