Wake me up (from this nightmare) before you O'Ghomoro.

Sometimes you get that feeling that you need to do it. You need to take on that one monster that is in no way nipping at your heels. You can avoid him all you want. Abandon the quest and never look at it again, because it is completely optional.

You tell yourself the first time that you’re doing it for fun, to humour a friend. But then the beast beats you down, over and over again. The morale is down, you have 9 minutes to go, but you still find yourself getting up.

You have to do it, you have to beat it.

Titan is such an insufferable prick.

Out of all the primal fights in FFXIV, I could never enjoy titan. My reflexes aren’t as good as they should be sometimes, which is crucial to the fight. One wrong move and you’re flying over the edge into the lava pit below.

It’s been a hate filled relationship in which each battle I’ve ever had (even when winning) met my end about halfway through. It’s enough to make a person feel useless, though I only play the monk class so I’m sure I’d have been a bigger burden to the team, if I wasn’t there to heal or tank.

Why the hell am I trying to beat Titan extreme?

I ask myself that all the time. It’s two parts, bene jokingly inviting me to do it and there is a quest giver handing me this quest so it’s obvious that I have to. I suppose If I’m also getting an achievement out of it, is another reason to act so begrudgingly.

So we’ve done it two nights in a row with very little (albeit no) success, and it’s grown on me. I’ve developed a need where I have to see it through, because we’ve found inches of success with every attempt made.

I’ve come to understand why people do these kinds of things in MMOs. When you get a good team together that is incredibly well coordinated, then it actually becomes fun. Shouting at Titan, and mocking him as I punch his heart for the 7th time. dodging plumes, landslides and bombs every which way, was more fun that I ever felt willing to admit.

But here we are.

One day Titan, I will have my vengeance.

For the most part, my days have been about nothing but chopping trees and carpentry. Two job classes that happen to compliment each other, so that’s all I happen to be doing with the majority of my time. I suppose it’s good to get gil out of it, but the process takes much longer (especially when it comes to crafting.) as I don’t want to go the quick and easy route of buying stacks from the market place. I would much rather waste a couple of minutes here and there warping to all the places that have the necessary materials and then wasting even more minutes gathering them.

The bulk of my game playing experience revolves around tedium, which is how I enjoy most games anyway. Though I’ve found a good balance of tedium and dungeon runs/raids with friends. So yeah, FFXIV is still pretty alright.

Another thing that I’ve gotten a kick out of, is just being in the environment. They have all these seats and tables around, yet I rarely see people sitting in them and hanging out. Well I guess adventurers have more important things to do, but what about that downtime.

I guess I’m a bit of a dork to think “Let’s hang out at the adventurer’s guild in Ul’dah instead of standing around with hundreds of others. So Bene, Dolphin and I sat around a table and just hung out, toying with the emotes and watching the characters talk as we typed something.

Then a miniature crowd came our way.

We regaled takes of bagged milk from the lands of Canada, and the ridiculous debate of “Peach vs Daisy”. Y’know, the normal stupid shit that people just type into their Free Company chat boxes. There was just something about giving it a physical scene, that was really fun to do.

Maybe deep down I’m a RPer. Given the kind of things I like to write about, I suppose it’s no surprise. (that, and early days of the internet... that's a story for another time) But that whole experience has given me the idea to do something with that amphitheatre in Old Gridania. I just wonder how well a stage-play in a video game is going to fare, yet I feel like the sheer novelty of it is what'll make it exciting.

Here's to more weeks of FFXIV, I ought to play as much of it as I can, until school calls my name and I forced to take up all that free time with learning.


Ganbare Bon: Game related things I've felt like typing about.

Final Freetasy Weekend.

It’s been a while since I set foot into the world of Eorzea. I kept telling myself that I need to go back and do as much as I can, before the school season reels me in. The free weekend seemed like the perfect excuse to do so whenever the TV/PS4/My time would be free. I was actually grateful for it, because there didn’t seem to be a shortage of things to experience.

As it’s single player campaign led me towards dungeons and Primals to fight, Kieriko Gauldev fought on with swift fists. Punching at kicking my way to item level 80, no matter how tacky the drops make me look. (At least I can cast glamour.)

