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Neither of them for nothing. I might have picked up Battlefield 3 on Steam when it dropped to around $20, but apparently EA hates money so I won't be able to.

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As long as they keep making that TV series and do more D&D video podcasts they can do whatever they want in my books. I only ever found the odd PA comic to be funny, and nothing really left me holding my gut begging for the pain to go away kind of funny.

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@Hector: Okie dokie. I will just have to try later I guess.
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I finally remember to log in and play and the server is down. Just my luck. Catching up on the forum since I looked though it sounds like everyone is enjoying it. Should be cool whenever I get to log on.
Just to make sure I'm doing it right:
Name: Giant Bomb

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If you just want old download a SNES emulator and one of those 1-2 GB  torrents of every SNES game ever and just start going down the list alphabetically. I'm sure most of it will be crap, but you will eventually come across some goods one you never heard of. Make it a blog series and post when you find good ones.

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@GreggD said:

I think a better idea is to have Brad play a game and every time he dies or loses in some way, he has to take a shot of alcohol.

Why do you want to kill Brad? He would need a new liver by the end of the first night.
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No thanks. They look console focused anyway, so I doubt their coverage would interest me.

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Not until they get someone new to do the designs. I have found them all pretty bad to date and have no desire to get any of them. I already own all those games so if you pick me just skip.

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How is that a prank?