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This is asinine. They're not doing anything unethical here.

If you're too stupid to understand that you're predisposed to addiction (getting addicted to a videogame is fucking pathetic, by the way) then it's nobody's fault but your own if you get hooked and lose money because of it.

Stop blaming others for your own inadequacies or immaturity.

Yep! You know how I've managed to avoid being sucked into the AH?i haven't fucking used it. Shit, I've only looked at it once. It's not hard to avoid it. You just do.

It's true they aren't actively forcing you.

But I feel that gaming doesn't need to become more similar to gambling, with reward loops and sums of money getting involved. Of course gambling is legal in most of the free world, and you can say that no one forces you to do it, but there are people addicted to gambling. And I don't think that's OK.

It's all just a question of ethics to me, and my personal opinion.

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Never mind the online issues... It's a question of ethics and making money on the addictive properties of the game, when REAL money comes into question.

I feel this talk by Jonathan Blow influenced me a damn lot.

I mean to post this here for a while, but don't really have time to right a long argument right now.

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Well, I think going after what the fans want is a much better idea than what Bioware has been attempting recently - that is going after this nebulous wider audience, who mostly don't really care what they want.

Fans are the core. I believe priorities should be in this order (in a perfect world): fans -> critical appraisal -> huge sales. Usually the first two help the third one, but not always.

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I can feel bad for the employes, but not for anyone who made ANY business decision in that company. It seems like incompetence and hubris on a huge scale.

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I hope Rorie wins this. And then gets hired by CBS or something.

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Paul Smith. Will Barnett.

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People working there seem cool, but seriously folks...

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Reckoning has almost nothing to do with any of this. If that game was the second coming of Jesus it wouldn't have saved them from unbridled ambition.

You don't just make MMOs for six years without anything to show for it. Especially as the first game you make... ever.

It's sad but it's also a good lesson.

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Ambition never bodes well.

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@Jeff said:

The video seems to have not gone through the compressor. Not sure what's up with it, I'm sure the guys back at the office will take care of it as soon as they can.

Pretty much what we suspected.