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The Secret World ran like shit on my pretty decent gaming laptop and SWTOR is probably the worst-optimized MMO out there. Even on the best machines, it can still run like crap.

As for the others, they're all fairly old so you shouldn't have much of a problem running them.

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Oh boy, Huell.. you will be missed.

Never actually lived in California, I've only experienced Huell through YouTube and Dana Gould's spot-on impressions.

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The Darksiders Collection and I might get Endless Space since it's finally on sale.

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Game spy did a review. Half a star and one of the pros is that there is a refund option.

Seems pretty spot on.

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Meh it's just okay, when compared to DayZ.

Why wasn't everyone up in arms about DayZ reusing ARMA assets or being complete ass.

Currently, Day Z is just a free mod for ARMA2.

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There is a live-stream? About...?

Video games!

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Gaming - The Bombcast

Non-gaming - Jordan, Jesse, Go!

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@chose said:

Isn't there any misrepresentation law in America? Because if it does, they should be sued. The way this is being pushed under the rug is disturbing, to say the least. They haven't rape someone, but Steam should learn something from the Catholic church and Penn State scandals.

lolwut? that seems like quite a stretch in logic. mind explaining it a bit more in-depth?

Well they didn't commit genocide, but Steam could learn a thing or two from Adolf Hitler and the Germans during WWII.

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Ya, this is way more than just taking inspiration from. The main reason they pushed WarZ out so early and tried to scum it off as release quality was to beat DayZ's standalone release. Which is funny, because Hall stated he'll slip the the 'before the end of the year' date if needed and "will not compromise the project for the short-term gain of meeting this date."

Really? That may be true, but to me it comes off as 'We are badly in need of revenue to keep working on this game. Lets push out our alpha build, lie about it, and try to sucker as many people as we possibly can.'

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How is the game now compared to the alpha people have been streaming? From what I could tell, not enough zombies, rampant hacking, and everyone is a fucking bandit.

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And at last, our long national nightmare is finally over.