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If companies wanna hire "booth babes" it's their money to lose, and no one should be banning that. You don't have to notice them. And if you're enraged by people who DO interact with them, well that's kinda your problem.

Feminism has outlived the important work the movement did. Now it's become a stagnant beast searching for problems where there are none.

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It's interesting how one can dismiss an argument about equal rights for BOTH sexes by calling the one arguing a fat neckbeard.

But you can't counter an argument for feminism by calling the one arguing a smelly cat lady, because that's not nice.

/kinda trolling, but not really....

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Jesus Christ, there are SO many goddamn idiots. And on the internet, every idiot has an opinion.

Whatever, it's not like an internet argument ever changed anything...

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Shmee to Shmay economies whatever.

Where is Half Life 3?

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I'm with you on a new Vampire: The Masquerade!

I also wish they made another KOTOR game...

It's sad that nothing EVER happened with that franchise after KOTOR II...

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I'm not exactly sure why you would want forums that espouse inequality...

Giant Bomb is egalitarian as FUCK though!

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People who create double threads.

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Aww man Hawkman didn't place?

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The Jonathan Blow parts seem most interesting to me, partly because he appeals to me the most with his ideas about game development.