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Anyone know where I can continue to read Matthew Floratis' content? His Mad Men recaps were superb and I don't think I could do without him for the last season. (Also will Behind the Screened Door still be on itunes?)

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Thanks for sharing!

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Don't do it, as much as you feel like you want to play those games they are not worth putting yourself in the financial shitter. You will also get bored quickly and will have a long wait until new content starts coming out.

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Green screens are pretty unfixable besides sending it out for a repair. You can use myservice.xbox.com to setup a repair, but by the sounds of your post it seems like you have already done this.

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It's not purely based on gamerscore, they have a algorithm that doles it out randomly, this is worldwide thing as well. Haven't received any messages myself though.

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Xbox will have eye tracking for ads and put services like Netflix, Skype, Amazon Instant, etc. behind the xbl paywall.

PS4 has Octodad.

I hope we one day live in a world where I can attempt to play Octodad with a Kinect.

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@abendlaender said:

As always, I think she makes some good points but they are burried in a revel of bad presentation, not-so-good points, and very bar presentation.

It's good that somebody talks about these issues but unfortunately she is not the person that should do it. However, all the actual hate directed towards her just shows how bad things really are.

It shows how bad the gaming community (at large) and the internet is. All these people are simply saying sexist remarks to get a reaction from her, not because they believe those actual points.

There are many reasons for this, the vast majority of gamers are younger and have not matured to an age where they can convey their opinions/feelings effectively. They also perceive Anita's criticisms (Part and parcel because she presents them as fact) as an attack on the games they love, or should love. (Mario, Zelda etc.) There is also a subset that were initially annoyed about the gratuitous Kickstarter funds, thus feeling they had justification or a purpose to be angry at her. ("She's scamming all these people blind!") Anonymity also plays a factor, giving them a consequence free mob to revel in.

We've seen this similar behaviour in many scenarios, most recently with Phil Fish.

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Going for an interview tomorrow! In the unreasonable optimism stage at the moment.

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The Game of Thrones.

Online multiplayer game, 4-8 players (playtesting will determine how many) thrown into a overview of Westeros and given a family at random. Your goal is to Conquer the Iron Throne, each player doesn't know which family is AI controlled or player controlled. The mechanics would be similar to Crusader Kings and maybe a bit of Mount and Blade. Your typical match would be faster than a Crusader Kings, altering of mechanics would be necessary to make it faster but still have the options. Possibly no offsprings, or if you do die you lose your claim to the throne and must pick a surviving player to support.

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