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Head to head seasons are just a way of trying to keep people playing against people at the same skill level, where the previous xp system made bad people who always loose progress just as good people who don't

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Humans who settled and created countries were the ones who progressed, the stability of non-nomadic life allowed for the invention of society as we know it today (society having evolved over thousands of years).

Look at the nomadic tribes of the Amazon and the natives of Australia and New Zealand, they did not progress as settled tribes did. Geography dictates where people can live, and squabbles between people define whether they live together or not. These disagreements led to nations, nations manifest themselves today as countries for the most part. Where would anyone be without countries?

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I think Ryan's affinity for Portal 2 will swing some votes (though his final decision will probably be the clincher for whatever he chooses), Skyrim should win it.

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If I were a betting man and there were a place to bet on these things I would put a sneaky wager on Portal 2 winning Giant Bomb's. I think one thing in Batman's favour is that Jeff may feel it is owed something not only because of how good it is but also because of how narrowly it lost out to Uncharted 2 in 2009.

...or everyone will just pick Skyrim (while Vinny will take on Jeff's wrath by suggesting Dark Souls)

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Great insight, I love that Whiskey Employees are such nice people willing to have conversations with users like this.

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I couldn't do most of the bits I wanted to stealth through stealth, It says something that despite this I still enjoyed the game beyond most things I've played since UC2.

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To me the green looks like the green of the Grove Street families from San Andreas. I would prefer to see Washington but feel that LA seems more likely -- so long as they give us something new akin to how Liberty City changed I'm sure it will be great either way

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aheeba woooozarino -- I think I need to compose myself

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OK, thanks I guess, the world is truly grateful to the experts at -- and indeed the people at N4G for linking so many people to such an newsworthy article

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One sentence is not enough.

Or... A group of funny sites about movies, tech and games (I dont use CV or AV so I don't include them)