It always gets to a certain point in MMOs where I start losing interest. When there’s nothing left to do but raids and daily dungeons for drops, I get bored. Then I soon find myself only logging in to hang out, and never doing anything productive or worth-while in the game.

Yet, it’s nice that it feels like they’re always rolling out never content for the game at a steady pace. rediculous sidequests and harder versions of dungeons are surprisingly interesting, and I like coming back it it. But I suppose it’s even better that I’m doing it with friends.

Marning Dartar.

I swear, it has nothing to do with THE INTERNATIONAL. Ossi and I (+Tiwi on occasion) have been humouring ourselves with one match of Dota 2 in the morning. Personally, why I’m even playing in the first place is because I’ve wanted to play League of Legends recently, but it hasn’t worked properly on my computer. Looking for something else to scratch that itch, I went to Dota.

I don’t like it. Well.. I’ve never liked LoL either, but it’s something to do. With the matches I’ve played, I have a better understanding of the game (even though I still lose). Regardless of my opinion of it, I enjoy it for what it is, and I seem to have success in some of the characters.

Nyx has probably been my favourite pick, but for the most part I favour the agility class overall. You can tell, because my other favourite picks have been Phantom Assassin and Vengeful Spirit.

Though it still feels like I’m making due with what I have, because I know deep in my heart I’m waiting for Dota to make a Wukong Equivalent. The one character that keep calling out to me, and I should probably go back to LoL and have a better experience. ( Sure, there's a certain amount of affinity for one or the other with people. But from my experience, League of Legends is actually easier to play. Having played a fair amount of both, I've come to appreciate LoL after various matches of Dota 2.)

Game Club

So a recent project of sorts that has been fun to at least think about. Amongst the group of people that I hang out with, we have that tendency to talk about the classics. So for my idealoclast blog, I had the idea to do a weekly game club.

It’s a short podcast (around 30 minutes or so) where we just talk about things in the game. What we like or dislike, and memorable things to note about the game. It started with Soul Blazer, because I felt like it was one of those classic SNES games that may be very underrated. I gave myself and a guest time to play (just a week) and then regardless of how far we are into the game we just chat.

I do miss the days of the TL;DL podcast, and enjoy the video game chatter with all the people involved. Yet I needed to have something that requires very little effort to manage, so this little project is a nice fun start.

Next episode we’ll be talking about the original Mega Man, and I definitely look forward to talking about it.

What else.

Aside from video games, I’ve been taking the time to write a book this summer. It started as a means to take a break from the Panel Show that I’ve been working on. Daniel Wyke is the story of a guy that inherited his dead uncle’s estate and the entire thing pretty much spirals from there as he unlocks the mystery surrounding it.

I’ve been writing the entire first draft online, so you could read every part of it should you desire. If you do I welcome any criticism about it, though I guarantee it’ll all be grammatical errors. (Try as I might, it’s my kryptonite apparently.) It was fun, because I’ve always wanted to write a book but never had the motivation to complete one (I’ve tried at least 3 other times.) And the world it inhabits is really interesting and I found myself excited to think of other ways to visit it. comics, music, film. All of it.

Come to think of it, out of curiosity, how many of you other creative types are out there, and what kind of things have you done (in terms of stories to tell, no matter the medium) Being in a video game community surely there’s been plenty of aspects about it that have inspired you to create something of your own.

Before I forget.

I’ve been forcing myself to play through Fire Emblem: Awakening. I suppose the recent additions to the smash bros. roster has helped to remind me that I own that game and still have yet to finish it. Jumping back in has reminded me why I probably stopped in the first place. That nagging need to level up characters as well as their relationships with others eventually burned me out last time.

This probably has something to do with the amount of characters I have, but I know I’ll never have the patience to level up all of them, let alone use them. From a look at my save file, I've definately been playing favourites.

I do feel like I'm close to the end game, so I really ought to make myself hunker down and finish the thing. It was one of my favourite games to play on my 3DS (far more than most) which I kind of feel is saying a lot considering I've never really enjoyed the series.


You can look at the dogs, but you probably shouldn't play with them.

