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Was definitely thinking about picking this up while it's on sale this week. I'm usually really slow when it comes to actually playing new fighting games, but maybe having some duders to play against will encourage me a bit. Don't have any experience with anime fighters aside from labbing it up in BB and Xrd, so all these SF comparisons I'm hearing have me pretty interested.

PSN is CallMeTetris, hoping to get a chance to try it out soon.

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Of course I come home and see this immediately after buying an Xbone. Of fucking course.

I'll just have to enjoy KI twice as hard now.

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Daaaaaamn, son. I was gonna wait til MKX dropped to pick up a new console, but I really, really, can't pass up that $350 Sunset Overdrive bundle. I couldn't justify picking up an Xbone just for KI, but this makes that choice a little easier.

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Been going hard on this game over the past few weeks after a looooong period of sporadic activity, was bummed to see the old guild was pretty much dead, then happy to see this one! :D Have a few level 60s, currently maining Tasky, Rocket, Strange, and Ms. M, though only Task is decently geared. Never raided in this or any game, but would love to give it a shot with some decent duders!

In-game and Steam name is CallMeTetris.

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The Hell Descent in Silent Hill: Homecoming. I don't exactly think that game's as bad as people make it out to be, but that portion's gotta be worth at least some recognition from people who disliked it. Come to think of it, I enjoyed Otherworld Alex's House too.

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Jesus, this thread makes me feel inadequate.

Injustice, GTAV, Monaco, Marvel Heroes, Solforge. And that's like twice as many new games as I played last year.

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Great ending. Part of me wishes there would have been just a small surprise/twist, but when it's all so well-done it's hard to complain.

And damn, that scene with Skyler.....might be one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

And on a side note, seeing Marie in white is SO wrong.

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Just picked it up for a buck. Had my eye on Sacred and Risen for a while, so I couldn't really pass it up. Super great deal!