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It increases the speed at which you drink Estus, which, though small an increase it may be, has saved me countless times. Half a second can make all the difference under the right circumstances.

Still, good to know it's not critical. Should make it easier to create a proper mage build.

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@waffles13: Uh they came to that consensus because someone on the wiki said it and most dark souls "lore fans" don't think for themselves. Until a From Software writer outright says "this is not the same place as Lordran" then there is no concrete in game evidence that refutes that. Just bear in mind From contradicts their own lore constantly so they might officially back that theory just because it is popular to begin with. Ornstein in Anor Londo isn't an illusion, you can kill Gwyndolin, Ornstein and Smough are still there. Of course you could always argue that because he is called "old dragon slayer" it isn't Ornstein at all just some guy wearing his armor. That is the whole point of From's method of story telling though, you can't actually prove anything conclusively which allows them to just do whatever they want and let the fans invent their own explanations when the truth is there is no explanation.

Gwynevere also remains if you kill Gwyndolin, so... that's not really indicative of anything. His illusions remain even if he's dead. It only vanishes once the fake Gwynevere is killed.

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I'm a pure melee build (all in on strength and dexterity) and am closing in on the end of the game (just got the King's Seal). Got a good balance going between being well-armored and agile. Got around 50 points of poise and can easily roll out of the way of attacks. It's awesome. Haven't run into any trouble so far, save for the usual stretches of being killed by the same boss over and over for a while. Nothing my build hasn't been able to handle, though.

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Been sticking with the longsword. Did well for me in past Souls games and it's still serving me well now.

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So is there a way to avoid the traps without breaking the chest?

Yeah -- roll out of the way or just run. You can usually do that pretty easily for the gas traps. No idea about the crossbow ones.

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Time has been moving so slow today.

Never before has a day dragged on for so long. It's driving me mad.

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I didn't start really taking note of this until a few years ago, but...

2005: Burnout Revenge

2006: Okami

2007: Super Mario Galaxy

2008: de Blob

2009: Bit.Trip Void

2010: Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

2011: Bastion

2012: Journey

2013: Rayman Legends

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Two-handing your weapon and casting Iron Flesh should do the trick (or put on the Wolf Ring for a boost in poise that should grant a similar effect). Could always equip the Crest Shield to help block the occasional spell they toss at you. That's what I've always done. Hasn't failed me yet.

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Nope. Just fireworks. Sure sounded a lot like gunfire, though.

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