There’s not a lot on my PS4 plate that gets me too excited about it. Save for the likes of Best Friends 4 and the last good Final Fantasy game (in a long time), I’m still craving that one title that’ll make it all worth it. I figured that’s where Watch_Dogs would come in. I enjoy open world games immensely, AND Having a profound affection for the movie hackers, I liked the idea of what Watch_dogs wanted to accomplish.

It’s a shame that the game ended up so far away from what I had built up in my own imagination.

I found Aisha Tyler

The thing that kind of bothers me, is that Aiden is not really a hacker. Well is he? He’s a fixer right? and what a fixer is… is a hacker that spends more time outside than a typical hacker, who probably just goes to the rainymood website to get their fill of environment. But one day after a tragic accident, he’s started using his fixer powers for good and became the city’s vigilante. ( They call him Fox. And he looks a little bit like Matthew Fox. So good on the fictional people of Chicago for making that connection.)

So here comes the part where I stop believing he is a hacker of any sort. ctOS is a city wide security system for the mystical land of Chicago. It is a singular operating system for EVERYTHING. It’s in your webcams, it’s in the traffic lights… It’s even in your grenades and waterpipes.

It’s “complex system” actually seems overly simplified. And with so much “hackers” in Chicago, I’m more inclined to believe that BLUME (the company behind ctOS) designed it to be open source, and the Apple app store is riddled with hundreds of apps for your phone that let you do anything you want in the city at the click of a button.

Maybe BLUME shouldn’t have attached a NFC to your plumbing.

Man pile.

So Aiden runs around the city staring at nothing but his smartphone to accomplish all of his goals. Hard for cash? There’s 30 people in a 10 foot radius that have all the money that you don’t even need. Push a button. Trying to walk through this door? Ghost Trick your way through security cameras, until you see the box that's locking it. Push a button.

It’s these simple maneuvers that make ctOS incredibly flawed and you really start to wonder why Chicago would even agree to have it run the entire city.

Especially the amount of people that just sit at home and masturbate all day, and frequently order hentai. Or how about the family of Cannibals enjoying a nice 100% organic meal in-front of their webcams, or people making Death threats to loved ones as they sleep. This is data that is circulating through ctOS’s security system and the police can’t even do their job.

It’s the worst place to live, and yet still comes out seeming better than Detroit.

Also, Aiden isn’t any better than the world he inhabits. He’s a dick to everybody he works with. Which MIGHT have something to do with the events that took place at the beginning of the game, but there’s not a single amount of compassion in his voice. Aiden is an avid fan of the Chris Nolan Batman films, and nobody has the heart to tell him that it stopped being funny years ago. Or maybe they have but he insists on still doing it, which is probably why he’s so distant and cold to everyone. He doesn’t exactly have the best sense of humour either (The kind of person that goes to a party recalling all those old, dated memes. Thanks a lot electronic Billboards.)

Found Aisha Tyler again

Maybe at some point Ubisoft didn’t really understand what game they wanted to make. It started feeling like that in the first hour and I noticed how a lot of of it's elements felt a little too similar to previous Ubisoft titles. An open world where you're a hacker DOES sound exciting, but there’s a way to implement that stuff without making the city an over-simplified Deus Ex Machina ready to go when you ask it to. It doesn’t need you constantly trying to shoot your way out of an area, or relentless chases disguising themselves as engaging gameplay either.

The game's issues as a whole, are something that @dannyodwyer nails perfectly on a previous episode of The Point.

If you give Aiden strengths, then make them his strengths, don’t give him an app for his phone. I want to do a little more hacking than ‘connect the dots’. Even if it does take place in an open world, there's nothing wrong with concentrating your efforts on gameplay that has nothing to do with it. (L.A. Noire seemed to pull it off just fine.) There's a chance that... if that stuff gets figured out, then maybe you can find a way to use the city in a more significant manner.

Despite my petty grievances, Watch_Dogs is an open world game like every other; It’s got driving and mini-games to play around the city. Sub-missions are plentiful as well, but they all do nothing more than the same thing. So aside from the main campaign there’s really not much else to do.

But I guess, if you want to make excuses, you can always check-in to your favourite locations every hour till you become mayor.

But... Let's be honest here. You should be playing Sleeping Dogs instead.


