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That Tigers pitching lineup is looking similar to the 90's Braves and like the Braves, they can't seem to win in the postseason. Still, it's looking like a Tigers/A's ALCS.

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I'm a Yankee fan and I was pretty happy with how they made out yesterday. They weren't really in the position to make any big moves but Cashman definitely did all that he could.

I found the Red Sox's moves to be pretty strange. They don't seem willing to enter a full rebuilding mode, trading for guys like Cespedes and Craig instead of big prospects who they'll have control of for a long time. Maybe they're banking on Lester signing back. And I actually like the Price trade for Tampa Bay. They're not completely giving up on the season but at the same time, getting a return for someone who clearly did not want to be there anymore.

Putting all this aside, there's a pretty clear big two in the American League right now and it's Oakland and Detroit. It's hard to really see anyone beating those two teams.

Pretty much agree. The Yankees didn't make any blockbuster trades, but they did address their infield issues with Headley, Prado and Drew. Pitching is still an issue, but it's more of a health issue than talent. That pitching staff, when healthy, is one of the better rotations in the league. Boston... they got rid of some dead weight like Peavy, but unless the Red Sox have some great pitching prospects coming up through the system, I don't see how they can improve. Then again, the Red Sox have had a strange few years going from shit to champs to shit this year.

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And we're about 10 months away from the Microsoft E3 Bingo DLC, I assume.

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I was kind of hoping Danny O'Dwyer would get the job, but I guess the people that did get it makes sense.

I was pulling for Jeff Green myself.

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If Dan wishes to acknowledge the existence of Donkey Kong Country and its spinoffs, I'm all for it because nobody else seems to give a shit about good games.

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Crystalis had a pretty awesome soundtrack

Yes, yes it did. Crystalis deserves more love.

However, Wood Man's stage in Mega Man 2 is the best piece of work on the best video game soundtrack ever.

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Not really into ICP or the "family."

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This will be my first time doing this. Be gentle.

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Any news on the possible GB East meetup? If nobody has picked a date, I vote August 12th. Let's make this happen.

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@dalai: @vibratingdonkey: What about Sims 4 makes it potentially atrocious?

It would be the premium membership which is just another way to extract money out of people. I really hope this isn't some kind of MMO-style subscription model, but I haven't read into it enough to know if that's the case. The game could end up being great, but the investment is pricey already. Adding another layer is overkill. Hopefully a premium membership is as easy as just buying the premium edition and nothing else.

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I skipped The Sims 2 even though I loved the original because of the insane amount of money I needed to put down to get the full experience. I've been waiting patiently for an ultimate collection and now it's free!

This almost makes up for the atrocity that was SimCity and the potential atrocity that could be The Sims 4. EA did good this time, though. Awesome job!