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Who's your friend that loves to play?

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It's not super scary, the combat has highs and lows depending what point you're at in the game, but it's got a certain charm to it.

If you liked Resident Evil 4 you should check it out, it's like a spiritual successor that experiments with a bunch of new mechanics, some of which are hits and some of which are misses.

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More gameplay than Hamnesia, less than Amnesia. It's not a "walking simulator."

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@adequatelyprepared: I just got past the comms centre, what happens if you call the other places?

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I remember hearing about it being announced a couple months back. SUPER weird.

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I played the first 10 minutes or so of SOMA (I had to go after I woke up in the chair in PATHOS-2 and turned on the lights, if there are any other surprises in the intro I don't know about them), and it was the first game I've played in a while where it starts in a setting way different than the marketing showed. It's a really fun feeling, because the whole time you're wondering how this all connects to the game you were shown in trailers, how the character gets from A to B.

The best example I can think of for this was the first Assassin's Creed. I'm not sure if they had announced the Animus stuff, but I had seen multiple demos and trailers of it without knowing about it, so waking up in a modern day lab within the first couple minutes was pretty crazy.

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Hide behind the building, use air strikes liberally, fire off the occasional shot to keep them away from Quiet. The missions tough to be sure but it gives you some powerful tools, even if it sorta feels like cheating.

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The most interesting thing to me is that it turns out the dungeons are people's hearts, which you're trying to steal. I had originally thought you were performing more traditional heists on, y'know, actual places. But this seems much more Persona-y.

He also says that the decision to release the game on PS4 changed the scope of the project, as they decided releasing something so early in a console's lifetime (by Atlus' standards) meant that they should push for it to be as complete a package as possible, and claims that the game will have the most content of any game in the series in terms of play time.

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Took a second glance at the trailer. Mini-maps! Perhaps the world will be a little more open this time around?

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Why did you do this to me, Atlus. I figured since you were so insistent that if it was delayed to next year it would be out in like, Februrary.

I don't mind it being out in a dryer time slot, and hey, it coming out in summer means I can play it on break, but fuck. You said it would be out in two-three months, now you're saying it'll be a YEAR.