Uncle Lapti's Top Whatever of 2013

I didn’t really play too many games this year. Sometimes life just really needed to get in the way, and I’ve found myself having to attend to a lot of nonsense that just prevented me from even dedicating an hour of my time to saving a prince--ah… person. So I have compiled a list of the games I’ve played this year. Even though once again, it's kind of small... maybe even smaller than last years?

Turns out, a lot of the games on this list were released closer to the end of the year. Go figure.

Despite what royalty might desperately try to beat into you. Fire Emblem is kind of a bad game. I could never get into it for the longest time, maybe I didn’t have the brain for it? Maybe I’ve spent so much of my life playing Final Fantasy Tactics over and over again, that Fire Emblem’s rock-paper-scissors approach to Strategy was just borderline insulting. Honestly when you get stuck on a 20 grid with hints of 2 to 3 scattered all over the place, how the hell are you supposed to know where anything is.

So I’d play the same puzzle constantly, waiting for the ‘hint’ to give me a sweet spot to work off of.

I don’t really imagine that this game is too different from the rest of the series, so a switch must have flipped in my brain. It’s got enough characters for you to care about. Enough puzzles to keep you busy for a fair amount of time (assuming you don’t get addicted, then it'll be over QUICK.) and I finally feel like I’m good at something that I’m sure everyone else is already better at.

There was a certain point where the fandom just killed this franchise for me. You know how it is, when you really enjoy a game, you subconsciously start paying attention to the community that surrounds it. So you join in on the phpforums, and livejournal posts...

But then people stop talking about how awesome the puzzles are, then suddenly just become rapey over ID:N-46 “French Doll”. It turns me away because I enjoy things at my own pace, and a barrier just turns on when they start talking about what they would do to Pheonix and Miles.

Many years later, I took the plunge with Dual Destinies, and even though I haven’t played anything past the 2nd game, everything is familiar to me. Half of the characters I may not know, but I’ve liked the game enough before, to know that I just get it.

Though it’s endgame suffers from constantly stalling the story by everyone repeating each others dialogue, it’s a welcome edition to the series. I’m very much 'ready and willing’ for more.

I have a history of playing Grand Theft Auto quite casually. Aside from the missions, I tend to spend hours at a time in that sandbox doing absolutely nothing. Turning on the radio, driving around. Sometimes I challenge myself to see how fast I can do a puzzle I’ve already done, soon after I do it. It’s surprising how I never really remember where any of the blocks go.

The history between Trevor and Michael is the drive that kept going for me, and It was the first time I ever became actively interested in doing puzzle after puzzle, just so I can unlock the next painting. Rockstar has really outdone themselves with this one. So now that they’ve practically mastered how to tell a story, I can only hope they get better with gameplay.

I’ve been saying this for years, probably even on the TL;DL podcast. Animal Crossing works better as a portable game. Since it’s set up to play out at 24-hour days, there can never really be that many hours to dedicate yourself to staying home incase something happens. But if you’re out and about, you can pull out the 3DS and knock out a couple of puzzles here and there.

Sheer convenience.

Though your spurts can feel short lived at times, which is the necessary way to play it. If you try to do as much as you can, you quickly become burned out. Or you’ve dried up the well and it feels like there’s nothing left to do except the same things over and over again… and you have to wait for the next instalment. (which I hear is not that far, but I have 4 of these games already if I feel the need to jump around and keep playing. But honestly, I’m always excited for more. I am willing to keep giving jupiter money.)

Oh yeah, and If you ever get the chance to have Wolfgang as a villager, tell him I said hi. We go way back.

I’m firm believer in just choosing one FPS franchise and sticking with it. There’s no point in playing all these different variations of the same thing if you have to keep relearning that feeling over and over again. There’s a couple of free to play browser based games, that when I give them a try, it’s just not the same.

I don’t know why that is, because they’re honestly all the same fucking thing. But Battlefield has kept my attention for so long, that it’s the only one I’ll ever want to play. Even though I’ve indulged in CS:GO a couple times this year, Battlefield is the one game that I keep coming back to, asking for more.

So it’s no surprise that battlefield is the only game I wanted when the PlayStation 4 came out. Though Multiplayer is really lacking with this game at first (and honestly, how can you even do multiplayer with this game.) It’s a welcome edition to the franchise.

