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Over consuming caffeine can really mess with the nervous system.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier


I actually liked the first Captain America more even though the villain was better is this one. It tried to emulate a spy thriller too much, which is kinda silly when the hero needs to put on an america costume and throw super shields in the end. But I'll admit that I don't get most super hero movies.

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Gratulations and good work. This world needs more Caravellas.

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Get more life, life leech, regen, resistances, buffs and debuffs than you think you will ever need. If a small group of normal enemies can take away a visible amount of your life, it's time to upgrade your armor.

That's how I rolled Hardcore in D3 and PoE anyways.

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After forcing myself to watch some stand-up specials, I found Bill Maher to be genuinely funny. Always thought of him as a condescending jerk who people fake laughed to only because they share his opinions.

I still don't get the appeal of Bill Hicks though, he was clever but... eh.

And I still vehemently hate Dennis Miller.

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Just watched the Dota match. I like watching people learn Dota, somehow it makes me reflect on my own game, and it's pretty entertaining too ;)

I don't think you needed to max the aura that early in that game. More mana is always welcomed, but you had 3 rightclickers so I would start with Frostbite or Frost Nova for some brazen lane harassment. Lich, however, is never fun to lane against. Sadly, the opponents snowballed pretty hard after early game and your carries (as mentioned in the video) didn't get enough farm.

But you're doing quite well so far. Keep it up and you're a pro in no time ;)

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Graphics can make a good game great. But I think most people will say that the gameplay is far more important than anything else... until we get great VR and everyone stops caring about gameplay.

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Most recent disappointment, Risk of Rain. I enjoy the visuals, the sounds and the sense of discovery that comes with many of roguelikes. But kiting around groups of bullet spongy enemies grew old really fast. Maybe I'm playing it wrong, but as soon as I hit the harder difficulties, I'm just running forward and shooting backwards. Occationally I use an item or a skill.

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Some would say that being able to hit Quick Load or load Last Checkpoint every time you take some damage is taking the fun out of the game. Staying on your toes all the time and thinking about every decision makes progress much sweeter. And dying is part of the fun. It sucks for a while but you're more often than not happy to start over (if it is a good game, that is).

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I'm playing through it right now for the first time (on PC). I'm about 10 hours in, think I'm near the end. I like the mood and the gameplay a lot, and some of the characters are great. I have had a few problems with the execution of the story though. But nothing that ruins the game.