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I in fact have been married to someone I met at work for 8 years now, and we both still work together.

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I only drive automatic and have no desire to drive manual. I also think it is silly when someone drives one style and looks down on people who drive the other, who cares?

For me having more control over the car and such does not excite me at all so that is why I do not care, but hey if that is something you enjoy then cool for you.

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I started the game last night and played for probably an hour or so. I am really enjoying it as a pretty relaxing game with an awesome style to it. Also, like @glottery said, I end up sitting at the title screen a lot.

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Pixel Boy needs to be renamed to Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon which is now the title.

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So one thing I got out of this thread is I apparently really enjoy RPGs that others think are terrible or mediocre. I actually loved Blue Dragon and enjoyed my time with Ni No Kuni, Enchanted Arms, and even Two Worlds.

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Got two more to be deleted. There are both the front and back cover pictures for Daedalian Opus that need to be deleted. They both have a watermark and I marked them both with DELETE.


Got another one. There is a really low quality cover that needs to be deleted in the Hammerin' Harry: Ghost Building Company image gallery.

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The Lost Vikings Mega Drive cover needs to be deleted as it has a watermark. I made sure to mark it.

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@hailinel: I have about 8 - 10 games for it, but unfortunately I have no controller. I did boot up all the games though.

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@mento: The TurboGrafx or a PC-Engine system is the next one I am on the hunt for. I have wanted one of those since they were new and only ever had one friend who owned it. But being in the area I am sometimes it is hard to come across stuff like that. Although last year I did score a CD-i at a garage sale for $2 since they thought it was a CD player. I also today picked up an amazing XaviX Port.