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@Jumbs said:

MRAs will once again come out of the woodwork, claim women receive better treatment than men, and thus the cycle continues.

I wish you could install a privilege filter on here.

I wish you would stop mentioning Men's Rights Activists and "privilege" when you really don't understand either. And NEITHER is really relevant to the conversation.

Just fucking stop. Let's just support these women in the game development industry. After all, this is about them.

No need to be negative, dismissive and insulting.

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I think men understand these problems, but at least for me, all I can say is:

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

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It's clear everyone in these comments has formed an opinion. And an internet argument has NEVER changed anyone's mind.

Just realize, that you might be on the wrong side of this issue... Don't get insulted or take it personally - the greatest people can be wrong sometimes.

Just think it over, and imagine - what if I'm wrong? Why does the other side say what they say? Why would someone else, another rational human being, say and think something completely different.

Only with reflection like that can you arrive at a better informed opinion.

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I'm gonna start my own video game site. With blackjack and hookers.

On the other hand, forget the blackjack.

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@EnduranceFun said:

@CrimsonNoir: Big boy talk now gamers. If you were an adult you'd understand that video games are now actually about checking your cis privilege.

You're so right, non-gender specific friend. Vidja games is all about that non-cis non-heteronormative fun!

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@Chumm: Because a CEO or the fucking PRESIDENT is fucking DAY-TO-DAY. And a kindergarten teacher is somehow RARE. That is some skewed vision.

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@Chumm said:

@EnduranceFun said:

@Kierkegaard said:

No, that would be what you have been saying. This thread is probably half support, a quarter negative, and a quarter irreverent. For a gaming website, that's pretty impressive.

Also, privilege is a real thing. If you want to remain uneducated on these issues, go ahead. Just know that you are uneducated.

I hope you cleaned the excrement off of those 'support numbers' before you presented them to the class. It's amusing that you peddle this privilege nonsense too, the current hip leftist drivel. Giant Bomb is not a website for political discussion and I despise that it has taken over the news article section.

By "current hip leftist" you mean "40 years of social science". Just because it's popular on the internet recently doesn't mean straight white male privilege hasn't been discussed by scholars for decades, roughly since the Civil Rights Act of 1965, in fact. To ignore and deny that intellectual tradition with such vitriol only proves its point: when your privilege is challenged, you feel you must assert its appropriateness lest you appear to have been given something you don't deserve. That attitude allowed slavery to exist in the US long after the rest of the Western world abolished it. Sticking your head in the sand doesn't make the problem go away, so if you're such a self-assured man then man the fuck up and face it, or cower shamefully behind your fallacious shield of false equivalence.

Male "privilege" isn't real. Do you call conscription in the army, not getting your children after a custody battle, higher risk of suicide, shorter life-span, lower health care system spending, discriminatory laws, it being LEGAL to remove a part of your penis after birth, all these things are privileges? Maybe to you.

40 years of "social" "science" gets you very little science, and even less of it socially just. And comparing the situation of women in the western world to SLAVERY is trying a tad too hard, i think.

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@Gordo789: You are free to think so, but you are wrong. Of course, to see how MUCH you're wrong you need to take a step back and think. Tell me when that happens, I'll be there to congratulate you.

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Men face sexism too, but that doesn't mean we should forget about women dealing with sexism.

However, it's pretty much guaranteed that when the topic of women being discriminated is brought up, from every corner spring up guardians and protectors, ready to defend their honor. Men innately care for the well-being of women, which is why hearing about how they have been oppressed and downtrodden is always very strange.

But if someone brings up how men face sexism, they will be dealt differently - laughed at, told to "man up", ridiculed, called a neck beard virgin woman-hater. With the likely approval of most men AND women in earshot. Especially if the abuse is coming from a woman.

Imagine a hypothetical conversation - women discussing loudly at the workplace how ALL MEN are pigs, liars, cheats and not worthy of trust - someone in the vicinity might complain, but certainly nothing would be done about it. If the situation was reversed, and a man said something untoward about women, just think of the furor.

In any case, I accept that these are issues that women face in the video game industry. Sadly, it's part of the nature of this industry, because it's very much dominated by males. This should be corrected, exactly like when men are working as teachers for younger kids, in kindergartens, or as nurses, as babysitters. Men in these fields of work are at best sneered at and at worst abhorred.

The only way for us to overcome this is realizing the limits and scope of gender roles, and when it's appropriate to dismiss them. I'm a Men's Rights supporter, just because I feel that feminism is very much one-sided, and has been exceptionally successful, whereas the rights of men have been, in quite a few was, ignored. The rights of women, at least in the West, are fine.