This is the best Zelda game I’ve ever played so far. Honestly, the only reason why I’m saying that is because, for years I’ve had this feeling that the game just needed to be changed up for so long. Who would have thought that the change I was looking forward to, was for Nintendo to go Full Nostalgia on your ass. A Direct sequel to the Link to the Past, that fleshes out dat lore a little bit more, is something I’ve never known I needed.

Though it still plays the same that as always has, it manages to change up the gameplay in an exciting way. When it introduced the Mega Puzzles, suddenly solving them became 10 times more ambiguous, and with no fail state I would sit there for 30 minutes to an hour trying to figure it out.

I highly recommend this game to anyone. Love or hate the franchise, there’s something in it for all. Though I must confess that I look even more forward when they cross this game with Dynasty Warriors on the Wii U. That is probably going to be my ultimate guilty pleasure.

Full Disclosure: If you couldn’t follow along it’s because this is last minute and horribly written, but it's also because I’ve been playing waaaaay too much Picross this year. Infact the elaborate ruse was a way of saying that I've been playing Picross the most the year, and Mario's Picross + Picross e1, e2, and e3 are all together my one true game of the year.

what can I say, I REALLY like puzzle games.


TL;DL Podcast 34: Electronic Entertainment Crossing

Hey kids! Us wonderfully video game savvy people at TL;DL, have decided to do a delightful E3 Edition podcast of our own. Here's the kicker though, the audio only version will have to come much later, I have a little under a week to have a show prepared and I can't be caught dead giving myself time to edit a podcast for a couple of hours. Hell I shouldn't even be giving myself time to play Animal Crossing (which is an amazing game by the way.)

So without further ado, I'll just present you all with the archived video from the googles hang, it's a two parter (because at some point we invited @xeiphyer into the mix.

NOTE: Podcast doesn't actually start till 15:15 in the first video.


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TL;DL Podcast 33: The slow and the Serious

I think the title of the episode this week is fitting for a number or reasons. We did the podcast on Saturday, and it's Tuesday. The audio-only version should have been up a little quicker. But as I've said on many occasions I have a show to work on, and it takes up my time and just leaves me tired to do things like edit podcasts.

BUT HEY, here it is juys! and as a special treat @vidiot and @dolphin_butter join the podcast this episode, with the regular regulars @apathylad and @ossi. We talk about the Feminist Frequency Part 2 video that poped up within the week. Well.. I mainly wanted to because I wasn't sure if we talked about it the first time around.

We also talk Armikrog and why it'll be much better off than the Dyack venture, regardless of the person behind it. We talk more Xbox one mess, The Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, and a plethora of other things.

As I've mentioned ( I think) the iTunes feed is back up, but the library is probably still out of whack, to be honest I'm using this new episode to test the feed and see if I can get it back into some kind of order. but regardless, you have that. The straight up download link right here. and for those that like to watch, the archive of the livestream below:

Thanks for listening/watching and tune in for the next week thing, as we'll probably be talking a lot more pre-E3 stuff before the big event.


Professor Lapti.

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TL;DL Podcast 32: XBOX 361

So let me just get this out of the way. Yes, the iTUNES feed is still broken, but to those that use the xml stuff: This should work. So now that's out of the way, we can get down to the brass taxes. We talk Xbox's new console, we discuss what we think the market is for it, what is does that the PS4 doesn't, why we argue a case for the PS4, and also generally be in defence for the presentation last week.

For those looking into hear a serious discussion about it, I highly suggest this weeks episode. *WINK WINK*

Then about Halfway through @apathylad joins in and we talk about Things like Donkey Kong and Vertigo!

To download this weeks episode in audio form: CLICK HERE.

If want to watch the archived google hangout, watch below! (show doesn't really start till around 15:50 )

Thanks for watching/listening!

-Uncle Lapti.


TL;DL Podcast 31: Late to the party

Part of the problem with recording these things on a sunday is that news just passes by as I slowly do the process of Editing (which I half ass from time to time.) How about that one Xbox huh? You won't be hearing about it in THIS episode. For the news that mattered last week though? this is a pretty good show.

As usual, I am your host With @commodoregroovy on Bass, and @ossi on Treble.

