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*Update* So I had created a ticket a couple of weeks ago about my son breaking my 60 inch TV that I had purchased in June of this year. After the incident, I wrote a letter explaining the situation to the owner of the local business where I purchased the televison. He forwarded that letter to Samsung. *magic pixie dust* Samsung replaced the entire television for free!! I was asked to come pick up the brand new TV ,bring it home, remove it from the box, put the old one in and bring it back to them. Not only that, but he printed out a new receipt for me so that my warrantee restarted with this new TV! Why am I posting about this? First I am happy as can be and it's nice to see something cheerful as a thread instead of the usual bickering. Second, try supporting local businesses instead of big box stores. They usually price match if not beat all their prices. Plus as you can see, the odds are your customer service will be great. And last but not least, I felt I owed Samsung a bit of PR since they replaced my television for free! :)

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@gpbmike Yup, that little bugger is the culprit! @Hizang He tells me frankly that he hit the TV with a toy bat. The bat is padded with foam but I guess if you have a good enough arm you can break and TV with it. @whistlebottom Good idea. I will try there as well.

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I have insurance but their is a 1000 dollar deductible. I paid $1499 for the TV and with the 1000$ deductible plus losing the 3 years of 25% claim free it would end up costing me like 2000ish dollars. Insurance is rarely a solution. More of a oh shit I lost everything in my life they "might" help me out. lol

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All great ideas. So I found out that does ship to Canada. Horray! Now the only thing I wonder is if anyone has tried type of product out yet and if they are satisfied with it?

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FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So anyhow, yeah 3 1/2 year old busted my Plasma TV beyond repair. I am going to get a new one but I obviously don't want this to happen again. When I purchased the TV I got a shelf mount and it was expensive enough.. 500 bucks approx. Now I was thinking the option of wall mounting the television to my wall but that still doesn't prevent a ball or something to make it's way up there or something. I was looking into TV protectors such as those offered from this website but it looks like they do not ship to Canada. Has anyone purchased some sort or protector for their television? If so do you like it? Does it lower the quality of the television viewing? Glare? Also, is there somewhere in Canada that sell this stuff?

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My wife wants to send greeting cards and we have a great family picture except for someone's arm being in the way. I am not good at photoshop but it seems like something simple for someone that is good at photoshop. If you are interested in helping me out let me know and I can email you the picture or something. Thanks

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So ummm, if you still haven't decided.. It's a great game! I just finished it. Got a good 43 hours of gameplay out of it :) But I like to explore.

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@Blubba said:

A good article always starts with a good motherfucker

lol , I read the first line and said to myself 'I'm in!!"

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Maybe this is because I am 32 now but..... Good music in cars. Anything from GTA:SA and GTA Vice City for music. Anything is better than Unknown Myspace band - We play music... sorta

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I would LOVE to see a Rockstar game where they really put effort into making cooperative missions. As I am sure most of you will agree, GTA missions become very repetitive after a while. I was thinking that the addition of a friend helping you on the missions would open up a window for more varied missions. Examples. The mission is to steal something from a building. Only one player is allowed inside and the other has to be the getaway driver. However, have it scripted so that when the player takes the object that needs to be stolen, there are security gates that go down but make it random. Where the person might have to exit from 3 or 4 different building exits depending on which gates close. So the getaway driver has to pick up the guy exiting the building on a whim. Make it even more interesting... during the chase you have one guy steal a train and this person has to time it so that he drives the train accross a railroad crossing letting the getaway car through but smashing into or blocking the cops chasing the car... oh oh .. and then .. you have a 4th coop player that had to steal a boat and he has to pick you up on a beach somewhere and lose the cops that way. *wipes drool off face* So yeah ... I think having your friends play parts in missions would be a great addition to the GTA series.