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You can't fix, what isn't broken. 

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Oh you guys....  If you talk to that thing, lurking in the dark.  Don't be surprised when it bears teeth. 
The ide, that we the interwebs, as one.  Can evolve from timid tween minded fools to curious delinquents. Roaming the streets to satisfy our techno desires.  Is so overwhelming, and tingly.  I can barley sit still.
If places like /b/ and OT are generalized as one, than we all are just young developing serial killers.  Dancing around the tubes, underneath the dim aura of the Macdonald triad.  Waiting to graduate and take shock videos to the next level.
Flaying cats online is just the mini boss, in our little decrepit manajatwa of mental jacking off.  You nah sayers, who take this thing to heart will be the Christians to the lions.  You have to take it as it is, or you'll get lost inside the rapids.
One thing is for certain.  Publicity is great for profit.  ; )
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Why do i have a homepage? 

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What ever you think is cool and makes my words in your head.  Heated and long winded.  Loud.

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@ch13696 said:
" Wow, you literally had me there. I was really ready to stop in the middle and just tell you to talk to Dr. Phil or something. But, damn. If I did that, I would've looked like a dumb ass, wouldn't I? "
Either way.
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That's cute, if your 12.  Any older than 18 and you need to grow up.

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@Sweep:  That a bad thing?
Up front, that word can be ugly.  But the casual use of it online, tends to twist the definition and motivations for its use.  Giving it less power?   
Fag certainly doesn't mean what it used too.
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How are you using the word, "Racist"?  As in, hatred for a group of people, defined by skin color or heritage, creed or party?  Or do you mean, the using of racism?  Different forms of racism in particular environments or under certain circumstances.  "Racist,"  has a long definition and when i see it in and using by film.  It's used with point, by hate, and other ways to convey a point or draw an issue.
Some examples:
The biopic of Malcolm X by Spike lee.  Is racist and motivated by hate. Because the racist teachings of Islam are glorified by Spike lee in order to give a point.
Second, Munich.  Directed by Steven Spielberg. Is on the effects of racism against creed.  It touches on the hatred between Judaism and Muslim. Spielberg employs these views to show the reality of hate. The beauty and the death.  
While Spike Lee's "Tribute" is motivated by a blind hatred, in order to cause more hatred.  Spielberg lays his cards on the table, showing all sides as accurately as possible.  Leaving the rights and wrongs, by definition, ambiguous.  So you decide.  He gave the reality, in hopes of creating beauty and peace.
Are you writing a paper or something, op? 

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Dragontesticles aren't  Anime guy.  They are cartoons made to sell lead filled toys, in order to render the American public impudent and ready for invasion.  
Its a conspiracy.  The cartoons encourage autistic mannerisms and learning disabilities through over stimulation. (hence the seizure warnings) They also make you addicted to buying toys made in China.  Laced with lead.  Lead is toxic and coming in contact with small amounts, over long periods of time.  Causes real autism.  Brain damage that is passed on through genetics.  
 Plus the also further hinder many rights of passage for young men.  Keeping them in a child like state.  Weak and insecure.    This is also why many/most Asian games have child like protagonists.  Why is Mario so simple?
Only you have the power to say NO to communist influence!

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You shouldn't have any trouble getting a MP game.  At least not because people aren't there.  All popular FPSers have a devoted group of shut in's.   From counter strike to CoD4.  No worries.
Those listed games don't really have much in common.   But I say get BF, every Far cry game is trash.  Then order a used Deadly P. from amazon.  For dirt cheap.