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Gut feeling, this is simply a publicity stunt. But maybe it's gonna be this song-and-dance again...

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Upset about this, but totally understandable.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" @choffy21 said:
" (Anime Vice is too much of a mess to really save IMO).. "
That's a weird statement. Not only was the mess made by Whiskey Media itself, but there are rather simple fixes that would help Anime Vice such as, say, hire actual staff that works in the main building. "
You're right, but the fact that it was made the mess it is by Whiskey Media speaks volumes about how I assume they feel about the site (hint: not at all).
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They really need to hire more writers for every site. If you think about it, only five people (consistently) write for Giant Bomb, two for Comic Vine, two for Screened and two for Tested (Anime Vice is too much of a mess to really save IMO). There really aren't too many bugs that I know of, but they cover a wide spectrum of sites with not too many updates. Make all of your sites great places for news, not just features.

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I can't believe this thread has gotten this big. I'm just sayin', it's nearing the views as some stickied threads. 

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@CitizenKane said:
" My jeans, my swag "
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@tunaburn: Yessir. Absolutely love Holmberg's Morning Sickness. After that, things get a little more iffy. I don't like some of the music Larry plays during the afternoon, and Fitz tries a little too hard sometimes, but overall it's a damn good station.
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@Underachiever007 said:
" I have never seen the GB community this united before. "
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