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A photo of a booth with the Persona 5 logo was posted by Shane Bettenhausen, who works for Sony. This probably means that it will be shown at the PlayStation Experience. My body is ready, and I am slave.

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Man, those shaking 5s get me excited but it could easily be a really minor announcement, or Atlus trolling us.

That said, it is in February. They could start really showing the game off around then.

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They've made some mistakes recently, but Broken Age Act 1 was REALLY polished for a Kickstarter title, it seems like the extra time has resulted in a big increase in quality. Broken Age is the best thing DF's made since Psychonauts.

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Not unless it makes a huge U-Turn.

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Yeah, I often watch GB content on YouTube because of this.

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Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, and I while it hasn't been ignored to the same degree I feel like Alien: Isolation is underrated.

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I hate that they have to make sequels bi-annually or whatever it is, and I felt like Toy Story 3 was a great place to end it. However, I hadn't seen that quote before, and it actually gave me some hope, as those guys are some of the best minds at Pixar.

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Sad, but that channel began to wind down once Max left.

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User for 4 1/2, reader for just over 5.

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Shadow of Mordor, Alien: Isolation, and the first Dead Space.