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Not enough 3D platformers, too many 2D platformers. And that's coming from someone that loves 2D platformers.

I'd love to see over-the-top arcade sports games make another comeback like NBA Jam and NFL Blitz.

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That Guns n' Roses II video! Amazing stuff, that is!

Also I can't help but notice your most commented blog is still the one where you ate an entire large pizza. That one can never be topped.

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Seems like as good a place as any to advertise.

Hi, Dalai here. I created this topic and I have a special announcement for those who will be attending PAX East and for some reason still need accommodations. I have an opening available in the prime real estate known as the Westin Waterfront which is connected to the convention center. If you still need a place to sleep or you have a room outside of the city you can cancel, contact me via Twitter or PM me. I have the room from Wednesday to Sunday and you'll be with myself, @aurahack (the duder with the Puyo Puyo trading cards) and @smashecontrollers. And judging by the harsh winter Boston is having, this is the best chance for those who want to stay indoors.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled roll call.

Edit: Found a suitable axe murderer to stay with us. Disregard the above post.

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At this point, I don't really care. I just hope it's released early enough so when I'm ready to play it the game will be on sale.

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I would suggest getting the PAX East Guidebook app and browse the list of developers and publishers to get an idea what will be there. The bigger publishers like Nintendo and Square Enix will have a wide variety of games to choose from. Definitely hit the Indie Megabooth since that's often where the coolest stuff is. And honestly, unless you're only going to be at PAX for a day, you'll be able to walk around and see just about everything. I tend to have a small checklist of booths I need to see, but mostly I go in blind.

Oh and Iron Galaxy will probably have some new version of Divekick.

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To be honest, at some point you will forget you have games and StreetPass the whole time. It's a drug that only comes around once or twice a year.

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Nintendo is basically the anti-Steam. They don't believe in sales, but every once in a while they slap a Player's Choice or Nintendo Selects sticker on it and it's instantly $20... 5 years later.

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I've always liked Majora's Mask but now I have a greater appreciation for the game now because of its weirdness. I should play through it again.

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Never actually noticed that.

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Nintendo rarely makes any changes to its home systems regardless of sales. The Wii sold like crazy and only had one SKU until the Wii Mini several years after launch, which was a downgrade in terms of features. So if you're in a market for a Wii U, buy now and get an external drive for storing games.