Best of 2010

 So it's the end of the year and it's nigh about time for everyone to hang a billboard on the virtual forum world reading "see my top ten! I might read your top ten! Not likely but you never know!" Actually, this was a pretty crazy year for video games when you think about it. It was a great year to hand in homework assignments late and neglect your friends because Bill Williamson must pay. Honestly, if you got a Best of 2010 list and you want a random stranger to read it, let me know! I am legitimately curious, as I think everyone here will have a different list. 
My plan right now is to transform this Top 10 into an eventual list of EVERY 2010 release I've played. Perhaps it's a bit narcissistic to craft such a list, but fuck it. As of this writing, lack of free time and funds have kept me from playing:  Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, DJ Hero 2, Battlefield Bad Company 2, Goldeneye, Fallout New Vegas (that's gonna be a 2011 project), Darksiders (that's going to be a NEVER project), EA Sports MMA and anything based on a realistic sporting event, including Gran Turismo 5. I sure as hell won't get to all of those games, and I think it's insane that I actually DID play so many games anyways, but I could always modify this list in the new year, right? Anyways, enjoy!

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