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Why do I even buy Arcade games when they aren't on sale anymore? I mean, I already have all of these...

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@eviltwin14 said:
"However, I don't mind onions in food on several conditions: 1. I can't see them.  2. I can't taste them. and 3. they should not leave the nasty feeling in my mouth  when I eat a hamburger with chopped onions.  "
So... never?
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@Tireyo643 said:
" @choffy21: I remember you now! Yes, yes. Clearly.

Sorry, one of hose moments where I remember something. I don't really do that often.
Huh? Did I do something memorable? I try to avoid doing that.
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@HandsomeDead said:
" @choffy21 said:
" Man, this is kind of a depressing thread. "
This thread is a rainbow compared to the birthday thread. "
I try to forget about that thread. Thanks for reminding me.
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Man, this is kind of a depressing thread.

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Good luck, have Batman.

But really, good luck man. I hope it all works out for you.

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Community college is a good option. I wish I could have done my prereqs at my local community college and saved thousands. That being said, ask UConn if switching your major would help you get in faster. Once they accept you, you can always switch back after your first year. Just sign up for the classes your normally would as if you were a journalist (except the specialty classes of course). That is what my friend did and it worked perfectly for him.

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I knew I'd live to see the end of times. It's a taco whose shell is a giant Nacho Cheese Dorito. Delicious? This guy thinks so:

Apparently they aren't nationally available yet, and only in test markets. Still, I'd love to try one. Your thoughts on it?
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@JJWeatherman said:
" @choffy21 said:

" @JJWeatherman: We still need to play NBA 2K11. I can (and will) destroy you with your precious Trail Blazers if you want. Or, I'll just do it with my beloved Suns. Pick your poison. "

Do you like mirror matches? Because I always use the Blazers.  :)

Never not blazing.  (That wasn't a drug reference)
I like every type of match where I win. But I'll pick the Suns for good measure.
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Yup. I signed up for the site within an hour of it launching, and I should have totally chosen "Ben" as my username. Every once in a while I still consider making a new account with my name being "BenT" or something, but oh well. choffy21 is my Gamertag so it still makes sense.