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Nothing has really caught my eye so far. The only thing I bought was Castle Crashers, a game I probably should have owned a long time ago.

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Normally I don't have a specific preference, but I tend to go more towards blue since it's my favorite color and also because two of my favorite sports teams use blue as their primary color. And of course jeans are blue so naturally... blue.

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Sure he can, but it depends on the medium. Much of the content he does on this site is comedic in nature, but there's obviously more to Jeff than comedy around here.

Jeff would be a pretty good sketch comedian, but I couldn't see Jeff doing something like stand-up which is a different beast.

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@ll_exile_ll said:

It's not that I necessarily think Brad is a better host than Jeff (for the record he has been great though), but rather that Jeff is much better in his current role and Brad is a better host than he was a member of the group.

I agree with this 100%. Jeff is better in the "color commentary" role than the host role and Brad is better in the host role than the color role. The current setup just plays to each person's strengths.

Pretty much my thoughts here. Even when Jeff was hosting often Brad would throw out some questions like a host would do so it kind of fits pretty well. Jeff was alright filling in as host under unique circumstances, but the production quality was too raw for my liking compared to the way Brad cuts the podcast. Bradcasts sound more professional and closer to the Ryan Davis style in terms of music and quality.

They're no Vinncasts, but those were rare and while they're always fantastic, the overproduction of the Vinncasts would be too much for me to handle on a weekly basis. Bradcasts are perfectly balanced.

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Mario Party 10 will introduce us to Wapeach and Watoad.

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About damn time somebody mentioned the hats. A glimmer of faith in this community is restored.

Also nobody tell @mattyftm about this.

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@jakob187: I've been pretty quiet around here for a while now, but I still manage to find time to at least see what's going on, even if we old-timers are a dying breed. Now if only we can find @claude so I can rest easy at night. I gotta feeling he's still lurking in the shadows.

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Fuck, this makes me feel "internet old." I kind of miss the Wild West days of Giant Bomb.

Oh man, I miss those days. All that naked cartoon pussy, the photoshopping skills of numerous duders, the greatest dumb topics we can come up with about hamburgers. Giant Bomb used to be the #1 site for such antics, but if there's no Zodiac MF list, it's over. Burn it to the ground and start over.

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The only benefit I'm getting out of this auction is a clean inventory. I'm not taking any part in this game.

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Why aren't any of those games in the top 25 called Jazzpunk?