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@dalai: @vibratingdonkey: What about Sims 4 makes it potentially atrocious?

It would be the premium membership which is just another way to extract money out of people. I really hope this isn't some kind of MMO-style subscription model, but I haven't read into it enough to know if that's the case. The game could end up being great, but the investment is pricey already. Adding another layer is overkill. Hopefully a premium membership is as easy as just buying the premium edition and nothing else.

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I skipped The Sims 2 even though I loved the original because of the insane amount of money I needed to put down to get the full experience. I've been waiting patiently for an ultimate collection and now it's free!

This almost makes up for the atrocity that was SimCity and the potential atrocity that could be The Sims 4. EA did good this time, though. Awesome job!

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I guess venison might be the closest thing to a weird food the majority of people don't normally eat, particularly deer. Even deer heart is pretty good if cooked properly.

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I want to play as the King of Red Lions.

And yes, in his boat form.

Fuck that! I wanna play as The Moon. In moon form.

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I'd probably do better than 101 if my eyes didn't start bleeding halfway through the test.

I do know I am color-blind, but it doesn't affect me all that much.

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Usually by adding more games to it.

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If given the option and the gender is merely cosmetic, I always go with the default option which is almost always male. I'm a guy, I identify with guys, I'm going to play as a guy. Only if it affects the game will I sometimes choose the female character over the male counterpart. Also my choices have nothing to do with sexuality or appearance since I try not to look at my characters in a sexual nature.

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One of the best hidden games I can remember buying on Steam was Altitude. I seriously doubt anybody is playing it now, but maybe there's a small, dedicated group of players out there I don't know about. It's one of the few Steam games I had S-ranked.

Other than that... I hear Dota 2 is a game.

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What this site needs more of is beefs. An old-fashioned East/West coast beef show sounds intriguing. Patrick would likely represent the East since Chicago is closer to NY than SF geographically.

Make this happen.

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Not sure. Is there a "What member of the Giant Bomb staff are you?" quiz I can take?