Talking poonts:

  • Nintendo and Let's Plays and why Bon doesn't care. We seek to define what a let's play should be about and that the majority out there are absolute shit anyway.
  • The difference between Game Centre CX and “Let's Plays”
  • Bon Finally watches a whole bunch of “Fast and Furious” movies for the first time in his life. Spoilers: Tokyo Drift is pretty good.
  • There was a Counterstrike: GO home and be a family man FREE WEEKEND.
  • Bon is a Mac gamer. #rimshot
  • Software-cast.
  • Ossi chat's up some of The Mighty Quest for Epic loot.
  • Valve Trading cards aren't really all that interesting.
  • We talk about TL;DL's RSS feed woes.
  • Bonbolapti, resident Nintendo Direct/Sonic Apologist.
  • Guns of Icarus online and why everyone should be playing it.
  • Kotaku stuff that everyone has known for years.
  • That there new Guilty Gear game.
  • Harass Bon to live stream 7th guest.

So since the RSS feed is still down because I'm so lazy, you can at least download the podcast manually right here. I'm super sorry that the iTunes feed isn't working :(

Those interested in watching the G+ hang, here you go:

Thanks for watching/Listening.

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TL;DL Podcast 30:th Anniversary Special!

It's not everyday you can say that you hit a milestone. 30 years. 30 years we've been doing this podcast and it's been a long hard road. We've seen games and systems come and go, we latch on to the things we're most fond of. Both good and bad.

@bonbolapti is back from Vegas, with @commodoregroovy, @apathylad and @ossi joining him. Let's not beat around the bush, let's just start the show.

  • BON Talks Vegas, The Pinball Hall of Fame and the difference between an American and Canadian Big-Mac.
  • Ossi gives the personal perspective of the Diablo III auction house kerfuffle.
  • The Neverwinter MMO: Why it's cool in it's goofy little way.
  • Apathylad Showed Dolphin_Butter around little tokyo.
  • Apathy's Tales addiction
  • Injustice talk: Lobo, the iphone thing and Wii U owners complaining about no support for the game, so they don't support it.
  • 3DS games to look forward to.
  • Poketalk
  • Dark Souls and the comparison to Die by the sword.
  • Bene is the source of health issues.

I'm having some problem with the database, So I don't know when I can get it up onto the iTUNES store, but you can download the audio here. For those interested, here's the archive of the live video feed we did for the podcast:

Also, here's the link to the video we mention near the end, THAT EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH!


TL;DL Podcast 29.5: Pre-game

Hey guys, word on the street is that the last episode was downloaded a hell of a lot of times. So things magically stopped getting busy for us, then a bit of the pack got together and talked up a podcast.

exciting? YES.

@dolphin_butter and @ossi Join me as we hit all the right notes and more. Key topics include:

  • Why Nintendo not doing an E3 keynote is far from a big deal.
  • Smash Bros. Tournament style play.
  • The Cancelled Maverick Hunter game.
  • Dragons' Dogma, Nintendo Direct, If you're getting a New console you're only getting one or the other.

As mentioned in the Podcast, Ossi is done with school, and he has a couple of game concepts to prove it: if you go down to Bob's Cave, front and center is Gopher forest and Sheep cave. CHECK EM OUT. We also talked about Dolphin uploading a bunch of fighting game videos to a youtube channel, but I can't find it right now, I'll have to bug him for it and update this.

and although I didn't mention it at all in the podcast, I wanted to mention that I doodle whenever I can over at funkchop.tumblr.com, though it's doodling for the sake of doodling, most of the time the drawrings are video game related stoopid pictures.

Anyway, the PODCAST is available right here, and the iTunes music store as usual.

PLUS, if you're curious we usually end up live streaming the podcasts over on my youtube channel thanks to the power of google plus. You're always welcome to join in as it happens, and I'll usually remember to tweet it whenever we get the goings on.

That's about it for now, enjoy the listen! give us feedback in the comments if you like, or if you have a question or something you'd like answered on the podcast, DM me on twitter or leave a comment down below.

thank you thank you thank you,

Now if you excuse me, Deadly Premonition Director's Cut is calling out to me.

Your Pal,

Uncle Lapti

PS: This is the version of Costa Del Sol that plays at the end of the podcast.