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Uh, quick question for everyone here. Did anybody expect the Yankees, Twins, or Astros to be in first place at any time during the season? Because I sure as hell didn't.

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Now I can buy all those blogs I wrote years ago and read them on a Kindle that I don't own.

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Haven't played Life is Strange and it's probably not a game I'd get into, but you just had to mention Kentucky Route Zero and they better hurry up with the next chapter already!

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I haven't followed up much on the Waco incident, but it sounds like another case of the media cherry-picking parts of the story to create a narrative which skews the story one way or another to advance an agenda. And all social media does is amplify the two extremes until we're all fighting with each other over the internet. It's nothing new and has been going on since media was invented, but lately the police have been in the forefront with the conflicts in Baltimore, Ferguson, etc. I suspect there's some middle ground between the "fuck the police" narrative and the "fuck the protestors/rioters" narrative where the truth actually lies. And then you add the race card to that and this whole country turns into a confused mess.

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Any domain site that would allow me to create thug.life, which is unfortunately not a website yet.

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Of the games in the Metroid/Castlevania franchise, Super Metroid by far. My favorite Metroidvania game that is not a Metroid or Castlevania game would probably be Cave Story, but give me a week or so and I may easily say Axiom Verge is my favorite.

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The Swapper truly is a game worth playing rather than reading about. It just does a great job in nearly every way and trying to spoil any part of it would be a crime.

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Only 2 predictions for me.

  • An earthquake hits LA swallowing up the convention center killing thousands.
  • The Last Guardian and Half-Life 3 trailers are shown and are coming out this holiday season.

Oh, and maybe a bunch of remakes and amiibo crap.

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@shagge said:

It's EarthBound... but sexier. *breathes heavily*

Or just a rom hack that adds the cut content from the Japanese version. Probably sexier as well, though.

What's sexy? Ness is sexy.

Actually that's getting into piracy territory so I'd avoid those. If you have a Wii U, just buy it there. Otherwise, be prepared to pay a lot.

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@patoday: @shinboy630: @natetodamax: Until he can prove otherwise, I still think Bryce Harper is the most overrated player in baseball. This year might be his breakout year if he stays healthy, but the media has made him out to be this superstar in the making and I haven't seen it yet. He does have the advantage of youth on his side so he's still got a few years until his full potential is reached.

My other problem with Harper is that he seems like kind of a douche in the way he carries himself. Just everything about him seems unlikable. Unfortunately for Harper, he's always going to be compared to Mike Trout, a squeaky-clean player with MVP numbers and side-by-side, most people would take Trout over Harper.