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@Barrabas: It's the playlist, not the map. If it was the map that would be quite ludicrous. It's just in custom games now, which renders it completely useless. They say it'll be back for future double XP weekends, but that's no good.

Who knows how often they will be, and Nuketown is so boosty to begin with, double XP just makes me feel like I'm cheating myself. I'm already halfway through prestige 1 (which is nothing anyway) but I've never gotten that far in any CoD, ever.

Edit: sorry, it's already been said whilst writing this.

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@HoboZero: Yes! that's what I said, 6 days! Not even 7. So silly.

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Holy fuck! I am completely disgusted by this. I mean for one it was available before the double XP weekend...technically only 6 days, not even 7.

@rebgav said:

Maybe they'll give the Nuketown 2025 map away at some point so that everyone does have it and then they can slip the map into the rotation proper. Either that, or give it away with the first map pack and include it in the playlist for that.

That is the ONLY acceptable thing to do, everyone should have it already anyway, otherwise I fully endorse giving Treyarch shit about it.

Just this, nothing but this.

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@Drebin_893 said:

I just want to point out that throughout this whole thread, the people that have expressed a disappointment in recent content (or Patrick, or any member of staff) have explained their arguments articulately and reasonably, while the numerous users who have defended everything blindly using personal insults and by being completely dismissive have made themselves look desperately, desperately pathetic.

Yes. It's been almost heart warming to see so many constructive responses on a usually inflammatory topic. It's a shame that the same repeat offenders of making time here difficult have been in full force.

Everything that I could say about any disappointment has been said already, but I will add that I honestly feel all it takes is a few small changes here and a little reshuffling there, to make everything awesome again. Which is why it is frustrating at times.

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I have a good connection and I'm having pretty consistent problems here too, seeing a ton of host migration...P2P is really bad. Still.

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Well that's disgusting, looking at all these changes pretty much confirms me not paying them a for a sub again. Looks like that worked didn't it?

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Not thrilled about that, It could potentially limit or narrow the openness of it.

Unless it actually is CJ, Claude and Tommy, cause then I'm totally down with that. That would be too cool. Highly doubt it obviously. Sure it will be a good story anyway.

Forget I said that, sounds like it will be very awesome

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@FreakAche said:

@Irvandus said:

Not snow. I'm snowed out. I'm so snowed I can't snow without snowing on snow. Elder Scrolls: Skryim: Snowrim.

I'd like the setting to not be in Skyrim so we can get away from the snow motif.

If those leaks from before are to be believed, you might be somewhat disappointed. It's apparently going to be in Solstheim, which is outside of Skyrim, but has a very similar climate.

Thing is though, It's hardly all snow to begin with. They did a wonderful job with that.

That said, I don't know if I can get behind Solstheim again. On one hand I'd like to see it re-imagined, on the other...I don't want more snow! arrrrgh now you got me doing it. I guess it's too easy for them to not have to make a bunch of new art assets...

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@NegativeCero said:

Good to see he's got some work now.

Also, am I wrong or was the "Boss of Bosses" thing only one video on Gamespot that somehow stuck?

Yup, it's been an in-joke ever since.

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I'm about to punch all of y'all...TDU2's driving was great, it was TDU that felt awful.