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I started following them around 2006 during their Gamespot days, mostly for the Hotspot. Came here at the website launch, listened to many a Bombcasts, still do. And now I feel old.

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Depends on the criticism, but I never let something that trivial bother me. The most I'll ever do is post a rebuttal and move on with more pressing matters.

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I just want the Yankees to win the World Series this year even if nobody has any confidence in them (including myself.) They just need to stay healthy and A-Rod just needs to play his role and stay out of trouble in order to have a chance.

Overall this year is going to be a weird one. Everybody is picking the Nats to win it all, but I have my doubts. Everybody is hoping for that magical breakout season Bryce Harper hasn't had yet and yeah the pitching is crazy good, but can they stay healthy? The Cubs and Astros have little chance of making the playoffs, but they'll be fun to watch. I think the AL East is anybody's game (except maybe Tampa Bay.) Toronto is a hot pick now, but their previous overhaul when they took half of the Marlins went poorly. The only AL East team who made any significant moves is the Red Sox and they can't be any worse than last year. I also see a scenario where every California team makes the playoffs now that the Padres have actual talent. Even a Mariners/Pirates World Series sounds surprisingly plausible. And somehow nobody has the Royals going anywhere this year, and yet they could surprise us again.

It's going to an interesting year unless you're a Phillies or Rockies fan.

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I wasted my vote on Mike Jones from Startropics. Still a more worthy pick than Waluigi.

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I made it onto one TNT. The game was Team Fortress 2. I killed Dave twice. I was a decent sniper back then.

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It's Cities: Skylines by default since it's the only 2015 I've played so far, but there are at least 5 games on that list I want to play eventually.

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You're big time now, @zombiepie! Bask in the glory!

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Honestly I don't really care anymore. You guys attack each other all you want. I'll be doing my best to support whoever they hire regardless of race, gender, etc.

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I have two cities currently going. One is a non-modded city of about 90,000 that is cranking out cash and has relatively few issues at the moment. It was the first city I worked on just to see how everything works.

This is my second city with the 25-tile and building unlock mods. The population is only at 25,000 since I'm sticking with mostly low density buildings, but there's plenty of room to grow if I feel like continuing. I also chose a relatively flat map to work with which is great for building, but maybe not as pleasing aesthetically.

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So who would like to be the guinea pig for this culinary disaster?