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When it comes to the quantities you can buy food in, it seems like it's always about making more more more bigger bigger bigger . My question to you is, what are some foods that you want to be sold in smaller quantities There are certain foods that I really enjoy eating from time to time, but I never buy them because half of it always seems to spoil before I can eat it or it requires me to cook so much of it at one meal that I end up throwing most of it out. Off the top of my head, some examples for me would be: 

  • Kraft Dinner- I like to cook a box from time to time, but I hate needing to cook the entire box because I always end up throwing a good chunk of it in the garbage because I just don't want to eat all of it; and reheated KD is pretty gross.
  • Lettuce- I enjoy a nice salad, or salad in wrap, but I can only ever eat one or two a week before I get sick of eating them. So every time I buy a head of lettuce I always end up throwing out half of it, or forcing myself to eat it more regularly than I care to in such a short time that I end up getting sick of them and never buying it for months at a time.
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I think people that complain about snipers should be hunted down, tagged, sterilized, and not allowed to ever play another shooter again in their life.

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I stopped almost completely for a year or so because the people who buy the groceries in the house never bought the stuff. However, the last month or so I have gone on a bender drinking a can or two a day. I got one last can in the fridge, and I think I'm going to take a break shortly after that's gone. After that year or two break every time I got a sip of the stuff it was like liquid sex on my taste buds, but after a few cans it just lost it's appeal.

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Dam it Fun! Get your priorities straight! You can always take those classes next year. We need Minecraft!

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Alpha Flight would kick the avengers asses!

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I do too. I bought several older games that just flat out don't run on modern OS, but there was no warning or anything to let me know before I bought them that I couldn't play them. After the fact I think if I scrolled to the very bottom of the page and read the fine print there might have been something, but something as big as the game just flat out not starting on certain OS should be big bold headline warning at the top of the page. The only thing that kept me from contacting them about it was I bought it during some Steam sale for a few dollars and I didn't want to go through the hassle of contact support and filling out a form.

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Steam is the only place to buy games that have any halfway decent prices. Here amazon blows because it takes weeks to get games delivered, even if you preorder, so there is no point in ever buying new games from them because you will never see them launch day. Outside Steam, if you want a game the day it comes out you will have to go to an actual brick store, preorder them there, and then drive to pick them up yourself when they come out. There is just literally no options available to preorder new release games and actually get them launch day through an online store. As for Amazon, they never have anything but the newest new main stream crap in stock, and even if they do happen to have the game you want in stock they never have good deals to make it worth buying from them. Most of the "instock" items are from people registered as dealers that ask full brand new price for 2-3+ year old games. On top of that it's impossible to sort through actual amazon stock and these idiot dealers. As a result you are constantly getting to checkout only to find half your order isn't covered by the free shipping and you get charged out the ass in shipping fees if you actually want to go through with the order.
You know when your store is complete garbage when it's cheaper/the same price to order from the US amazon even when you add the metric crap ton of border taxes and shipping fees. For example, had an Atlus sale months ago and I picked up Persona 3 FES  and Persona 4 together brand new never opened for around $40-$45 with shipping and taxes. The same games would have cost me anywhere from $60-$80+ if I bought them through any of the online stores in my country.
As for other places, the only ones I know of are big box retailers like Walmart, Futureshop, Best Buy etc, and they are even worse.  Futureshop and Best Buy are the same company so they all overcharge the same way on their online stores, and Walmart is just a terrible place. They don't have an online store, and any time I go to their actual brick stores the video game section is in shambles. The last time I went they had last gen/5+ year old games still sitting on the shelf for full price.
If I wasn't a PC gamer and had to play all my games on consoles EB Games would be my only choice for buying games. As bad as they are, outside of some super rare deals in the other stores, they are the only place that actually lowers the cost of their games as they get older and keeps them at some kind of relatively sane pricing.

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Neither of them for nothing. I might have picked up Battlefield 3 on Steam when it dropped to around $20, but apparently EA hates money so I won't be able to.

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As long as they keep making that TV series and do more D&D video podcasts they can do whatever they want in my books. I only ever found the odd PA comic to be funny, and nothing really left me holding my gut begging for the pain to go away kind of funny.