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I'm living close to a Japanese food store this week, could you give me advice on what good tasting or just interesting crazy stuff to buy there?

I figured the Giant Bomb audience is perfect for this sort of question. Thanks in advance!

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It's not about individual gameplay mechanics or even a collection of mechanics from various games, it's about a direct lift of one entire game.

Maybe you're right to worry, but I doubt someone will be able to copyright "shooting" or "jumping" any time soon.

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2 and The Third are both great games, I can recommend them both.

I haven't played the first one, though.

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@pbhawks45: Haha, sure.

Here's a classic for yah. You wanna hear a joke?

Women's rights.

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@biggiedubs: Your point seems to be that only women are treated badly in our society (I will focus on western society, as that's the one I'm most familiar with), and the only way to improve this situation is by the feminist movement.

It's not true that only women are treated badly, and if they are, it's not every day of their lives. Men can be treated just as badly, and currently most of homeless people are men, men die younger than women and have generally worse health, also they account for more suicides and lethal/non-lethal injuries. And mistreatment of women doesn't only come from men, but also from other women, which is against the idea of patriarchy being a root cause. My point is that it's basically a universal problem, and people have been mistreated for all human history. However, we right now live in the safest and most egalitarian time there has ever been. And we're still continually improving.

Feminism, as it works in practice, doesn't solve problems by equality, rather by improving the situation for women. This works up until the point that women are in a better situation than men. Affirmative action to get more women into higher education was appropriate until more than 50% of college graduates became women, now it's not actually equal to have affirmative action for women. Feminism doesn't talk about it, because it's not beneficial to their viewpoint.

In the end, everyone should be treated equally, and mistreatment should be called out - but not by blaming it on patriarchy, rape culture, and blaming every single man, but by condemning individuals, and finding solutions.

By the way, sorry for mistakes in my English, it's not my first language.

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@Lightningproof: Thanks for at least considering an argument. It's true that I haven't read enough, on both sides of the issue. If I misrepresent the movement, I'm sorry, and I recognize the historical significance, but in my humble opinion it's only historical. And feminism is too malleable a concept, that can be defended in a "no true Scotsman" sort of way.

But if you have any reading suggestions I welcome them. I'll try despite how angry some arguments make me.

And if you disagree with what you find on /r/mensrights, hopefully it's an informed disagreement, not dismissing an opposing opinion out of hand.

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People get mistreated. Anonymity makes that easier, so the internet increases it.

Of course there is a problem about how women are treated on the internet. But feminism is not the answer. Feminism is not for equal rights, it's for the rights of women. Feminism will defend women on the internet, but will not defend how boys are treated in schools, how men are treated if they're around children, how family courts treat dads, how domestic violence effects husbands.

Women's rights are important, but so are Men's rights. Everyone's rights. Egalitarianism.

The internet was male dominated for a very long time, and as a such, it will take a cultural shift, a change of generations for women to become completely integrated into it. Imagine a man going to work in a kindergarten, or chaperoning a sleepover, or even be seen with his daughter in a park. Sometimes people imagine the worst of things.

If someone is an asshole with no reason, call them out. If someone threatens you, shut them down. Everyone deserves respect, but they shouldn't hold is as a given.

However, if you can't take a joke, then deal with it. If you feel like you're being treated unfairly in this society, join the fucking club, cause you're not alone.

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Should have put it out on Steam to begin with, I would be itching to buy it. And the Summer Sale is going on right now.

You made a mistake, Fish.

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I was already eager for the Tomb Raider reboot, and this just adds to my interest.

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58008. Type it into your calculator.