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The terms tanks, supports and DPS are already used in Mobas. But they're not very useful descriptions since there's so much more to the heroes/champions. Even if you say you're going to play as a tank, what kind of tank? How do you fit in the team? Are you an initiator? Can you solo a lane or take jungle camps effectively?

Also, you shouldn't mix up characters and roles. Most characters can tank, support and do damage. It's all about who can do it the best.

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I like Avishai Cohen and Esbjörn Svensson but I don't know if that's considered too "mainstream"

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Yeah, it is extremely sad news. Can only hope to have a quarter of the life he had.

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I agree to all the above, and will add Farenheit 451 and The Long Ships (which is more of a classic here in Sweden, but still)

Edit: Oh, feelgood stories *Glances at bookcase* Sorry, can't help you.

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I would describe the whole tone of Bastion as melancholic, but there's a lot of fun loving stuff in there too. The game can jump between humor and sadness at any moment.

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Of course there are more obvious personality flaws to hate. But cynicism really gets under my skin mainly because some people mistake it for being wise, smart, a skeptic, or "just telling the truth".

No, you're just a bitter person and you need to learn to take in the good things, even when things seems to be all bad.

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I guess my worst experience with losing saves is The Walking Dead. It was a pretty common bug where every time you started a new episode, it lost all the old data. That means all the choices you made, which is pretty much the whole point of the game. I waited until the whole season was out to play through it, then never touched another Telltale game again (mainly because I heard they went downhill though).

The bad part being me playing episode 1 three times, episode 2 two times etc.

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Think again, I actually like the agent 47. His voice is kind of messed up (because of directions I guess), but he seems different and great.

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Simply put, journalism is about the questions asked. And like philosophy, it's totally subjective as long as you know what you're fucking talking about. It's about showing the world about what is.

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That interogation scene had the production quality of a Mortal Kombat webisode. But then the action actually looked surprisingly expensive. If I crave something loud and dumb some day I might see it.

Man, the concept of Hitman shouldn't be so damn hard to get right, the stuff basically writes itself.